Notes about the Baldry(ee) Family Trees

Jim Baldree's research

This page contains the notes supplied to Ken Baldry about the family trees of this Suffolk-to-Canada family. The information has been provided by Jim Baldree (hit this to e-mail him). Additional information was provided by Sir William Arbuthnot.

Jim's original notes about his Baldree family

I am Jim Baldree and have been tracking down my family tree for a while.
I ran across the Baldry website, and am still trying to connect my family with England or Normandy.

I am from the line of Isaac K Baldree and Nancy Sapp.
My lineage is
Isaac K. Baldree and Nancy (Sapp)
Isaac K. Baldree, Jr and Keziah Newman (also Keen)
William Murdock Baldree and Catherine (Lee)
David Franklin Baldree and Marguerite Thelma (Jennings)
Robert Joseph Baldree, Sr and Elizabeth Jane Porter and then me.

William Murdock's, known as Murdock, death date is 22 Oct 1907
Children of Murdock and Catherine:
James Isaac
D. Franklin
Martha K.
William Joseph
Mary Catherine
Moses Westbury
Jasper Martin
Aaron Patrick

Murdock and Emma Kirkland's children were:
Minnie Belle
and an infant

William Murdock Baldree
& Catherine Lee

I have unconfirmed records that say that Isaac K's father was a William Baldree, born about 1720, in England, and died 1762, in Georgia.

Does have any information that could relate Wm Baldree of 1720 to anyone in their lines, or anyone else you have come across? Please e-mail me if you do.

One really cool thing I have also is a picture of Wm Murdock and Catherine Lee Baldree from the Baldrees of Georgia.

I have also a lot of information on the tangent families of the Baldrees and have a few contacts of people with even more information than I have.

To you Ken, thanks greatly for your website. It has been a very good boost to my genealogical efforts to find it. Please feel free to contact me at anytime thanks and have a great day!

Issac K. BALDREE = Nancy Elizabeth SAPP

Catherine BALDREE (1/6/1836 Berrien Co, GA - ?)

Issac K. BALDREE 2nd (11/3/1833 Berrien Co, GA - 1899) = Keziah NEWMAN

William Murdock BALDREE (1868 - 22/10/1907)

See next family tree below

William A. BALDREE (4/5/1834 Tattnall Co, GA - 1905 Berrien Co, GA) = (9/9/1857) Lucinda BOYD

Issac S. BALDREE (1858 - ?) =  Sarah O'Neal AVERA

William BALDREE 3rd

William BALDREE 2nd (1861 - ?) = Marietta CONINE

William Murdock BALDREE (1868 - 22/10/1907) = 1. Catherine LEE

James Isaac BALDREE

David Franklin BALDREE = Marguerite Thelma JENNINGS

Robert Joseph BALDREE = Elizabeth Jane PORTER



William Joseph BALDREE

Mary Catherine BALDREE

Moses Westbury BALDREE = (23/12/1965) Julia Ann RICARDO (b30/4/1943)

Matthew Westbury BALDREE (b5/2/1968)

Melissa Ann BALDREE (b25/4/1969)

Sir William Arbuthnot would like to know more about this family: e-mail him.

Jasper Martin BALDREE

Aaron Patrick BALDREE

= 2. Emma KIRKLAND

Minnie Belle BALDREE

(died young) BALDREE

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