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The research of Adrienne Hall, Caroline Speake, Diana MacFadyen, Tahra Smith, Wendy Allen, Paul Donovan, Ruth Bagnell, Michael Baldrey & Ann Bagnell

This page contains the notes supplied to Ken Baldry about the family trees of this family.
The information has been provided by Adrienne Hall (hit this to e-mail her).

See also Caroline Speake's pages, which relate to the same family.

Tahra Smith, Diana MacFadyen & Ann Bagnell have also contributed to this page.
Note additions 25/1/2009 from Diana MacFadyen

Adrienne's page 2 - Madras Weekly Mail article

Adrienne's page 3 - Satoor family

Adrienne (Baldrey) Hall's research,
with items from other listed above

You will see from the family tree drawn up by my late father that we trace our family line to George Baldrey through his youngest son Charles, then his son Percy who was my paternal grandfather. You will notice that my father showed Charles as having been born in London in 1840 so presumably his mother paid visits to England while his father George flatly refused to do so. I attach copies of all the documents that I have that relate to George and his descendants with my notes on each generation.

Ken has been trying to reconcile the information contained in Caroline Speake's notes on her family.
She has George Baldrey's birth as 1822 which is clearly incorrect However, much of her information agrees with ours, but was George buried in Fort St George or in St Mary's Cemetery. As George was born in 1802 the king must have been Geo III not Geo IV who became Prince Regent in 1811 and King in 1820. In 1811 George Baldrey was 9 years old and maybe a bit big to be bounced on the king's knee.

The Robert BaIdrey mentioned by her as Charles Baldrey's son must have been my Grandfather Percy's elder brother who was mentioned as the oldest male member of the family in the press article of 1891 on George BaIdrey. So we have names of two of Charles' seven sons - Robert and Percy - and his surviving daughter - FIorence. Was he still fathering chiIdren (Beryl) in 1909 after his brother Percy stopped with my father in 1904? I note that the grave reveals that Jane died in 1870.


Born at Windsor, Berks. Based on his age at date of death he was born 23.4.1802.
Married 22.12.1823 to Jane Jones at Wallajabad. (This was confirmed in a letter from Rev. P.B. David, Chaplain to the Bishop of Madras, on October 8th 1953)) Jane was born at Cardiff in 1805.
Died 30.11.1869 aged 67 years 7 months 7 days at Madras
Buried St. Mary's, Madras. No record of Jane's date of death.
Garrison Sgt. Major, Fort St. George, Madras

Children: Must have had several but only Charles Thomas Alfred Baldrey is known to us as he is shhown in his obituary and also on his son Percy's Birth Certificate. Charles was born in 1840 some 17 years into his parent's marriage. A Robert Baldrey is mentioned as the oldest male representative of the family in the article in the "Madras Weekly Mail" 24.9.1891 (see this link) which gives an account of George's life but does not name his parentage
In the Family Tree compiled by Cyril Baldrey, Charles is shown as having been born in London in 1840. All accounts of George's life make out that he never returned to England but did Janr do so or is this incorrect?

From: Commonwealth Relations Office, King Charles Street, London S.W.1 21st December 1953
to: C. S. Baldrey Esq, P.O.Box 315, Limbe, Nyasaland, British Central Africa (Nyasaland is now Malawi)

Dear Sir, In reply to your letter or the 27th October addressed to the War Office, which has been forwarded to this office by the Public Record Office, the following is all the information concerning George Baldrey that can be traced among the records preserved. here.
I very much regret that no information concerning his parentage and date of birth is traceable here.
George Baldrey, St. Major 17th Regt. or Chicocole L.I., bach., and Jane Jones, Spinster, were married at Wallajabad on 22nd December 1823. (MAD: 9/121 )

