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Information has been gleaned from the IGI. & seems largely to have been the work of Anne Mary Baldry Weekes.

Additional information provided by Donna Bailey, Bob Wilson & John Baldry, BUT most of the information has been
transferred to this link, as AMBW had erroneously (in my opinion) allocated the wrong Joseph Baldry as a son of John & Dorothy.

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Villages occupied by this family


Great Brice
Earl Soham


Monks Eleigh

Other counties

Carbrooke (Nfk)
Blo Norton (Nfk)
Keninghall (Nfk)
Bexley (Kent)
East Wickham (Kent)
Welling (Kent)
Plumstead (Kent)
Colchester (Essex)
Orsett (Essex)
Tilbury (Essex)


Dewitt, Onondoga Co NY USA
Smithfield, Cache, Utah USA
On The Plains, Ft. Bridger, Wyoming USA

Family of John BALDRY & Dorothy GARWOOD

John BALDRY (1705 - 25/7/1776 Will Proven: Botesdale, Suffolk) = 1. (30/7/1730 Kettleburg, Sfk) Dorothy GARWOOD (1709 - ?)

1st six children

Dorothy BALDRY (1731 Wortham - bur 23/11/1796) = (1/12/1757) Henry CHURCHYARD

John BALDRY (abt 1733 Wortham - ?)

Elizabeth BALDRY (abt 1735 Wortham - ?)

William BALDRY 1st (bap 14/6/1739 Wilby - aft 1776)

Elizabeth BALDRY (bap 19/5/1741 Wortham - ?) = (4/10/1765) William PRIME

Thomas BALDRY (? - bfr 1749)

2nd six children

Susan BALDRY (bap 4/6/1745 Burgate - ?) = (31/1/1765) John BEAN

John BEAN (bef 1776 - ?)

Susan BEAN (bef 1776- ?)

Joseph BALDRY & Ann GARNHAM (abt 1749 - ?)

Ann GARNHAM (aft 1773 - aft 1776)
presumably, the marriage was not solemnised

William BALDRY 2nd (abt 1747 - ?)

Benjamin BALDRY (12/1/1748 Burgate Sfk - ?)

Thomas BALDRY 2nd (abt 1749 Burgate - ?)

George BALDRY (abt 1751 - Burgate - bur 24/7/1755 Palgrave)

Information from Donna Bailey
Some of this information is from the work of The Isom Family in California, to whom, our thanks.
Their web site is no longer valid, however

This will was sent by Donna Bailey:-

Film #178010, pg.656 #20560.
Title: Will of John Baldry of Botesdale, Suffolk, England

Publication: Sent to me by Mary Ann Thies on 4 Feb 2003
Abbrev: Will of John Baldry of Botesdale, Suffolk, England


"This is the last will and testament of me, Jon Baldry, of Botesdale in the county of Suffolk, Yeoman made 27 June in the year of our Lord 1775. First I desire that my body be decently buried at South Lopham at the direction of my executors.

Item I give and devise to my son John Baldry all those my several messuages or tenements with the yard and gardens and appurtenances There unto belonging, situate and lying and being in Palgrave in the said county now in the several tenures of occupations of George Thurlow, Thomas Cunningham, Robert Beaumont, James Farthing and Thomas Rix under the yearly Rent of 11 pounds and 13 shillings FOR HOLD to him, the said John and his Assigns for and during the term of his natural life, he keeping the same in good and tenable repair and committing no ship or waste thereon and from and As soon as conveniently after his decease I do order, direct and empower my Executors herein after named, or the survivors of them, or the executors of the administrators of such survivors to sell the same to any person or Persons either together or in separate parcels for the best price or prices That can or may be gotten for the same, and the monies arising there of and the rents and profits until such sale I give and bequeath to be divided Between and among such of my children as shall be living at the time of the Decease of my son John share and share alike.

