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This page contains the notes supplied to Ken Baldry about the family trees of this London family. The information has been provided by Jessica (hit this to e-mail her).

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John BALDREY (c1801 Norfolk St Faiths - ?)

Written on July 7th 2001:-

I am researching this BALDREY family on behalf of a colleague who lives in New Zealand. She is descended from Mary Ann Baldrey, christened May 1837 (just before civil records, naturally) in St Giles Without Cripplegate. Mary Ann married Latton Henry LE MERCIER, a fancy draper. I can give you more details on that family, if you like. They moved in 1882 to New Zealand with their many children.

I've found John & Margaret BALDREY in the 1851 census: (ref HO107 1522, pages 112 v and r.)

85 Whitecross Street, London
John Baldrey, head, married, 5`, licensed victualler, born Norfolk St Faiths
Margaret, wife, married, 47, born Westmorland
Frederick, son 12, born London died 1875
Charles, son 11, born London
May (sic) Ann, daughter, 13, born London
Susanna, daughter, 9, born London
Thomas, son, 5, born London
John, unmarried son, born London (no occupation given)
Eliza, daughter, 15, born London

When Mary Ann was married in 1865 she gave her father's name and occupation
as John, 'market gardener'.

In 1881 Mary Ann is living with her family in Kentish Town. Her brother Thomas is a partner in the drapery business and lives with his family a few doors down.

Thomas Baldrey, 35, married draper, born London
Mary E. (SHAW), 34 born St Giles
Mary, daughter 9
Marian, daughter 8
Thomas, son 5
Bertha, daughter 3
John, son 2.
All children were born in St Pancras.

Thomas was still in place after Latton's family moved to New Zealand.

Brother John Baldry (now spelled without the E) moved to Hellesdon, Norwich and had a business as a market gardener. In 1881 he is listed as employing 4 men and two women. He and his wife Eliza (born about 1825) are listed in both the 1881 and 1891 censuses.

His sister Eliza M.A. is in Warwick for the 1881 census, visiting Frederick Y. Poulton and his wife Annette. She is 43, occupation stationer. I don't see any connection between her and that family.

No sign of Charles or Frederick in 1881, but I am still looking. It's possible they went first to New Zealand.

I'm searching further for Margaret BRIGGS, who married John on 30th March 1829 in Bermondsey, St Mary Magdelene. I don't know whether Westmorland hasn't transcribed their parish records or whether they just don't share them, but they aren't easy to come by.

John BALDREY (c1801 Norfolk St Faiths - ?) licensed victualler in 1851 market gardener in 1865 = (30/3/1829 St Mary Magdelene, Bermondsey) Margaret BRIGGS (c1804 Westmorland - ?)

John BALDRY (c1830 - aft 1891) market gardener = Eliza ? (c1825 - aft 1891)

Eliza BALDREY (bap 26/8/1835 Saint Giles Cripplegate - ?) stationer

Mary Ann BALDREY (bap 5/5/1837 Saint Giles Cripplegate - ?) = Latton Henry LE MERCIER fancy draper

Many children

Emigrated to New Zealand in 1882

Frederick BALDREY (c1839 London - ?)

Charles BALDREY (c1840 London - ?)

Susanna BALDREY (c1842 London - ?)

Thomas BALDREY (c1846 London - ?) draper = Mary E SHAW

See next family tree below

Thomas BALDREY (c1846 London - ?) draper = Mary E SHAW

Mary BALDREY (c1872 St Pancras - ?)

Marian BALDREY (c1873 St Pancras - ?)

Thomas BALDREY (c1876 St Pancras - ?)

Bertha BALDREY (c1878 St Pancras - ?)

John BALDREY (c1879 St Pancras - ?)

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