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Jennifer Ellis-Newman's research

This page contains the notes supplied to Ken Baldry clarifying the family trees of this family.
The information has been provided by Jennifer Ellis-Newman (hit this to e-mail her).

Jennifer Ellis-Newman's research

Descendants of Henry Baldry

Generation No. 1

1. HENRY1 BALDRY was born Abt. 1670 guess (of Westhall). He married MARY LEE 24 June 1695 in Beccles St Michael, Beccles, Sfk1. She was born in of Westhall.

Marriage Notes for HENRY BALDRY and MARY LEE:
Henry Baldry of Westhall marr Mary Lee of Westhall at Beccles St Michaels.
June 24 Henrey BALDREY sm. & Marey LEE sw. both of Westhall (Beccles PRs)

Children of HENRY BALDRY and MARY LEE are:

i. ANNE2 BALDRY, b. Abt. 1695, Westhall, Sfk.
Baptised: 13 October 1695, St Andrew, Westhall, Sfk2

ii. HENRY BALDRY, b. Abt. 1697, Westhall, Sfk; d. Bef. 1716.
Baptised: 31 October 1697, St Andrew, Westhall, Sfk2

2. iii. ROBERT BALDRY, b. Abt. 1699, Westhall, Sfk.
iv. MARY BALDRY, b. Abt. 1701, Westhall, Sfk.
Baptised: 10 October 1701, St Andrew, Westhall, Sfk2

3. v. JOHN BALDRY, b. Abt. 1705, of Westhall.
vi. PHILIP BALDRY, b. Abt. 1707, Westhall, Sfk.
Philip BALDRY 24 Mar 1805 Covehithe Suffolk Burial Index
Baptised: 16 February 1706/07, St Andrew, Westhall, Sfk2

4. vii. FARRER BALDRY, b. Abt. 1709, Westhall, Sfk; d. September 1774, widower, Sotherton, Sfk.
viii. ARTHUR BALDRY, b. Abt. 1711, Westhall, Sfk.
Baptised: 16 March 1710/11, St Andrew, Westhall, Sfk

5. ix. MICHAEL BALDRY, b. Abt. 1714, Westhall, Sfk.
x. HENRY BALDRY, b. Abt. 1716, Westhall, Sfk.
Baptised: 31 December 1716, St Andrew, Westhall, Sfk2

Generation No. 2

2. ROBERT2 BALDRY (HENRY1) was born Abt. 1699 in Westhall, Sfk. He married ANN (BALDRY).
Baptised: 5 October 1699, St Andrew, Westhall, Sfk2

Children of ROBERT BALDRY and ANN (BALDRY) are:
6. i. MARY3 BALDRY, b. Abt. 1725, Westhall, Sfk.
ii. ILLEGIBLE BALDRY, b. Abt. 1727, Westhall, Sfk.
Baptised: 14 March 1726/27, Westhall, Sfk3

iii. HENRY BALDRY, b. Abt. 1733, Westhall, Sfk; d. January 1733/34, Westhall, Sfk4.
Age at burial: Infant
Baptised: 16 November 1733, St Andrew, Westhall, Sfk5
Burial: 6 January 1733/34, St Andrew, Westhall, Sfk6

3. JOHN2 BALDRY (HENRY1) was born Abt. 1705 in of Westhall. He married MARTHA PHILPOT 24 September 1726 in All Saints, Mendham, Sfk7. She was born in of Sotherton, Sfk.
John Baldry bap 9 Feb 1705 to Henry BALDRY and Mary (LEE) at Westhall,Sfk.

Marriage Notes for JOHN BALDRY and MARTHA PHILPOT:
John BALDRY, of Westhall and Martha PHILLPOT of Southerton, by licence. 24 Sept 1726 (Honor Kennedy & Phillimores)

Suffolk: - Registers of Marriages (Various Parishes), 1538-1837 (ANCESTRY)
Marriages at Mendham, 1678 to 1837.
County: Suffolk
Country: England
John Baldry, of Westhall & Martha Philpot, of Southerton, lic. 24 Sep 1726


i. ELIZABETH3 BALDRY, b. Abt. 1727, Sotherton, Sfk.
There is an Elizabeth Baldry buried 20 May 1728 dau of John and Martha, at Lowestoft,
Baptised: 26 November 1727, St Andrew, Sotherton, Sfk9

7. ii. JOHN BALDRY, b. Abt. 1729, Sotherton, Sfk; d. 7 July 1795, Uggeshall, Sfk.

