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Clare Scarlett's research

This page contains the notes supplied to Ken Baldry
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The information has been provided by Clare Scarlett (hit this to e-mail her).

Clare Scarlett's research

I have worked back from Eliza Ann Baldry who married William Hall in 1864. She was 30. Her father = Samuel Baldry "painter". Eliza had a sister Elizabeth Hall Baldry who married Dennis Willden (or Wilden) in 1854 - this marriage is listed on the Norfolk Baldry site, I think, rather detached looking entry. Dennis Wilden (sic) shown as witness to marriage Wm Hall and Eliza Ann Baldry.

William Hall = son of Matthew Hall "labourer". I know William Hall was a soldier for over 10 years - in India during Mutiny for most of the time. He and ELiza Ann met before he went to the army and she waited a long time for him. The 1851 census shows a group in Henstead: Head, Edward Tungate (56) a yard man, his wife Elizabeth, and two nieces - Elizabeth Baldry (18), unm'd and dressmaker born Tuttingham, and her sib Eliza aged 17 and also dressmaker. In the same household is William Hall, lodger, unmarried age 18, a team man born Beighton (I also have birthplace for him as Acle - nearby). There is also one Henry Minns visitor there. I don't know anything of the Tungates.

The 1851 census also shows a Baldry group in Chapelfield Rd Norwich, Lakenham. Head William Baldry,45, livery stable keeper born Roydon, his wife Mary A., daughters Emma and Anne (17 and 15 respectively) born Trowse, Samuel Baldry, widower, lodger aged 38, a painter born Roydon, Thomas Baldry, nephew aged 15, errand boy born Roydon, Phebe Sendall, married visitor born Aylsham, Maria Cory servant from Caistor.

I believe this Samuel Baldry is father to Elizabeth Hall Baldry and Eliza Ann Baldry. William is his brother, and this makes a link to entries on the Baldry family site for William, Samuel, Benjamin and Elizabeth Baldry (and Sophia? two different entries for this family) born to Benjamin Baldry and Mary Read. I am only speculating but Elizabeth Tungate (CF 1851 census) may be nee Baldry. The Thomas B could be nephew to William or to Samuel or to both.

Samuel Baldry appears 1861 census as painter, widower, born Roydon, aged 55 years - so doesn't fit with 1851 census age but I suspect some recording/transcription errors. I have looked at two death certificates for a Samuel Baldry - a posible fit is for a labourer who died 4 March 1863 in accident - fell from a ladder in Norwich, aged 54 yrs. This was coroner's information, so no helpful family informant listed.

The marriage cert of Elizabeth Hall Baldry and Dennis Willden (I don't know from whom the Hall in her name derives): 23 March 1854 Caistor - he a smith, his father also Dennis Willden (farmer) and Samuel Baldry again shown as painter.

Eliza Ann Baldry and William Hall were my gr gr gr grandparents.

Family of Clare Scarlett (includes speculation)

Thomas BALDRY = (abt 1760 Roydon) Elizabeth ?

Susanna BALDRY (9/8/1761 Roydon - ?)

Mary BALDRY (b & bap 24/2/1765 Roydon - ?)

Thomas BALDRY (bap 3/5/1767 Roydon - ?)

John BALDRY (19/5/1771 Roydon - ?)

Anne BALDRY (b & bap 7/11/1773 Roydon - ?)

Martha BALDRY (b & bap 3/9/1775 Roydon - ?)

Benjamin BALDRY (21/6/1778 Roydon - ?)
Is this the Benjamin who married Mary REED below?

That these are siblings is a guess.

Benjamin BALDRY (abt 1777 of Roydon) = (11/3/1802 Bressingham) Mary READ

Sophia BALDRY (bap 23/9/1804 Bressingham - ?)

William BALDRY (bap 22/6/1806 Roydon - ?) livery stable keeper = Mary A ?

Emma BALDRY (1834 Trowse - ?)

Anne BALDRY (1836 Trowse - ?)

Benjamin BALDRY (bap 16/6/1808 Roydon - ?)

Samuel BALDRY (bap 6/5/1810 Roydon - ?

See family tree below

Additional information from Ted Mercer

Samuel BALDRY (?1809 or 1813 Roydon - ?4/3/1863) painter = ? (? - bfr 1851)

Elizabeth Hall BALDRY (?1833 Tuttingham - ?) dressmaker = (23/3/1854 Caister Saint Edmund With Markshall) Dennis WILDEN smith

Eliza Ann BALDRY (1834 - ?) dressmaker = (1864) William HALL Soldier

Gr gr gr grandparents of Clare Scarlett

Thomas BALDRY (1836 - ?) errand boy in 1851.
May be son of Benjamin above

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