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Genealogy Notes about the Baldry Family Trees

This page contains the notes supplied to Ken Baldry about the family trees of the Suffolk families. The information has been provided by Dennis Baldry (hit this to e-mail him.)

Dennis Baldry's notes about his &
Ken's common Baldry ancestors

Origins and forms of name Baldry

See - Patrick Hanks & Flavia Hodges: A Dictionary of Surnames (Oxford University Press, 1988)
- Albert Dauzat: Dictionnaire Étymologique des Noms de Famille et Prénoms de France (Larousse, 1980)

A Germanic personal name composed of elements meaning brave and power. Baldrich is occasionally found in Germany. As Baudry, it is found widely in northern and central France. In England, the name was reintroduced by the Normans in the forms Baldri and Baudri. It figures in Domesday, e g Kent.

As surnames came into use in 1200-1400, this personal name became a patronymic. Families with the name appear at an early date in Shropshire and Yorkshire as well as Suffolk, but since 1500 (see IGI) most holders of the name appear to originate from Suffolk (it was not, for instance, found at early dates in Norfolk - see IGI).

'The Baldrys of Ipswich possess a very ancient Suffolk name, which was well known in Ipswich and Stowmarket in the 15th and 16th centuries: some of the name served as bailiffs or mayors of Ipswich in the reigns of Henry VI and Henry VIII. Sir Thomas Baldry, Lord Mayor of London in 1523, was the son of Richard Baldry of Stowmarket. The name of Baldri was represented in the neighbouring county of Hunts in the 13th century.' (H B Guppy: Homes of Family Names in Great Britain - Baltimore General Publishing Company 1968)

When occurrences of the name are plotted by date (16th, 17th, 18th century) on a map of Suffolk (see maps below), it appears to have diffused (no doubt by job-seeking and intermarriage) from six parishes in the north-east of the county - Brundish, Cratfield, Fressingfield, Laxfield, Stradbroke, and Wingfield. Perhaps someone can find a medieval Baldry in this area from whom we are all descended. If so, please e-mail Dennis or Ken.

Before 1800, the spelling varies, even for the same individual. The forms Boldero/Boldra/Bowdery etc were common, as well as Baldery/Baldrey etc, and some of these variants still occur. But in the 19th century Baldry became the standard spelling in Suffolk.

SUFFOLK: distribution of the name


(including variant spellings)

IGI appearances by parish & century

NOTE cluster of early appearances around National Grid reference GR2875
(parishes of Brundish, Cratfield, Fressingfield, Laxfield, Stradbroke, Wingfield)

Framlingham Baldrys, 1666-1800

Further research is needed on the origins of the Framlingham branch. Baldrys appear frequently in the town's parish register from the mid-17th century up to about 1800, and one branch favoured the unusual Christian name Lionel. At this period, we have only dates of baptism, which did not necessarily take place within days of birth; and of burial, which was no doubt soon after death.

Lionel1 Baldrie, who was baptized on 1 March 1666/7, may be the earliest known ancestor of the Dennington family. He was probably the same as Lionel Baldery, father of four children who were baptized in Framlingham: Anne (29 December 1690), Lionel2 (16 March 1693/4), Francis (3 April 1698), and Elizabeth (5 August 1705). At this period, the registers record only the father's name.

One can plausibly identify the two boys' marriages: Francis to Mary Crisp of Marlesford (Framlingham, 17 October 1721) with seven children baptized between 1722 and 1735 (Mary, Francis, Sarah, John1, Richard, Anne, Lionel3); and Lionel2 to Mary (surname unknown) about 1720. Elizabeth had an illegitimate child, Andrew Baldry Rankin, baptised on 26 September 1726. Sarah Baldry married a John Baldry (otherwise unknown) at Framlingham on 15 September 1756.

With Lionel2's three daughters and one son, one is on firmer ground: Mary, baptized 24 July 1721, may be the same person who died unmarried 'aged 70' and was buried at Dennington on 30 January 1797 - if so, she was probably the relative from whom Lionel5 inherited the property which enabled him to settle there (see below). Elizabeth was baptized on 17 March 1723. Susanna (baptized 18 June 1729) had an illegitimate son called Tarmage (a corruption of Tollemache) baptized on 22 October 1754.