George Baldrey

Born: Windsor, Berks., (no date given) Enlisted: Westminster 21st March 1820 for Madras Infantry, aged 17 years.
Embarked: for Madras on ship "General Harris" on 22nd February 1821.
Transferred to Madras Artillery.
Gunner: 2nd Battn. Artillery, 1st January 1837, aged 35.
George Baldrey
Born: Windsor, Berks., (no date given) Enlisted:
Westminster 21st March 1820 for Madras Infantry, aged
17 years.
Embarked: for Madras on ship "General Harris" on 22nd February 1821.
Transferred to Madras Artillery.
Gunner: 2nd Battn. Artillery, 1st January 1837, aged 35.
Transferred to Effective Supernumeraries November 1838. Sergt. Major: 1839.
Cantonment Sergt. Major: 1842.
Garrison Sergt. Major: Volunteered to General Service 1861, Died at Fort St. George 30 November 1869, age given as 66 years.
George Baldrey also appears in the Army Lists as. Sub-Conductor 1825, and as Conductor 1832. An entry of burial at St. Mary's, Madras on the 1st December 1869 shows George Baldrey as aged 67 years 7 months 7 days Garrison Sergt. Major; Fort St. George, when he died on 30 November 1869 (MAD : 50/252).
A fee of 5s. 0d (including postage) is chargeable for the search and it is requested that this amount may be forwarded to me in due course. Yours faithfully, J R Lloyd Superintendent of Records.

George Baldrey's tomb in Fort St George, Madras ©Caroline Speake 2001


From the "Madras Mail" 18/9/1891

We regret to report the death last night, at the General Hospital, of Mr. Charles Baldrey, from paralysis of the brain, at the comparatively early age of 51 years.

The late Mr. Baldrey was the younger son of the late Sereant Major George Baldrey, who about 25 years ago held the post of Garrison Sergeant Major in Fort St. George.

In his youth he went to sea and returning to Madras after some years, obtained an appointment in the Engineering Department of the Madras Railway. In 1868 Lord Napier, the then Governor of Madras, secured for the deceased a post in the Government Lithography Department, where he remained till about 10 years ago, when he was appointed as Superintendent of the Tank Restoration Branch of the Public Works Department. illegible and then joined the Public Works Secretariat as Superintendaent of the Technicality, an appointment he held at the time of his death. For some time the late Mr. Baldrey's health has been bad, and he was compelled to go on leave on medical certificate. The death of his daughter, about a month ago, from cholera tended to make him worse and on Sunday last he was taken to the General Hospital for treatment where he quietly passed away at 9 o'clock last night. Th deceased leaves a widow, well known in musical circles as a high class pinaiste and a teacher of music, and eight children, 1 girl and 7 boys. The remains of the deceased were interred this evening at the General Cemetery, Perambore Barracks Road.

George Singleton BALDREY (23/4/1802 Windsor, Berks - 30/11/1869 Madras of diahorrea) Sergeant-Major embarked for India on the "General Harris" on 22/2/1821 = (22/12/1823 Wallajabad, India) Jane JONES (1805 Cardiff - 1870)

Jane BALDREY (29/9/1824 Madras bap 19/6/1826 Madras = ?)

George Singleton BALDREY


Augusta BALDREY (31/1/1831 Bangalore bap 2/3/1831 Bangalore - ?)

Robert John (or Geroge Clement) BALDREY (1834 London - 17/9/1903 Madras)
1868 Government Lithography Dept. =
Marie Maria Antoinette STRADIOT (1851 - 1918)

See family tree at the bottom of this page

Eliza Adelaide BALDREY

Charles Thomas Alfred BALDREY (bap.23/8/1840 Cannamore, Madras - 17/9/1891 Madras)
1868 Government Lithography Dept. =
Mathilde Catherine Albertine STRADIOT (1843 Brussels, Belgium - 1918 Belgium) Music teacher

See next family tree below

Florence Mathilde BALDREY = Robert Darling NASH

Robert Charles Tavenor NASH = Bery BALDREY (1906 - ?)