4. FARRER2 BALDRY (HENRY1) was born Abt. 1709 in Westhall, Sfk, and died September 1774 in widower, Sotherton, Sfk. He married (1) ELIZABETH LAST. She died March 1748/49 in Sotherton, Sfk. He married (2) ANN PEEK 19 July 1750 in St Andrew, Sotherton, Sfk9.
See children of Farrer Baldry on the Sotherton PRs list from Gill Moore.
Farrer and Ann (Peek) Baldry had a son John bapt 21 April 1751 and buried 4 Mar 1752 at Sotherton, Sfk.
Baptised: 10 March 1708/09, St Andrew, Westhall, Sfk10
Burial: 4 September 1774, St Andrew, Sotherton, Sfk11

Burial: 18 March 1748/49, St Andrew, Sotherton, Sfk11


i. ELIZABETH3 BALDRY, b. Abt. 1741, Sotherton, Sfk12.
Baptised: 18 May 1741, Sotherton, Sfk12

ii. MARY BALDRY, b. Abt. 1743, Sotherton, Sfk.
Baptised: 30 May 1743, Sotherton, Sfk12

iii. PHILLIP BALDRY, b. Abt. 1744, Sotherton, Sfk.
A Phillip Baldry buried at Covehithe, 24 Mar 1805
Baptised: 3 February 1743/44, Sotherton, Sfk12

iv. FARROW BALDRY, b. Abt. 1749, Sotherton, Sfk; d. March 1749/50, Sotherton, Sfk.
Baptised: 25 February 1748/49, Sotherton, Sfk12
Burial: 29 March 1750, Sotherton, Sfk

v. JOHN3 BALDRY13, b. Abt. 1751, Sotherton, Sfk; d. July 1752, Sotherton, Sfk.
Baptised: 21 April 1751, Sotherton, Sfk
Burial: 16 July 1752, Sotherton, Sfk14

5. MICHAEL2 BALDRY (HENRY1) was born Abt. 1714 in Westhall, Sfk. He married ELIZABETH PIGEON 1 September 1734 in St Andrew, Westhall, Sfk14.

FILE - Probate of will of Michael Baldry of Wangford, grocer, dated 3 May 1750. - ref. HB26/412/255 - date: 24 May 1754
[from Scope and Content] Messuages with appurtenances in Wangford and Framlingham, to Michael Baldry, his only son, on condition he pay annuity of £16 to Elizabeth Baldry, wife of the testator.

FILE - Copy of will of Michael Baldry of Lowestoft. - ref. HB26/412/264 - date: 28 August 1784

Baptised: 15 August 1714, St Andrew, Westhall, Sfk15


i. ANNE3 BALDRY, b. Abt. 1739, Westhall, Sfk.
Baptised: 17 January 1738/39, St Andrew, Westhall, Sfk15

ii. MARY BALDRY, b. Abt. 1738, Westhall, Sfk; m. THOMAS ELES, 4 March 1755, St Andrew, Westhall, Sfk16.
Baptised: 1 May 1738, St Andrew, Westhall, Sfk17

iii. SARAH BALDRY, b. Abt. 1745, Westhall, Sfk.
Baptised: 30 May 1745, Westhall, Sfk17

iv. MICHAEL BALDRY, b. Abt. 1742, Westhall, Sfk17; d. December 1822, Wenhaston, Sfk.
Aka (Facts Pg): 1742, Name spelt Bawldy
Baptised: 1742, Westhall, Sfk
Burial: 4 December 1822, Wenhaston St Michael, Sfk18

Generation No. 3

6. MARY3 BALDRY (ROBERT2, HENRY1) was born Abt. 1725 in Westhall, Sfk.
Baptised: 2 February 1724/25, St Andrew, Westhall, Sfk19

Child of MARY BALDRY is:

i. PHILLIP4 BALDRY, b. Abt. 1748, Westhall, Sfk.
Baptised: 10 May 1748, Westhall, Sfk19

7. JOHN3 BALDRY (JOHN2, HENRY1) was born Abt. 1729 in Sotherton, Sfk, and died 7 July 1795 in Uggeshall, Sfk. He married (1) MARY SPRANT/SPRATT 16 August 1756 in St Margarets, Stoven, Sfk20, daughter of WILLIAM SPRATT and ELIZABETH RAYNER. She was born Abt. 1735, and died February 1784 in Uggeshall, Sfk21. He married (2) MARY (BAKER) 19 August 1784 in St Marys, Uggeshall, Sfk.

