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This site originates from Ken Baldry's enquiries about his family & the prompt mushrooming of family contacts that arose from that. Ken is making space available for anyone to contribute links or family tree data, in order that we members of this fairly small family with its limited geographical centre in Suffolk might establish our relationships. He owes many thanks to his third cousin Dennis, who contributed their own family back to 1666-7. This site is by way of a thank-you to Dennis & Patrick Delaforce (who gave Ken his mother's family).

Many pages are now 1000 pixels wide, as most people seem to have monitors that will display that correctly. If you find viewing uncomfortable, down-load the pages you need & print them out, either sideways or anyhow & stick them together. Note that pages change frequently, as more information is flowing in all the time. The Village & County Index page indicates the latest update to each page.

The principle followed is that the family is filed by the earliest date available, both on County pages &, in the case of Suffolk & some Norfolk villages, on village pages. There are some very large families & there is a list of vilages they inhabited at the front of each one. These are worth a look if you are searching for connexions. These are currently (20-2-2006) being elaborated.

Any family member is invited to e-mail Ken or write to the address in the footer if they want to join in the project or simply advertise themselves. Please note that everything Ken finds out goes on this web site but any questions you send him will be posted on the Family Members Requests pages.

Don't be inhibited if you are a Baldrey, Baldrie, Baldree, Bauldree, Boldry etc. You are still a Baldry. Nobody much could spell before about 1870!

How to join the Baldry Family History Society

It's easy. If you are a Baldry, you are already a member. Members who make themselves known to me by e-mail get a newsletter once or twice a year. Your e-mail address is treated as strictly confidential &, if shown on the site e.g. on the Members Enquiry pages, is disguised to prevent spam-bots picking it up. If these do not work in your email program, look at the source to work out what the address really is.

Warning! All the pages are written to conform to the World Wide Web standards in XHTML, most of them to fit on 800px wide screens, although a few are set for 1024px wide screen. Unfortunately, some browsers are not standard. Some pages crash Internet Explorer (which disobeys standards & this site looks terrible in it) & Netscape 4 is a disaster.
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Hit this link for the Index of each lead family tree page in order & individual village pages

The Links within the site

Baldry information requests

Requests from Baldry family members for information. Last updated 20/10/2011

Index to family tree pages

Lists all the pages

Index to Baldry GRO Pages

The General Record Office records for all Baldrys from 1837 B, D & M.

Baldrys on the Commonwealth War Graves site

Artist Baldrys Last updated 18/11/2013

Link to the index of
Individual members' pages

If you are a Baldry or decendant & would like an individual page, just e-mail Ken with the material you want put up.

Last updated 18/8/2017

Link to the index of very large families

Assembled families & a list of the villages they occupied. Last update 2/4/2017

Photos of the Baldry heartlands.

The North Suffolk plateau & villages. Most village pages also have photos.

Links to other Baldry sites

Australians page

Emigrants to Australia & contributed Australian families updated 25/10/2012

Americans page

Emigrants to the USA & contributed US families updated 3/11/2009

Canadians page

Emigrants to the Canada & contributed Canadian families

Criminal Baldrys & Cases


If you want to contact a living Baldry, e-mail Ken & he will post it to this page.

Hit this link for the Index of each lead family tree page in order & individual village pages

Contact: Ken Baldry, 17 Gerrard Road, Islington, London N1 8AY
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