Notes about the Baldry Family Trees

Caroline (Baldrey) Speake

This page contains the notes supplied to Ken Baldry about the family trees of this Suffolk/London family. The information has been provided by Caroline Speake (hit this to e-mail her).

But see also Adrienne Hall's family on this link, which is about the same family.

Caroline Speake's notes about her Baldrey ancestors

Written on May 9th 2001:-

I have some Baldreys in my family, in fact two lots as my grandfather and grandmother were cousins. My grandmother was born in 1909 in India and her name was Beryl Baldrey, daughter of Robert Baldrey and Queenie Tremenheere. She had brothers Rex, Cecil, Donald and Denzil and a sister Sybill.

Robert Baldrey’s father Charles had a sister called Florence and she was married to Robert Darling Nash and produced my Grandfather Robert Charles Tavenor Nash.

Charles Baldrey’s father was George Baldrey born in 1822 and married to Jane. By word of mouth in the family originated in Badingham, Suffolk but George was born in Windsor and christened in St George’s Chapel. My Aunt has a newspaper cutting about this so I assume it was true. The cutting says that the king George IV was very fond of the boy and “bounced him on his knee, calling him my little white-haired king”.

George Baldrey apparently hated the army that he had been forced to join for some reason and went to India. I am not sure whether he was still in the army in India or if he left. He died in 1869 and was buried in Fort St George in Madras in a fairly pompous-looking tomb. Wife Jane was buried there the year after. See picture below of when my Aunt visited it.

George Baldrey's tomb
in Fort St George, Madras

Both George’s son Charles and grandson Robert were in the mounted police in India.

Unfortunately, apart from what has been handed down by word of mouth and the newspaper cutting, I have no information about George Baldrey. Could he be of the Badingham lot? One day I will make it to the records of India in London, but time is tight and London is not a place I normally visit on a voluntary basis. If you have any info that might point me in the right direction I would be grateful. E-mail me, please.

George BALDREY (1822 Windsor - 30/11/1869 Madras) Soldier RSM at Fort St. George = Jane ? (? - 1870 Madras)

Charles BALDREY Policeman (India) = ?

Robert BALDREY Policeman (India)= Queenie TREMENHEERE

Beryl BALDREY (b. 1909 India) Grandmother of Caroline Speake






Florence BALDREY = Robert Darling NASH

Robert Charles Tavenor NASH Grandfather of Caroline Speake

Additional information from Adrienne (Baldrey) Hall)

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