Notes for JOHN BALDRY:
Sotherton PRs from Gill Moore
John BALDRY son of John and Martha bap 28 Jul 1729 - note the discrepancy between the date of birth and age at death.
It may be that this is not the same one, this needs to be confirmed. However, John's burial in Uggeshall states he was from Sotherton. The only John baptised in Sotherton around that time is the son of John and Martha a few years earlier than his age at burial would suggest. John's parents John and Martha were from Westhall and Sotherton, respectively. This connects the Sotherton John and Martha to the Westhall BALDRYs. The only John born at the correct time in Westhall is the son of Henry and Mary. The name Michael links the families thru a naming pattern and son Michael born in Stoven and dying in Uggeshall connects the Stoven and Uggeshall families.

Uggeshall PRs from Brenda
John BALDREY of Sotherton, widower, died 7th, age 63, buried 10 Jul 1795

Age at burial: 63 years
Baptised: 28 July 1729, St Andrew, Sotherton, Sfk22
Burial: 10 July 1795, St Marys, Uggeshall, Sfk23

Mary BALDRY wife of John buried 16 Feb 1784 at Uggeshall, Sfk (Brenda at

Banns of marriage between John Baldry of Stoven, singleman and Mary Sprant, singlewoman of this parish were published on ye three Sundays underwritten. Name definitely Sprant on record.
That is to say: On Sunday 1st of August 1756 by me M. Kaylie, curate
On Sunday 8th August by me M.Kaylie, curate
On Sunday 15 Aug 1756 by me M. Kaylie, Curate. (fiche 2, top of fiche)

i. GEORGE4 BALDRY, b. Abt. 1757, Uggeshall, Sfk23.
Baptised: 19 February 1757, Uggeshall, Sfk
Publicly baptised: 18 April 1757, St Marys, Uggeshall, Sfk

8. ii. JOHN BALDRY, b. Abt. 1758, Uggeshall, Sfk.
9. iii. THOMAS BALDRY, b. Abt. 1759, Uggeshall, Sfk.
iv. ELIZABETH BALDRY, b. Abt. 1760, Uggeshall, Sfk23.
Baptised: 11 May 1761, St Marys, Uggeshall, Sfk
Privately baptised: 7 November 1760, Uggeshall, Sfk

v. MARY BALDRY, b. Abt. 1771, Stoven, Sfk.
Baptised: 8 April 1771, Stoven, Sfk24

vi. MICHAEL BALDRY, b. Abt. 1772, Stoven, Sfk24; d. April 1791, Uggeshall, Sfk.
Age at burial: 19 years
Baptised: 26 January 1772, St Margarets, Stoven, Sfk
Burial: 6 April 1791, St Marys, Uggeshall, Sfk25

10. vii. SUSANNA BALDRY, b. Abt. 1773, Stoven, SFK; d. June 1858, Pakefield, Suffolk.
viii. ROBERT BALDRY, b. Abt. 1776, Stoven, Sfk; d. March 1776, Stoven, Sfk.
Baptised: 3 March 1776, St Margarets, Stoven, Sfk26
Burial: 17 March 1776, St Margarets, Stoven, Sfk26

ix. MARY BALDRY, b. Abt. 1777, Stoven, Sfk.
Baptised: 8 April 1777, St Margarets, Stoven, Sfk26

Generation No. 4

8. JOHN4 BALDRY (JOHN3, JOHN2, HENRY1) was born Abt. 1758 in Uggeshall, Sfk27. He married ELIZABETH FENN 30 October 1787 in Uggeshall, Sfk.
Baptised: 9 April 1759, St Marys, Uggeshall, Sfk28
Occupation: 1788, Paupers


11. i. GEORGE5 BALDRY, b. 8 November 1788, Sotherton, Sfk.
ii. ELIZABETH BALDRY, b. 8 March 1790, Sotherton, Sfk.
Baptised: 14 March 1790, Sotherton, Sfk29

iii. SUSAN BALDRY, b. 6 April 1792, Sotherton, Sfk; d. 4 August 1792, Sotherton, Sfk.
Baptised: 8 April 1792, Sotherton, Sfk29
Burial: 7 August 1792, Sotherton, Sfk29

iv. JOHN BALDRY, b. 10 October 1793, Sotherton, Sfk; d. 16 February 1794, Sotherton, Sfk.
Baptised: 13 October 1793, Sotherton, Sfk29
Burial: 21 February 1794, Sotherton, Sfk

12. v. WILLIAM BALDRY, b. 26 September 1796, Sotherton, Sfk.
vi. SAMUEL BALDRY, b. 15 October 1800, Sotherton, Sfk30; d. 9 July 1801, Sotherton, Sfk.
Baptised: 19 October 1800, Sotherton, Sfk31
Burial: 12 July 1801, Sotherton, Sfk31

