Notes about the Baldry Family Trees

Peggy Dods' research & Richard Taylor's notes

This page contains the notes supplied to Ken Baldry about the family trees of this Suffolk-to-Canada family. The information has been provided by Peggy Dods.

Richard Taylor has added valuable information & photographs.

Peggy's original notes about her Baldry family

Robert BALDRY, b. 13 Sept 1843, Wenhaston, Suffolk (of Robert Baldry and Hannah Knyvett) Died 1 June 1907. Master blindmaker = Eliza JANE SMITH, born 2 Nov 1840, Newington, Surrey. Died 17 Dec. 1904.
Daughter of Douglas and Elizabeth Sarah Smith, Surrey. More information available
from me at this e-mail address.

7 Children:

1. Elizabeth Eliza, b. 16 Oct 1871, Hammersmith, Middlesex. Emigrated to Canada. Children: Blanche (lived in Toronto), and a son ( lived in British Columbia)

2. Douglas Robert BALDRY (b. March 1873 in Kensington, d. Medicine Hat, Alberta in 1919. Married Emily Harriet Abbott in London. Contractor.

Two children: Douglas and Dorothy.

3. George 'Peter' Frederick BALDRY (b. 1876 in Hammersmith, d. 1920 in Vancouver, B.C. emigrated to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, March 1906
Married Anne Jane MACDONALD (b. 22 Aug 1876 County Mayo).
Three children: George Ernest, b. June 1902 (4 children in United States)
Kathleen, b. 1904 in the Middlesex area (no children)
John Robert, b. 1914 in Vancouver, B.C. (Two children in California)
Anne remarried Phillip Adams, and family emigrated to the United States after George died.
More information is available on descendants in America from me at this e-mail address.

4. Alfred Charles BALDRY, b. 12 Sept 1877, Fulham. Married Ada Emily Stichbury. Emigrated to Canada 1907. Four children, two survived: Harry and Charles Alfred

5, Walter BALDRY, b. 22 Nov 1878, Hammersmith. Died 15 Dec 1954, Middlesex. Married Cecilia Phoebe Dellow, 3 Aug 1907.
Children: Walter Frederick, Edith Cecilia, Gladys Marjorie, Charles Robert

6. Ernest BALDRY, b. 1883?, married, and had a son. Emigrated to Canada. LOST
7. Edith B. BALDRY, b. 1880 LOST

April 3, 2002 Peggy Dods in San Francisco e-mail her

Corrections added below on September 7th, 2002

George Frederick Baldry, left with Robert Baldry (his father) right.
George Ernest Baldry is the child on the left & Kathleen Baldry
is sitting on her mother's (Anne Jane MacDonald Baldry) lap.
The photgraph was taken about 1906, probably in Hammersmith,
West London.

See this link below for information & pictures added by Richard Taylor

Robert BALDRY = Hannah KNYVETT

Robert BALDRY (13/9/1843 Wenhaston - 1/6/1907) Master blindmaker of 6, Alexandra Rd., West Kensington Park, London = Eliza Jane SMITH (2/11/1840 Pewsey - 17/12/1904)

Elizabeth Eliza BALDRY (16/10/1871 Hammersmith - ?) May have died young

Douglas Robert BALDRY (3/1873 Kensington - 1919 Medicine Hat, Alberta) Contractor = (London) Emily Harriet ABBOTT

Douglas BALDRY

Dorothy BALDRY

George “Peter” Frederick BALDRY (1876 Hammersmith, - 1920 Vancouver, B.C.) emigrated to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, March 1906 = Anne Jane MACDONALD (22/8/1876 County Mayo, Ireland - ?)

See next family tree below

Alfred Charles BALDRY (12/9/1877, Fulham - ?) = Ada Emily STICHBURY

See next but one family tree below

Walter BALDRY (22/11/1878 Hammersmith - 15/12/1954 Middlesex) = (3/8/1907) Cecilia Phoebe DELLOW

See next but two family trees below

Ernest BALDRY (?1883 - ?) = ?

a son

Edith B. BALDRY (1880 - ?) emigrated to Canada, c. 1909-10 = (c1910-11) Frank BISHOP

See next but three family trees below

Information from Peggy Dods. E-mail her for more or if you know more about Robert.

