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Graham Tutthill's research

This page contains the notes supplied to Ken Baldry about the family trees of this Suffolk family. The information has been provided by Graham Tutthill (hit this to e-mail him).

Graham's original notes about his family

I have been researching my family tree (my ancestors came from Suffolk) and I was interested to come across the Baldry Family Trees website pages.

As you will see, my surname Tutthill has two "t"s in the middle, but we think we originally had one. One of my ancestors appears to have changed it at some stage, either just adding an extra "t" because she felt like it, or because she married a "tutthill", having originally been born a "tuthill" (which seems a bit strange, but who knows!!!!)

The person who may have made the change was Rhoda Tuthill, who was born in Uggeshall on 20 October 1837, and who died on 9 November 1905. She is buried in St Peter's Churchyard in Redisham, next to her brother Thomas (born in Uggeshall on 15 January 1833, and who died 30 October 1898).

Their father and mother, I think, were Thomas Tuthill and Mary (nee Bond). They were married on 26 September 1814 at North Cove Cum Willingham, Suffolk. Their other children (who were all born at Uggeshall) were Robert (7 October 1821), Anna Maria (19 January 1924), Louisa (19 November 1826 but who died about a month later and was buried on 31 December 1826), William (born 26 December 1827), Louisa (15 April 1830), then came Thomas (referred to above), Edward (born 22 September 1835 who married Christiana Wharton on 21 September 1858 at Uggeshall Parish Church), and then the youngest Rhoda (referred to above).

I also had details (I'm not sure where they came from) of John Tuthill who, according to the information I had, married Susanna (without an "h") Baldry on 7 November 1785 at Uggeshall Parish Church. I only had four children recorded for them, Francis Dorking (with a "g") born 22 March 1791, Louisa born 3 February 1793, John born 25 May 1794 and Maria born 12 October 1795.

I was interested to see from the information you had submitted that you had other children listed. It was particularly interesting to see reference to a George and a Thomas, as both these names appear in my family (my grandfather - the grandson of Rhoda - was George Thomas!)

So I am wondering whether the Thomas (born in 1787) could be the same Thomas who I have in my records who married Mary (Bond) in 1814 and is my great-great-great grandfather.

We have so far been unable to trace a husband for Rhoda Tuthill (who became Tutthill). Her son Rodolph (sometimes referred to as Rudolph) became an apprentice coach builder at a firm called Roseleys (Coachbuilders) of Beccles in November 1874. At that time his mother, Rhoda, was described as a widow. Rhoda became a shopkeeper in Redisham, and her brother Thomas delivered the coal. Her son Rodolph later moved to Dover, Kent, where we now live. She had two other sons, Arthur (one of his sons, Claude, emigrated to Canada in the 1920s), and Eugene, who continued to look after the shop at Redisham.

We have a photo of an elderly man called Amos Tutthill taken in August 1907 when he was 76. It was taken at Mrs F Pratt's studio, 4 Granville Street, Ipswich. But we don't have any details for Amos at all - so he's a bit of a mystery!

Sorry if this is rather lengthy and complicated, but I would be interested as to whether anyone thinks the two Thomas Tuthills could be the same person, and therefore link our family into the Baldrys. I would also be interested in any other details anyone havs of Tuthills in that area.

Hannah BALDRY = (7/11/1765 Uggeshall) John TURHILL

John TURTHILL or TUTHILL = (7/11/1785 at Uggeshall) Susannah BALDRY (1766 Diss, Nfk - ?) See above on this link

George TUTHILL (1786 - ?)

Thomas TUTHILL (1787 - ?) = (26/9/1814 North Cove Cum Willingham) Mary BOND

This marriage is speculation. If you can confirm it, please e-mail Graham Tutthill, as this Thomas may be his ggg-grandfather.

William TUTHILL (1789 - ?)

Francis Dorking TUTHILL (22/3/1791 - ?)

Louisa TUTHILL (3/2/1793 - ?)

John TUTHILL (25/5/1794 - ?)

Maria TUTHILL (12/10/1795 - ?)

Information from April Zobel and Graham Tutthill

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