Grandfather of Caroline Speake

see Caroline Speake's page & also for Robert

William Henry BALDREY

Charles Thomas Alfred BALDREY(bap.23/8/1840 Cannamore, Madras- 17/9/1891 Madras) 1868 Government Lithography Dept. =
Mathilde Catherine Albertine STRADIOT (1843 Brussels, Belg - 1918) Music teacher

Percy Cecil Singleton BALDREY (22/8/1873 Madras bap 24/9/1873 St Andrews, Madras - 1932 Bangalore) Assistant stationmaster = (18/6/1898) Augusta THEOBALD (1/10/1871 Madras - 1953 Bangalore)

See family tree further below

Ernest Frank Singleton BALDREY (1879 Madras - abt.1924) = (12/1910 Naas, Kildare, Ireland) Brigid SHERIDAN

See family tree further below

Florence Mathilde BALDREY (17/2/1883 Madras bap 25/3/1883 Madras = ?)

Edgar Gerald Singleton BALDREY (15/9/1885 Madras - ?) = Clarissa ?

See next family tree below

4 more sons

died of cholera shortly before Charles

Edgar Gerald Singleton BALDREY (15/9/1885 Madras - ?) = Clarissa ?

Eugenie Dorothy Singleton BALDREY = Horace Edward FRENCH

living = Mr SMITH

who supplied this information

Edna May Singleton BALDREY = (1933 Madras) William DONOVAN (1906 Belfast - ?)

They returned to England in 1947/8, to Corsham, Wilts. Info from Paul Donovan on this e-mail & who wishes to know more.

Peter Singleton BALDREY = Elfrieda ?

Edgar Singleton BALDREY

Florence Singleton BALDREY

Elsie Singleton BALDREY

Ernest Frank Singleton BALDREY (1879 Madras - abt.1924) = (12/1910 Naas, Kildare, Ireland) Brigid SHERIDAN

Eileen Florence BALDREY (1911 - 1971)
Listed in Frank's military records, as born when he was still enlisted. She also had a military career

Bridget Mary BALDRY (30/11/1912 - 29/1/1993) = Frederick DARLING


who supplied various corrections

Frances Millicent BALDREY (1916 - ?)

Francis BALDREY (1920 - 1920)

Georgina BALDREY (1922 - ?)

Mary Ann (Daisy) BALDREY (? - 1997)

Patrick BALDREY (1926 - ?)

Berti BALDREY (? - ?) = Iena ?

who supplied this information but which Ruth Bagnell believes is in the incorrect place.

Percy Cecil Singleton BALDREY (22/8/1873 Madras bap 24/9/1873 St Andrews, Madras - 1932 Bangalore) Assistant stationmaster =
(18/6/1898) Augusta Eliza THEOBALD (1/10/1871 Madras - 1953 Bangalore) daughter of Charles THEOBALD (1843 - 1928) and Rachel STOREY (1850 - 1925)

Cyril Singleton BALDREY (15/12/1904 Arkonam, India - 14/1/1994 Johannisburg, SA) = (17/7/1929) Phyllis Lillie SATOOR (16/10/1909 Coonoor, India - 16/8/2006 Johanniburg)

See next family tree below

Gerald Singleton BALDREY (? - 1969 Milwaukee, USA) = ?

Neal BALDREY (? - 1937 Madras suspected typhoid)

Brian BALDREY (27/9/1927 Bangalore - 26/4/2008 Chard) = (26/5/1956 Our Lady of Fatima, Madras) Joan WILLMOTT

3 daughters

Brian Baldrey

Michael BALDREY moved to the USA & Gerald died visiting him = Maureen ?

Gerald returned to Wimbledon, London in the late 1940s.