9. THOMAS4 BALDRY (JOHN3, JOHN2, HENRY1) was born Abt. 1759 in Uggeshall, Sfk32. He married MARY BRANSON 6 September 1798 in Brampton, Sfk.
Baptised: 7 October 1759, St Marys, Uggeshall, Sfk

Marriage Notes for THOMAS BALDRY and MARY BRANSON:
Thomas Baldry married Mary Branson 6 Sep 1798 at Brampton, witness Ann Baldry, Thomas was from Uggeshall. (unconfirmed that this is correct Thomas).


i. THOMAS5 BALDRY, b. Abt. 1799, Sotherton, Sfk; d. 1 November 1799, Uggeshall, Sfk33.
Thomas son of Thomas Baldry of Sotherton buried at Uggeshall.
Baptised: 28 July 1799, Sotherton, Sfk34
Burial: 3 November 1799, Uggeshall, Sfk

ii. MARY ANN BALDRY, b. 25 April 1801, Sotherton, Sfk; d. 10 May 1801, Uggeshall, Sfk35.
Mary Ann dau of Thomas Baldry of Sotherton buried at Uggeshall.
Baptised: 26 April 1801, Sotherton, Sfk36
Burial: 12 May 1801, Uggeshall, Sfk

10. SUSANNA4 BALDRY (JOHN3, JOHN2, HENRY1) was born Abt. 1773 in Stoven, SFK, and died June 1858 in Pakefield, Suffolk. She married JOHN MAYES 11 October 1798 in St Peter and St John, Kirkley, Sfk. He was born Abt. 1777, and died June 1847 in Pakefield, SFK.
1851 census, Pakefield.
Mays, Susannah, head, widow, aged 78 born Stoven

Age at burial: 86 years
Baptised: 16 October 1774, St Margarets, Stoven, Sfk37
Burial: 2 June 1858, Pakefield All Saints, Pakefield, Sfk38

Marriage Notes for SUSANNA BALDRY and JOHN MAYES:
Banns read Carlton Colville, 16/23/30 September, John Mayes, sotp and Susan Baldry of Kirtley, 1798.

Children of SUSANNA BALDRY and JOHN MAYES are:
13. i. JONATHON5 MAYES, b. 2 March 1799, Pakefield, Sfk; d. Abt. 1888.
ii. MARY MAYES, b. 25 March 1801, Pakefield, Sfk.
Baptism: 29 March 1801, Pakefield All Saints, Pakefield, Sfk39

14. iii. HANNAH MAYES, b. Abt. 1803, Kirkley, SFK.
15. iv. PHOEBE MAYES, b. 25 August 1804, Pakefield, Sfk.
v. MARIA MAYES, b. 2 November 1806, Pakefield, Sfk; d. 28 October 1807, Pakefield, Sfk.
Age at burial: 1807, 1 year
Baptised: 2 November 1806, Pakefield All Saints, Pakefield, Sfk39
Burial: 30 October 1807, Pakefield All Saints, Pakefield, Sfk
Received into church: 25 November 1807, Pakefield All Saints, Pakefield, Sfk39

16. vi. FRANCIS MAYES, b. 27 October 1808, Pakefield, Sfk; d. April 1875, Carlton Colville, Sfk.
17. vii. MARIA MAYES, b. 3 September 1810, Pakefield, Sfk; d. Aft. 1881.
18. viii. JOHN MAYES, b. 22 November 1811, Pakefield, Sfk.
19. ix. ROBERT MAYES, b. 5 April 1813, Pakefield, Sfk; d. Bef. 1861.
20. x. GEORGE MAYES, b. 23 May 1814, Pakefield, Sfk; d. December 1866, Pakefield, Sfk.
21. xi. AMELIA MAYES, b. 21 August 1816, Pakefield, Suffolk.

Generation No. 5

11. GEORGE5 BALDRY (JOHN4, JOHN3, JOHN2, HENRY1) was born 8 November 1788 in Sotherton, Sfk. He married MARY ANN (BALDRY).
Baptised: 9 November 1788, Sotherton, Sfk40

Children of GEORGE BALDRY and MARY (BALDRY) are:

i. ANN MARIA6 BALDRY, b. Abt. 1828, Sotherton, Sfk.
Baptised: 27 April 1828, Sotherton, Sfk4

ii. WILLIAM BALDRY, b. Abt. 1829, Sotherton, Sfk.
Baptised: 8 March 1829, Sotherton, Sfk40

iii. MARIANNE BALDRY, b. Abt. 1829, Sotherton, Sfk.
Baptised: 2 August 1829, Sotherton, Sfk40

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