George 'Peter' Frederick BALDRY (1876 Hammersmith, - 29/4/1920 Vancouver, B.C.) emigrated to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, March 1906 = Anne Jane MACDONALD (22/8/1876 County Mayo, Ireland - ?)

George Ernest BALDRY (6/1902 - ?)

4 children in USA

Kathleen BALDRY (1904 Middlesex - ?)

John Robert Baldry ADAMS (1914 - ?) = ?

Margaret (Peggy) Roberta ADAMS (b 1945) known as Peggy, free lance advertising media planner = Mr DODS

our informant

Thomas Phillip ADAMS (b. 1948)

Peggy says, 'Anne remarried Philp ADAMS. In the interests of sanity, they always said his (John Robert's) last name was Adams, although he actually didn't change it officially until he was naturalized (USA) at age 27'

Alfred Charles BALDRY (12/9/1877 Fulham - 7/1/1920 Vancouver Influenza) cwgc link = Ada Emily STICHBURY (? - 9/8/1969 Vancouver) of 237, 29th Avenue East, Vancouver

Harry BALDRY (10/3/1911 Nanaimo - 12/6/1994 Vancouver) =
Leona TAYLOR (25/11/1910 Vancouver - 12/4/2004 Vancouver)
Uncle of our informant Richard Taylor

Charles Alfred BALDRY (1913 Nanaimo? - 11/4/1988 Vancouver) = Ethel ? (? - 2002 Vancouver)




2 others died young

Emigrated to Canada 1907

Walter BALDRY (22/11/1878 Hammersmith - 15/12/1954 Middlesex) = (3/8/1907) Cecilia Phoebe DELLOW

Walter Frederick BALDRY

Edith Cecilia BALDRY

Gladys Marjorie BALDRY

Charles Robert BALDRY

Edith B. BALDRY (1880 - ?) emigrated to Canada, c. 1909-10 = (c1910-11) Frank BISHOP

George BISHOP (b 1912)

Blanche BISHOP (b 1913)


Reginald BISHOP (died young)

Alice BISHOP (b 1918) = (1941) Curtis JOHNSON Settled in Vancouver

Richard Taylor's Notes

I have just come from walking my dog in the Mountain View Cemetery in Vancouver, B. C. While there I located the gravestone of Alfred Charles Baldry. Alfred was the father of my uncle, Harry Baldry. He was a decorated soldier from the 1914-1918 war. He died from the Spanish Influenza in 1920, after returning from the war. My uncle Harry was married to Leola Taylor, my father's sister.

They have both passed away now and, as a result I am in possession of portraits of Charles Alfred and his wife Ada Stichbury, as well as some of his war memorabilia (including a scroll from the King). I also have a box full of photographs that are from both England and Canada. I am not able to identify the photos, so I am not really sure if they are of her Stichbury family or of the Baldry family.

Alfred Charles Baldry died January 7, 1920. The age in the provincial death record is 39. His age on the tombstone is 41. The age from your webpage information calculates to 42. Alfred's wife, Ada Emily Stichbury, died August 9, 1969, in Vancouver.

There was a death of a George Frederick Baldry on April 29, 1920 in Vancouver. He is also buried in the Mountain View Cemetery.

My uncle Harry's birth was March 10, 1911 (in Nanaimo, B. C.). He died June 12, 1994. (in Vancouver). His wife, Leola Taylor, was born on November 25, 1910 (Vancouver) and died April 12, 2004 in Vancouver.

Harry's brother, Charles Alfred Baldry, born in 1913 (Nanaimo?), died on April 11, 1988 in Vancouver. His wife, Ethel died in 2002, I believe (Vancouver). They had three children, Carol, Ted and Gary. Gary still lives in the family home in Vancouver.

Alfred and Ada

Alfred's gravestone

City scroll for Alfred

Royal scroll for Alfred
As the King said, "Let those who come after see to it
that his name is not forgotten."

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