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Genealogy Notes about the Baldry Family Trees

This page contains the notes supplied to Ken Baldry about the family trees of the Suffolk families. The information has been provided by Dennis Baldry (hit this to e-mail him) & this is his covering note:-

"Here as promised are notes on the Thurston Kee material I have copied. The folder at the Society of Genealogists includes material on other Baldry branches which I did not use because it was unconnected with my own interests, but would be worth examining if the object is to cover the surname comprehensively."

An early north-east Suffolk family tree

A Canadian QC, Douglas Thurston Kee, did extensive research on his ancestry and after he died his papers were deposited at the Society of Genealogists. They include material on various Baldry families and, in particular, professional research by Dr Joanna Martin who took his own branch back to the 16th century.

On 12 September 1563, Margaret Bottwright married Robarde (Robert1) Balldrye at Fressingfield. He was probably born around 1540, but his origins are unknown. Her father was John Bottwright, a butcher of Fressingfield (will dated 11 January 1576/7, proved 27 July 1577). Margaret was buried at Cratfield ('mother Baldrie') on 23 July 1614, Robert ('old father Baldrie') on 8 November the same year. A son-in-law, Robert2 Bawlldrie, is named as an executor in Margaret's will.

Their marriage is explained by the baptism of a son, John Baldrye, on 26 December 1563 (he was mentioned in John Bottwright's will). An unnamed daughter was baptized at Fressingfield on 12 January 1565. Their son Jeremy (later Jerome, Jeremiah) was baptized at Wingfield on 3 February 1571; and daughter Elizabeth at Fressingfield on 26 February 1575.

Jerome married Mary Welton at Cratfield on 1 July 1600, but she was buried there on 10 November 1601. His second wife is known only as Ann. They moved to Linstead Magna, where he paid ship money on 7 May 1640. Both were taken for burial to Cratfield - he on 24 August 1654, she on 29 November 1664 (will dated 10 October, proved 10 December 1664).

Their son Francis1, born around 1620, also lived at Linstead Magna. He was Ann's executor and chief beneficiary. He appears (1638) in the 'Able Men of Suffolk', and as paying tax on four hearths in 1674. He was buried there on 7 December 1680 and left everything to his widow, known only as Alice or Alles.

Francis1 and Alice's son Francis2, born around 1660, was named as a beneficiary in Ann's will. He married Sarah Coot at Ilketshall St Margaret on 1 October 1691. By 1734, when she was mentioned in the will of her brother-in-law, Simon1 Baldry of Ubbeston, she was a widow, living at Linstead.

Francis2 and Sarah's son, Francis3 Baldry, was baptized at Linstead on 25 October 1698. He married Anne Godbold of Metfield (born 1701 or 1702) at Ubbeston on 3 October 1734. He lived for some years at Huntingfield, but both were buried at Ubbeston. His will is dated February 1771 and his monument states that he died on 6 September aged 74. Her monument says she died on 17 July 1777 aged 75.

Francis3 Baldry and Anne had four children, baptized at Ubbeston: Ann (13 August 1735), Elizabeth (6 September 1737), Francis4 (12 August 1740), and Simon2 (6 January 1742). Elizabeth (named as a beneficiary in her father's will) married Thomas Woods at Huntingfield on 27 September 1758. He was buried at Linstead Magna on 6 August 1792, she at Linstead Parva on 21 March 1804. Their youngest child, Matilda (1798-1845) married Thomas Thurston of Wingfield, great-great grandfather of Douglas Thurston Kee, at Stradbroke (where he farmed 133 acres) on 13 September 1803. Simon2 Baldry married Elizabeth Fisher (1738-1810) at Wilby on 9 October 1764. They had 11 children and several Baldry branches from that part of Suffolk are descended from them.

- Elizabeth, baptized 20 August 1765, died in infancy.
- Ann, baptized 21 April 1766, married William Woods at Stradbroke 27 March 1803.
- Simon, baptized 15 November 1767.
- John Fisher, baptized 4 December 1768, died 1812, married Rose Wretts of Stradbroke (1770-20 November 1842), both buried at Horham (issue)
- Elizabeth (baptized 6 May 1770, died 5 March 1848) married Garnham Fisher of Laxfield (1770-1837), both buried at Huntingfield (issue).
- Robert (baptized 16 September 1771, died 28 July 1773).
- Charlotte (baptized 16 December 1772, died 22 July 1844 at Ubbeston).
- Robert (baptized 1 March 1774, died 7 September 1816), married Elizabeth Fisher of Athlington (1779-1862) (issue).
- James (baptized 6 April 1776, buried at Ubbeston 1826).
- Francis (baptized 1 May 1777, died 1837) (issue).
- William (baptized 25 January 1780, died 17 February 1838), farmer, Wilby Hall, married Margaret Buxton (1792-January 1827) on December 1813 at Redenhall.

William and Margaret also had 11 children, baptized at Wilby:

- William Buxton of Eye (29/10/1814-27/12/1886)
- Margaret (17 December 1815-13 April 1897) married 1st Frederick Thurston, 2nd John Catchpole of Stradbroke (issue).
- James (21 December 1816; buried 3 December 1855) married Catherine Roper (1824-1910) (issue).
- Francis (14 December 1817-...) married Sarah Bloomfield on 29/9/1843 (issue)
- Charles (25 April 1819-...)a
- Ellen (13 August 1820-1898) married Charles Talbot (1825-1908) 1857 at Debenham (daughter).
- Charlotte (2 November 1821-1887) 'artist, Ipswich'.
- John (25 May 1823) died in infancy.
- Garnham Fisher (born & buried September 1824).
- Isabella (10 October 1825-2 November 1914), married Charles Chenery Dallenger (1810-1874), 28/8/1853 (issue).
- Alfred (December 1826-April 1827).

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