'Lionel2's son Lionel4, baptized at Framlingham on 18 June 1726, is the best candidate I have found for the Lionel Baldry who was buried at Worlingworth on 21 July 1814 'aged 92' - perhaps a combination of a late baptism and exaggeration by a very old man.' On 22 October 1755 he married Hannah Bicker - a shotgun wedding - at Framlingham. He was then resident at Gosbeck, where their first child, Mary, was baptized on 5 December 1755. Their remaining children were baptized at Worlingworth: Susan (April 1759), Lionel5 (17 April 1761), Hannah (10 January 1764), John2 (5 June 1768), Samuel (11 July 1770, died 1771), Anne (about 1773).

John2 had a daughter Anne by Rebecca Kerridge baptized at Worlingworth on 26 July 1796. Lionel5 married Susan1 (or Susannah) Cross - another shotgun marriage - at Tannington on 10 August 1795. She is probably the daughter of Thomas and Susan Cross who was baptized at Wyverstone on 17 May 1771.

Susan(na)2 was baptized on 22 November 1795 at Brundish. She married James Pipe at Dennington on 9 November 1818. Their eldest son, John3 was baptised on 28 May 1797 at Brundish. He was an agricultural labourer, married Mary Catling (baptized at Fressingfield 26 October 1802) at Dennington on 12 March 1822 - yet another shotgun wedding. She died there on 25 March 1871, he on 24 August 1881 aged 85.

Dennington Baldrys from 1800

Around 1800, Lionel5 and Susan1 moved to Dennington: the following deposition is in the Suffolk Record Office at Ipswich:

Suffolk (to wit)

The exammination of Lionel Baldrey of the Parish of Dennington in the said County Labourer taken upon Oath before us Two of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace in and for the said County this Twenty first day of May in the year of our Lord 1803 touching the place of his last Legal Settlement.

Who upon his Oath saith that about nine years ago he let himself as an hired Servant for a year to James Moyse of Winston in the said County of Suffolk Farmer at the wages of Ten Pounds or Ten Guineas, and that he continued in his Service a year and received his wages according to contract -- that he now resides and hath so done for Two years and upwards upon a small Freehold Tenement and premise situate in Dennington aforesaid which he came into possession of by Heirship, worth to let between Forty and Fifty shillings a year -- and this Examinant further saith that he hath not done any other Act or Deed whatever to gain a Settlement otherwise than as above described.

Taken and Sworn before us the day and year aforesaid

(?)Jn.. Capper(?)
Geo: Turner
in Dennington
the mark of
Lionel Baldrey

Their child Mary was baptized at Dennington on 20 April 1802; she married Thomas Blosse there on 7 June 1824 and was buried there on 1 April 1871 aged 69.

From here on, dates of birth are generally recorded, starting with Lionel5 and Susan's next child, Isaac1 was privately baptized on 7 May 1804 and 'received in the church' on 2 June 1805' (a sickly baby?) The London Baldrys below are descended from him. James was born on 2 February 1807 and died in July 1835. Elizabeth was baptized on 8 September 1813 and married James Girling at Dennington on 17 June 1833. Lionel5 died prematurely and was buried on 30 September 1814. His widow married a widower, Samuel Wall, at Dennington on 11 September 1815 and died in October 1848.

Lionel5 & Susan's eldest son John3, an agricultural labourer, married Mary Catling (baptized at Fressingfield 26 October 1802) at Dennington on 12 March 1822 - yet another shotgun wedding. She died there on 25 March 1871, he on 24 August 1881 aged 85.

John3 and Mary had 12 children: George1 (1822-3), George2 (1823-4), James (baptized 14 August 1825; he and wife Susan appear as paupers in the 1851 census); Caroline (baptized 4 November 1827); John4; Susan; George3 (1832?-1837); Mary Ann; Elizabeth (married Robert Barrett, son Arthur William baptized 8 April 1860); Harriet (1838?-46); Maria, baptized 8 May 1842; and finally Frederick (baptized 4 October 1846).

Origin of a shoemaking dynasty

Isaac1 Baldry was 'privately baptized' on 7 May 1804 and 'received in the church on 2 June 1805 (was he a sickly baby?). He appears in the 1841 census as an agricultural labourer but in 1851 as a shoemaker, a craft which at least four of his sons followed. On 1 July 1828 at Dennington he married Elizabeth Bishop. He died there on 14 December 1870 (tombstone in churchyard).