Aileen BALDREY (Resident: India Malaya India) = Albert CONNORS marriage dissolved

Info. from Ann Bagnell, disputed by Michael Baldrey (left)

Malcolm Singleton BALDREY


Cyril Singleton BALDREY (15/12/1904 Arkonam, India - 14/1/1994 Johannisburg, SA) =
(17/7/1929) Phyllis Lillie SATOOR (16/10/1909 Coonoor, India - 16/8/2006 Johanniburg)

Howard Singleton BALDREY (5/1/1931 Madras - 17/2/1980 Johanniburg) Electrician = 1. (11/1952 Bulawayo - 1967) Jean ROBINSON (13/6/1936 Bulawayo, Rhodesia)

Derek Cyril Singleton BALDREY (24/1/1954 Bulawayo) = (1970s) Valerie Elizabeth ? (? - 19/4/1999)

Gary Singleton BALDREY (20/3/1977 Johannisburg)

Dylan Singleton BALDREY (28/11/1986 Johannisburg) Refrigeration technician

Gary Singleton BALDREY (28/4/1957 Bulawayo - believed dead) Fitter & turner

= 2. (1972) Maria Magdelena Lilian PIETERSE (17/4/1942 Rustenburg SA)

Vanessa Anne BALDREY (18/8/1972 Johannisburg, SA)

Lorraine Christine BALDREY (30/1/1979 Johannisburg, SA)

Adrienne BALDREY (24/8/1935 Madras, India) = (1963 Wankie, Rhodesia) Alaric HALL (9/10/1929 Port Elizabeth, SA) son of Alaric HALL & Margaret GIAVANATTI

Adrienne HALL (8/2/1964 Sinoia)

Alaric HALL (25/4/1968 Salisbury, Rhodesia (now Harare, Zimbabwe))

Michael Baldrey came up with this fascinating nugget of information from the Times of India:-

City's last Anglo-Indian motorman : Good ride

7 Sep 2008, 0443 hrs IST, Roana Maria Costa, TNN

Mumbai: Adrian Eric Baldrey belongs to a dying breed: the last motorman on the Mumbai suburban railway network who is an Anglo-Indian , the community that once ran the Indian Railways.

Baldrey's father Eric George Baldrey was a mail driver on the Bhusaval route, his grandfather George Singleton Baldrey a mail driver on the steam locomotives. Both worked for the Great Indian Peninsular Railway. Baldrey's brothers work in technical maintenance at the locomotive sheds and his father-in-law was a rail driver in the Jhansi division . Like his, other Anglo-Indian families held responsible positions in the gigantic railway system and some of them had surnames which reflected their vocation, such as Caboose (a guard's van).

V Anand, former Southern Railway general manager, wrote an article on the occasion of the National Anglo Indian Railway Convention in 2003, praising the community for their skills as locomotive drivers. He said their pride and workmanship was incomparable . "It is sad that with the migration of Anglo-Indians to Canada and Australia, their numbers have dwindled. Everyone has only pleasant things to say about this society . In fact, I have never met a dishonest Anglo,'' he says.

Baldrey's earliest memories are of the railway quarters at Bhusaval, a far cry from his 1BHK apartment in Kalyan which he shares with his mother and brother's family. "Our cottage in Bhusaval was beautiful. We had a farm with 30 goats, fowl, geese and orchards with the tastiest mangoes and plums. Mum really misses those days. She compares our flat here to matchboxes ,'' he says with a dreamy look in his green-grey eyes. "We lived at D2-44 . My oldest sister got married from that house. The grey cottage with its high ceiling and skylights, huge rooms and halls, chimney and fireplace is etched in my memory.''

Growing up amidst railway officers and their tales of adventure , it was hardly surprising that Baldrey was fascinated by trains. To quench his curiosity, he accompanied his father on many of his trips. "I was around 14 years old but had the advantage of good height and build,'' says the motorman who is over 6 ft tall. With his strapping physique, beard and shock of hair he cuts quite a figure. "I used to disguise myself as a fireman by tying the customary handkerchief around my head or donning a felt cap,'' he says with a mischievous grin.

Hanging around with dad was an education in itself since Baldrey's father had a chance to operate all three types of trains: steam, diesel, and during the last five years of his career , electric rakes. "Dad had his own steam engine with his name engraved on a plate,'' says the 56-year-old bachelor who has himself has an impressive 34-year career behind him. He started out as an assistant driver in 1974, graduated to a goods train driver and for the last 19 years has been a suburban motorman.

