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Artist Baldrys

Joshua Kirby, Harry, Grace & Alfred Lys Baldry Last updated 1/10/2009

Ken & Dennis's Baldry families

Ken's Baldry & Goleby family trees updated 13/2/2006

Dennis Baldry's original notes page

General Baldry genealogy notes by Dennis Baldry, including distribution maps

Joy Croxon's original notes page

Information as supplied by Joy Croxon (updated 18/11/2003)

Lee Goleby's original notes page

Information about the Australian families suplied by Lee Goleby

Mike Haselip's original notes page

Information & family tree of an Uggeshall/Kent/London family updated 16/3/2007

Jessica Skippon's original notes page

Information & family tree of a Norfolk Baldrey who came to London, plus much other Norfolk information.

Adrian's original notes page

A family of the Dennington/Easton by Framlingham area

Dominic Bruce's original notes page

Information & family tree of a Norfolk Baldry family updated 26/1/2011

Doug Lait's original notes page

A Suffolk family which eventually went to Canada. Much information (five pages)!

C. Abbott Conway & David Chenery's notes page

More notes about the Thurston Kee family (below) (Last updated 3/4/2011)

Sandra Adams' original notes page

Notes, some rather speculative, about a Norfolk family

Peggy Dods' original notes page

Peggy has some of her family sorted out. Revised 12/7/2005 with additions from Richard Taylor.

Jim Baldree's original notes page

An American family. Revised 12/1/0/2005

Graham Tutthill 's original notes page

The Tutthills possibly have 18thC Baldry connections.

Marion Mcleod & Peter Taylor's original notes page

John Baldry, farmer of Bruisyard. Where did he come from? Updated 6/7/2012

Marge Delker's original notes

More about artist Joshua Kirby Baldrey & his descendants to the USA. Updated 1/10/2009

Graham Wright& Ray Wilson's original notes

Norfolk Baldrys from 1852 (last updated 14/3/2009)

Ted Mercer's Bressingham Notes

Ted maintains the church records in Bressingham

David Baldry's original notes page

Norfolk Baldrys from the early 18th century

Notes by Amanda Baldry

...on the families of two WWI casualties.

Notes by Joan Wells

...on the census info relating to her Kelsale/Carlton family

Notes by Ruth Kay

...on descendents of Grace Baldry (c1890 Kelsale) updated 16/11/2005

Family trees of Pat Boldra

American and Australian families

Family of Linda Fisher

Suffolk to the East Midlands (Lincolnshire & Nottingham)

Monica Penn's research

A rare Beccles family, new 28/12/2005

Clare Scarlett's research

A set of Norfolk families new 29/1/2006

Donna Bailey's research

Massive addition to the famly of Robert & Kerenhappuk Baldry.

Justine Whitney's research

Norfolk to London family with some questions outstanding. Note - temporarily suspended.

Jennifer Ellis-Newman's research

From the 1660s.

Susan Blake's research

Lowestoft from 1664.

The Thurston Kee material in note form

From the Thurston Kee material at the Society of Genealogists (Last updated 28/2/2015)

Baldrys in Court at the Old Bailey

Extracted from the oldbaileyonline web site & also cases elsewhere

Zoi Baldry's Greek wedding

Only of interest to your Webmaster's family. Zoi is his niece.

"Cookley Green" by Margaret Chappell née Baldry

Excellent novel by a Baldry, set around the First World War & a mine of information about local colour. Published by Corgi.

The Royal Baldreys

The pages below refer to the descendants of George Baldry, born 1808. Descendants of King George III: not 'real' Baldrys.

The Royal Baldreys

Same family as Caroline Speake's just below. updated 31/109/2015

Caroline (Baldrey) Speake's original notes page

Information & family tree of Georger Baldrey who's family later went to India

Adrienne (Baldrey) Hall's research

George Baldrey b1808. A Welf (Hanoverian), not a Baldry at all. updated 1/11/2008

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