Elizabeth was the second daughter, born 12 October 1811, of John Denny Bishop and Elizabeth Burroughs. He was the illegitimate son, baptized on 22 December 1776, of Ann Bishop of Sibton (baptized 8 November 1754). Anne was the eldest child of Thomas Bishop (died 1777) and Ann Ward (married at Sibton 28 November 1752. Elizabeth (baptized 4 February 1778) was the second illegitimate daughter of another Elizabeth Burroughs (her first daughter, another Elizabeth, presumably died in infancy). John Denny and Elizabeth Bishop were married at Dennington, where he worked as a weaver, on 6 November 1799. Mary was born on 7 February 1803 and married William Cattermole of Saxtead in July 1823. John, baptized 2 December 1805, emigrated with his family to New York State (family letters in possession of D Baldry, published by Charlotte Erickson: Invisible Immigrants (LSE/Weidenfeld & Nicholson 1972). The Bishops' other children were Eliza (baptized 23 March 1816), David (1819-21), and Caroline (baptized 7 February 1824, died 17 November 1875). Caroline married Thomas Bennett, butcher (born at Debenham 10 July 1813) at Dennington on 16 July 1845. They had 11 children: their youngest daughter Charlotte married her first cousin once removed, Willie Fredric Baldry (see below).

John Denny Bishop died at Dennington on 26 January 1851; his will is in the County Record Office. His wife died in March 1844.

Isaac1 and Elizabeth Baldry had 15 children, of whom at least five died in infancy:

1 Nathan David baptized 15 February 1829
2 Isaac2 born 27 July 1830, shoemaker, died in London 8 December 1899 (see below)
3 Elizabeth 1831-34
4 Eliza baptized 25 December 1834, married William Kitson?
5 Lionel6 baptized 30 March 1836, shoemaker in London 1881 (see below)
6 Jacob baptized 12 November 1837, shoemaker and postmaster in Dennington, died 5 June 1881 (tombstone in churchyard) (see below)
7 Catherine baptized 1 December 1839
8 John Bishop baptized 19 September 1841, shoemaker in London (see below)
9 Emily Mary baptized 25 February 1844
10 James baptized 8 February 1846
11 Emelia 1847-49
12 Amelia baptized 23 September 1848
13 Sarah Anne 1850-51
14 Adolphus Abraham 1852-53
15 Adolphus Abraham 1854-56

Descent of Isaac2 Baldry

Isaac2, a shoemaker, married Mary Cook Baker (born 5 April 1828 at Brundish, died 17 November 1901 at 74 Charlwood Street, Pimlico, Westminster) at Horham Independent chapel on 3 October 1854. Mary was one of two daughters of Benjamin Baker, farmer, and Eunice Cook.

The family bible page (in possession of D Baldry, margin damaged) lists seven children:

1 Alice Sarah (born 1 August 1855, died 192-)
2 Arthur Isaac (born 27 May 1857, died ?)
3 Albert William (born 4 August 1859, died 18 March 1928)
4 Oscar James (born 2 March 1861, died ?)
5 Edith Mary (born 18 December 1862, died 22 May 1906)
6 Willie Fredric (born 16 November 1864 at Framsden, died 3 January 1938 in Worcester Park, Surrey) (see below)
7 Fredric Robert (1867-68)
8 Fredric Robert (born 12 April 1869, died 5 March 1902)

Willie Fredric grew up in Pimlico and worked as a postman in the SW district office, Victoria. He was a keen trade unionist (spurning chances of promotion), cyclist, and socialist. On 11 July 1898 in Westminster he married his first cousin once removed, Charlotte Bennett (born 5 November 1863 in Dennington, died 10 January 1947 in Worcester Park, Surrey). As a youngest daughter whose mother died when she was 12, Charlotte had stayed at home until her father's death (on 26 February 1896) and then went into service in Kensington. Willie owned a terrace house in Stanley Place, Pimlico, letting off some accommodation. Their children were:

1 Grace (born 24 August 1899, died unmarried at Coulsdon, Surrey, 18 January 1988)
2 Harold (born 24 December 1900, died at Carshalton, Surrey, 29 April 1971)
3 Marjorie (born 5 February 1903, died unmarried at Sutton, Surrey, 12 November 1993)

Harold took a BA in history at London University and a Dip Ed. He was a schoolmaster in London from about 1921 until he had to retire through ill-health in 1954. On 17 April 1930 he married Bessie Annie Hunt (born at Brentford, 29 April 1904; died at Carshalton, 22 December 1990); they bought a new semi in Worcester Park and had two sons: Dennis (born in Sutton, 26 October 1932) and Graham (born in Sutton, 19 October 1935, died of polio while on military service in Cyprus, 10 August 1958).