A Mumbai motorman's job can be brutal. "The first time I ran over a woman was when I was an assistant driver,'' he says. "I was on the Lonavla-Pune track when I saw a middle-aged woman crossing at the bend. I honked and blew the whistle but... ''

He continues, "Like every other motorman, I cleared the tracks with my bare hands out of respect for the dead. Accidents are a job hazard and with time you get seasoned. But there are days when an old memory can still make me lose my appetite.''

That's when Baldrey turns to M Desa, senior loco inspector , who counsels motormen going through stress and mild trauma. "People don't understand why a train is late and always think it's the motorman's fault. I am Baldrey's friend, philosopher and guide, both in his personal and professional life,'' says Desa, who was once a motorman himself.

Baldrey has many tales to tell. He animatedly describes how he saved a life by accurate judgment and shudders when he describes the 26/7 deluge when he was chest deep in water for two days but refused to leave his rake.

"I survived on water, vada pav and biscuits,'' he says. "There are good days, there are bad days and there are great days. We take it as it comes. All I can say is that my life has been an adventurous journey and I have enjoyed the ride.''

George Singleton BALDREY (is this another son of Percy Cecil Singleton Baldrey???) = ?

Eric George BALDREY = ?

Adrian Eric BALDREY (b 1952)

There is some confusion about the two family trees that follow, hence the yellow box. Caroline's version was submitted first but Diana's seems perhaps better researched. Both princesses have carried out research in India.

Caroline Speake's version

Robert BALDREY Policeman (India)= Queenie TREMENHEERE

Beryl BALDREY (b. 1906 India) Grandmother of Caroline Speake = Robert Charles Tavenor NASH






Diana MacFadyen & Wendy Allan's Version

Robert John (Clement?) BALDREY (? - aft 1904 Ootacamund, India) Mounted Policeman (India)= Marie Antoinette ?

Robert George Clement BALDREY = ?

Donald BALDREY = ?


Wendy's data

Helena Maud Mary BALDREY (27/9/1873 Bangalore - ?)

Mildred Augusta Mary BALDREY (15/10/1875 Madras bap 2/12/1875 Madras - bur 11/9/1922 of cerebral haemorrage Bangalore) =
(1/9/1912 St Stephen's Church, Ootacamund) Gregory Ernest William LEWIS (1874 Ruthin, Wales - 15/9/1948 Hastings, Sx)

Dorothy Helena Mildred LEWIS (19/4/1904 Ootacamund, India - 29/6/1943 Bude Cornwall) = (Q4/1932 St Martin) Derek Herbert Iredale SEARLE (Q4/1908 Woking - 8/3/1941 Café de Paris, London)

Carol Helen Iredale SEARLE (b 3/8/1939 Royal Northern Hospital, London) = () Colin WALKER (6/5/1931 Leeds - 11/9/1999 St James Hospital, Leeds)


Horace Edward Gregory LEWIS (30/4/1905 Ootacamund, India - Q2/1955 Surrey) = Phyllis ?

Clive LEWIS = June ?

Geoffrey Archibald Ernest LEWIS (30/10/1906 Ootacamund, India - 13/8/1978 Brighton, Sx) = (4/6/1933) Joan Isobel STRATFORD (20/11/1902 Cornwall - 6/6/1995 Hawkhurst, Kent)

Cynthia Helena Marvenne LEWIS (3/9/1936 - 1937)

Diana Helena Marvenne LEWIS (b5/5/1940 Tunbridge Wells) = (17/10/1971 Heydon, Cambs) David Ward MACFADYEN (b 20/2/1931)
who supplied this information

Brian LEWIS (b1943) = Elizabeth ?


Diana also has the birth certificate for this:-

Robert George Clement BALDREY and Constance Ethel ?

Beryl BALDREY (9/9/1906 bap 21/11/1906 Ootacamund, India)

Your webmaster has seen copies of the certificates... Diana has offered these photographs:-

Mildred Augusta Mary BALDREY

Gregory Ernest William LEWIS

"Blenheim" Ootacamund, home of the Lewis',
who are on the steps before they had children

Horace, Geoffrey & Dorothy Lewis

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