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Sandra Adams' research

This page contains the notes supplied to Ken Baldry about the family trees of this Norfolk-to-London family. The information has been provided by Sandra (hit this to e-mail her).

Sandra's original notes about her Baldry family

Hello Ken and Jessica, I am writing to thank you for your great website at (Jessica's page is on this link)
and to add the little Baldry information that I have to the puzzle.

My Baldry ancestor is Harriet, baptised at Geldeston in 1805. I saw the Geldeston parish records at the NRO on a trip to England in October. I have not yet found her marriage record, but she and Robert Mackrow had 9 children between 1829 and 1849, all baptised in London.

I am speculating that this is Harriet's family:

Robert BALDRY and Sarah ?:
...2 Thomas Baldry b: Bef. May 08, 1796 Denton, Norfolk
...2 Mary Ann Baldry b: Bef. June 20, 1802 Geldeston, Norfolk
...2 Harriett BALDRY b: Bef. December 01, 1805 Geldeston, Norfolk
d: Aft. 1881
...... +Robert MACKROW b: March 14, 1802 Tottington, Norfolk d: January 10, 1885 Chelsea Workhouse Infirmary, Middlesex
...2 Emily Baldry b: Bef. January 31, 1808 Geldeston, Norfolk
...2 Elizabeth Baldry b: Bef. May 27, 1813 Geldeston, Norfolk
...2 Maria Baldry b: Bef. July 30, 1815 Geldeston, Norfol

Robert and Sarah Baldry baptised their son Thomas, 8 May 1796

Geldeston parish records:
Baldrey: Mary Ann dr. of Robert and Sarah was publicly baptized June
20th 1802.
Baldrey: Harriet daughter of Robert and Sarah his wife December 1st
Baldrey: Emily daughter of Robert Baldrey and Sarah his wife was
privately baptized January 31st 1808.
Baldery: Elizabeth d. of Robert and Sarah Geldeston labourer May 27,
Baldery: Maria d. of Robert and Sarah Geldeston labourer July 30 1815.

Your website also has the following records that interest me, but I have no additional information about them.
Robert BALDRY = (29/12/1789 Denton) Lydia FIELD
Robert BALDRY = (26/4/1796 Alburgh) Sarah FIELD
and Robert BALDRY = (27/4/1814 Alburgh) Mary RUDD
Just guessing Robert is son of Robert

I suspect my ancestor Sarah, mother of Harriet Baldry, is Sarah Field, but I would like to know who Lydia Field was. The marriage record was silent on whether Robert Baldry was a widower or singleman, and I did not have
time to look for the banns:
Robert Baldry and Sarah Field were married by Banns 26th April 1796 by Robert Etheredge, Curate.

From your website, I suspect that "my" Robert Baldry may be the son of Thomas and Sarah of Denton
Thomas BALDRY = (13/10/1759 Denton) Sarah PAIN
Sarah BALDRY (bap 28/3/1762 Denton - ?) = (banns 1782) William PULLENT
Thomas BALDRY (bap 25/10/1767 Denton - ?)
Robert BALDRY (bap 16/8/1772 Denton - ?)
Again, I am just guessing. Thanks again for publishing your material. It's a great help to many of
us, I am sure. Please e-mail me, Sandra Adams Ottawa, Canada if you can help

Sandra's guesswork Family Tree

Thomas BALDRY = (13/10/1759 Denton) Sarah PAIN

Robert BALDRY (bap 16/8/1772 Denton - ?) Labourer = 1. Lydia FIELD

Robert BALDRY = (17/4/1814 Alburgh - ?) Mary RUDD

= 2. (26/4/1796) Sarah ?FIELD

Thomas BALDRY (bap 8/5/1796 Denton - ?)

Mary Ann BALDRY (bap 20/6/1802 Geldeston - ?)

Harriett BALDRY (bap 1/12/1805 Geldeston - aft 1881) = Robert MACKROW (14/3/1802 Tottington, Norfolk - 10/1/1885 Chelsea Workhouse Infirmary, Middlesex)

9 children

Emily BALDRY (bap 31/1/1808 Geldeston - ?)

Elizabeth BALDRY (bap 27/5/1813 Geldeston - ?)

Maria BALDRY (bap 30/7/1815 Geldeston - ?)

Information about Thomas Jnr from Jessica Skippon's Personal page

It is possible (& quite well precedented) for a man to marry his late wife's sister but
GOVERNMENT HEALTH WARNING: there is much speculation in this tree. If can confirm or dismantle it, please E-mail Sandra, Jessica & Ken with your corrections.

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