Dennis Baldry married Sheila Anne Wooffinden at Hampstead on 8 September 1962; they have three adopted children, two sons and one daughter.

Nothing is known of any descendants of Isaac2 Baldry other than Willie Fredric’s family. One of their relatives did migrate to South Africa, but this was probably Charlotte Baldry's brother John Denny Bennett. He is known to have abandoned his family in England some time in the 1890s. They never heard from him again, and yet the Baldry family bible records his death, aged 60, on 11 March 1916. His death was not registered in England. Grace and Marjorie Baldry visited a cousin Edie in South Africa in the 1960s, and Edie's young daughter, Josie, and son-in-law visited England circa 1963. Since then contact has been lost. So John Denny Bennett may have had a second family over there.

Descent of Jacob Baldry

Jacob married Martha Notley (born 1826? in Stradbroke, died in Dennington 2 December 1893). Their son William Jacob (born 1861?) continued the village post office and cobbling business. Until the 1950s, this was run by William's sons Archie and Notley Baldry. Archie's married daughter recently returned to live in Dennington.

Descent of Lionel6 Baldry?

Lionel6 Baldry, shoemaker, aged 45 in the 1881 census & resident at 78 Hanover Street in the St George's London registration area. His wife Emily, aged 64, came from Dover. They probably married in London and, in view of her age, may have had no children. (Found by Ken Baldry)

More information from the Westminster archive centre

Information below is from Trades index of PO directory unless otherwise stated.
Nathan Baldry (check 1881 census for birthplace - possibly eldest brother of Isaac & John Bishop) succeeded Wm Harper, trading at 29 Gt Ormond St from 1870; in 1879 at 50 Calthorpe St, WC

[Kelly's 1880 directory, southern suburbs, has another Nathan at 5 Probart Rd, Brixton and 1897 at 52 Mayall Rd, Blackheath; also Alfred at (1880-97) 13 Royal Parade, Blackheath; Frederick (1880) at 26 Harvard Rd, Hither Green and (1897) 27 Church St, Lee; George (1880) at 17 Lion Terrace, Bemish Rd, Putney, and Henry (1880) at May Place Rd, Bexleyheath - no relations?]

James Baldry (1871-2) at 12 Moreton St West, Pimlico - possibly the youngest surviving brother of Isaac & John Bishop (check census for birthplace); (1882-3) ?different James Baldry at 7 Leather Lane, Holborn

William Baldry (1871-5) of Grove Rd, Mile End; William (1870-1881) 4 Prince Patrick St, Millwall - no relations? - check birthplaces

John (Bishop) Baldry (1872-3) 17A Churton St; (1875-9) 21 Churton St (as John Bishop Baldry 1878); (1880) 20 Churton St; (1883-5) trading as John & Ernest Baldry at 111 Lupus St; (1891-3) as John Baldry at same address; (1895) at same address and also 60 Charlwood St, and as confectioner at 111A Lupus St; (1899-1905) still at Lupus St; (1910) John Bishop Baldry jun [?son] at same address

(1893) Ernest William Baldry [?son of John Bishop] at 33 Denbigh Place, Pimlico; (1895) also as confectioner at 75 Lupus St

(1873) Isaac at 11 Lillington St; (1875-9) at 1A Lillington St; (1882) at 11A Lillington St; (1895-9) at 11A Charlwood St [died December 1899 at 74 Charlwood St - ?first home of son Willie Fredric]

(1893-1901) Arthur Baldry [?son of Isaac above] at 25 Little Chester St, Grosvenor Place

Lionel Baldry of 74 Hanover St does not appear in any trade directory I have consulted, and perhaps did not trade on his own account.

More research is needed to clarify some of the relationships. I probably correctly guessed that the brothers migrated to London about 1870 - who led the way? Did they set up their own businesses straight away?

Anyone with any further information, please e-mail Dennis Baldry

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