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On the IGI pages, each individual tree is sorted by the earliest event recorded, so if it is the parents' marriage, it will be in one place, if the parents' birthdates, an earlier place & if the child's birthdate(s), a later place. This is the best that can be done. However, if you down-load pages before Ken has declared the job, at least initially, finished, then trees are likely to move up the sequence, as earlier events are added. It is, however, advisable to down-load pages, as they are quite big & take a long time to peruse. Pages are being kept to less than 100k bytes & so are occasionally divided, notice of which is given on the Index Page.

Dates are in the logical European form. 1/2/1678 is February 1st 1678.

Guesswork is based on linking children with the same named parents from the same location together but where the wife's family name is not given. Some questions on the chronological pages are in yellow boxes. This is where guessing seems perilous.

All additional information & error corrections will be warmly welcomed & acknowledged.

Use of Question marks...

John BALDRY = Mary ?

Do not know wife's surname

John BALDRY (1/2/1678 - ?)

Do not know when he died

John BALDRY = ?Mary

Not sure he married Mary


Guessing Mary was a Smith

Ken & Dennis Baldry's families rev 23/9/2001

several pages

Academic Baldrys rev 23/9/2001

Bedfordshire Baldrys rev 7/4/2006

Hertfordshire Baldrys rev 13/2/2006


London Baldrys before 1700 rev 17/2/2010

London Baldrys of the 19th century rev 14/5/2010

London Baldrys of the 18th century rev 8/10/2015

London Baldrys of the 20th century new 21/12/2008


Suffolk Baldrys from the 16th century rev 26/10/2008

Suffolk Baldrys from the 17th century rev 26/10/2008

Suffolk Baldrys from the 18th century 1700-1725
rev 17/12/2012

Suffolk Baldrys from the 18th century 1726-1749 rev 8/8/2016

Suffolk Baldrys from the 18th century 1750-1769 rev 8/8/2016

Suffolk Baldrys from the 18th century 1770-1780 rev 17/1/2015

Suffolk Baldrys from the 18th century 1781-1799 rev 17/1/2015

Suffolk Baldrys from 1800 - 1820 rev 8/8/2016

Suffolk Baldrys from 1821 - 1840 rev 10/3/2017

Suffolk Baldrys from 1840 onwards rev 5/5/2016

Suffolk Baldrys of the 20th century rev 18/1/2010

Very few so far

Suffolk Baldreys from 1840 onwards rev 4/10/2002

i.e. those spelt 'BALDREY' etc. This is not as useful a distinction as one might think.


Norfolk Baldrys before 1700 rev 21/10/2006

Norfolk Baldrys from 1700-1749 rev 27/6/2008

Norfolk Baldrys from 1750-1799 rev 17/1/2015

Norfolk Baldrys after 1800 rev 2/10/2017

Other areas

Essex Baldrys rev 29/9/2014

Cambridgeshire Baldrys rev 9/4/2007

Kent Baldrys new 15/6/2008

Lake District (now Cumbria) Baldrys rev 3/7/2012

Baldrys in other GB locations rev 21/7/2007

Baldrys from unknown locations rev 26/10/2008

John BALDRY and Dorothy GARWOOD's Suffolk family (Thelnetham & Bexley families)
extended 15/6/2008

Anne Mary Baldry Weekes (USA) knows all about this family but I cannot trace AMBW

David BALDRY 1705 Earsham, Norfolk & family rev 7/11/2006

This family also has Suffolk connexions

Australians page rev 16/6/2016

Emigrants to the Australia & contributed Australian families

Americans page rev 3/11/2009

Emigrants to the USA & contributed US families

Canadians page rev 21/9/2008

Emigrants to Canada & contributed Canadian families

Suffolk members sorted by village

Athelington rev 9/5/2007

Badingham rev 14/8/2010

Bardwell rev 12/4/2002

Barningham rev 12/4/2002

Blyford rev 9/9/2002

Botesdale rev 15/12/2012

Bramfield rev 20/10/2007

Brampton rev 10/3/2017

Brandeston rev 5/8/2002

Brundish rev 27/10/2007

Bruisyard rev 9/5/2023

Bungay St Mary rev 23/1/2006

Bungay Holy Trinity rev 31/8/2007

Bungay, other rev 6/5/2013

Bury St Edmunds rev 17/8/2008

Campsea Ash rev 17/6/2013

Carlton by Saxmundham rev 25/6/2007

Cookley rev 18/11/2013

Cratfield rev 25/7/2002

Dallinghoo rev 5/4/2001

Dennington rev 27/10/2007

Easton by Framlingham rev 8/12/2004

Eye rev 17/6/2002

Flixton (Near Lowestoft) rev 24/8/2001

Framlingham rev 30/7/2007

Fressingfield rev 21/1/2005

Great & Little Glemham rev 31/8/2007

Hadleigh rev 13/3/2001

Halesworth rev 28/2/2007

Hepworth rev 12/4/2002

Heveningham rev 14/7/2002

Huntingfield rev 31/8/2007

Ilketshall rev 18/7/2010

Ipswich other parishes rev 2/5/2017

Ipswich Saint Mary At The Quay rev 1/4/2003

Ipswich Saint Margaret rev 1/4/2003

Ipswich Saint Matthew rev 17/8/2008

Kelsale rev 21/7/2009

Kettleburgh rev 10/5/2008

Lavenham rev 17/8/2008

Laxfield rev 7/11/2006

Leiston rev 21/6/2015

Linstead rev 30/9/2007

Lowestoft rev 15/2/2008

Marlesford rev 17/6/2013

Mellis rev 13/4/2002

Palgrave rev 12/2/2006

Pettistree rev 5/4/2001

Redgrave rev 15/12/2012

Rendham rev 5/3/2007

Reydon rev 24/2/2004

Saxmundham rev 5/1/2003

Earl & Monk Soham rev 7/11/2006

Sotherton rev 9/8/2002

Southolt rev 13/4/2002

Southwold rev 18/1/2010

South Elmham rev 18/7/2010

Stradbroke rev 7/10/2014

Swefling rev 3/9/2002

Tannington rev 29/7/2001

Thelnetham rev 15/6/2008

Ubbeston rev 13/4/2002

Uggeshall rev 26/2/2006

Walpole rev 7/11/2006

Wangford rev 26/3/2004

Wenhaston rev 30/7/2005

Westhall rev 27/3/2014

Weybread rev 5/8/2002

Wickham Market rev 16/2/2008

Wilby rev 1/10/2015

Wingfield rev 5/8/2002

Wissett rev 18/6/2002

Woodbridge rev 8/8/2016

Worlingworth rev 14/9/2016

Wortham rev 13/4/2002

Wyverston rev 15/2/2006

Yoxford rev 30/9/2007

Norfolk members sorted by village

Bressingham rev 11/11/2002

Denton rev 21/10/2006

Diss rev 2/2/2008

Earsham rev 7/11/2006

Great Yarmouth rev 9/8/2007

Norwich rev 2/10/2017

Photograph pages






Leiston (new 6/8/2004)


Saxmundham (updated 6/8/2004)



Diss (Norfolk)

Norwich (Norfolk)

Most family tree village pages have photographs as well.

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