Item I give and devise to my son-in-law William Prime all my messuages or tenements situate, lying and Being in Botesdale aforesaid which I have surrendered to my will now in the several occupations of Charles Pleassance, Smith, and Mayhew at the yearly rent of four pounds with the yards, gardens, rights of commonage and Appurtenances there unto belonging TO HOLD the same to him the said William Prime and to his heirs and assigns forever. Item I do authorize and empower my executors herein after named, or the survivors of them, or the executors or administrators of such survivor as soon as conveniently may be after my Decease to make sale of all that my copyhold messuages or tenements and Malting office with all and singular the houses, outhouses, edifices,
Buildings, barnes, stables, yards, gardens, lands, meadows, pastures, Feeding, rights members, commonage privileges and appurtenances what so ever There unto belonging or in any wise appertaining situate lying and being in South Lophom aforesaid now in the occupancy of my son Joseph Baldry, and the Monies arising by the sale there of as also the rents and profits thereof until the sale I dispose of as follows: I give and bequeath to my executor William Warren his executors or administrators the sum of three hundred Pounds part thereof upon his special trust and confidence that he or they do Invest and place out the same on some good securities and the interest and Proceed thereof I will shall be applied toward the maintenance and education and bringing up of my two grandchildren, John Beam and Susan Bean and of Ann Garnham, otherwise Baldry, the daughter of Ann Garnham by my son, Joseph Baldry born out of wedlock or marriage until they or each of them shall Attain the age of 21 years and I will and desire that the said interest may be applied in such parts, portions as my said executor his executors or Administrators shall in his or their discretion think proper, and when they or each of them shall attain their respective ages of 21 years I give and Bequeath to them the following sums to be paid out of the said 300 and 20 Pounds, to the said SUSAN BEAN the sum of 80 pounds, to the said JOHN BEAN the sum of 120 pounds, and to the said ANN GARNHAM, OTHERWISE BALDRY, the sum of 30 pounds and the remaining sum of 70 pounds together with the shares of him, her or them so dying, I give and bequeath to be equally divided Between all my children who shall then be living. And my mind and will is that the over plus of the money arising by the sale of said estate shall be Applied toward the payment of the legacies herein after bequeathed.

Item I give and devise unto the said William Warren, his executors, or Administrators the house with the yard and appurtenances now in my own Occupation situated in Botesdale aforesaid UPON FURTHER TRUST AND CONFIDENCE
that he or they do and shall let the same to the best advantage and pay and Apply the rents and profits thereof towards the maintenance, education and Bringing up of the said three children, and in such parts and proportions as to him or them shall seem incest, and as soon as all the said three children {if living} shall have attained the age of 21 years I do declare that the said devise shall become void and of no effect, and do order, direct and Empower the said William Warren his executors, or administrators to make sale of the said premises for the best price that can be gotten for the same, and the monies arising from the sale thereof I bequeath to be equally Divided between such of my children as shall be then living.

Item I give and Bequeath to my son John the sum of 50 pounds. Item I give and bequeath to the said William Prime 50 pounds. Item I give and bequeath to my son in law Henry Churchyard of Wortham the sum of 90 pounds and I do also give a full Release acquittance and discharge for all sum and sums of money owing me at The time of my decease. Item I give and bequeath to my son William Baldry The sum of 80 pounds. Item I give and bequeath to my son JOSEPH BALDRY the Sum of one hundred pounds all which legacies I will shall be paid Respectively within six months after my decease. Item all the rest and Residue and remainder of my real and personal what so ever and there so ever Of what so ever nature kind or quality so over from and after payment of all And just debts, legacies, funeral expenses the charges of my devise and Bequeath to be equally divided between and among all my children share and Share alike and do make them my residue legatees to all intents and purposes What so ever.

Item I do constitute and appoint the said JOSEPH BALDRY my son And the above named William Warren executors of this my will and do give Unto the said care and trouble he will have in the execution here of and I Do order and direct them my said executors, their executors or Administrators to reimburse and pay him and unto or sustain in the execution of this my will and I do declare that the said executors shall not be Answerable only for his own separate act and deed and not the one for the Act and deed of the other. PROVIDED my executors or administrators shall not in any wise be charged or chargeable with any unwilful or unforeseen Accident, or loss of any part of my personal estate what so ever.

LASTLY Revoking all former and other wills by me at any time here to fore made, I do declare this to be my last will and testament. In witness where of I the Said JOHN BALDRY the testator have to this my last will and testament Contained in this and the four preceding sheets of paper set my hand and Seal at the top of the first of the said sheets there all the same sheets Where all the said sheets are fixed together the day and year first above

THE WRITING contained in this and the vive preceding pages of a paper was Signed and sealed by the said JOHN BALDRY the testator and by him published and declared as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us
Who in his presence and at his request and in the presence of each other Have set our names as witnesses here to

This is a codicil to the last will and testament of me JOHN BALDRY of Botesdale in the county of Suffolk YEOMAN made this 23 day of June in the year of our Lord 1776. First I do desire that this codicil may be accepted and taken as part of my said last will and testament.

ITEM I do revoke and Make void all that part of my will of my said will which relates to the House yard and appurtenances in my own occupation in Botesdale and do order, Direct and empower my executors or the survivors of them, or the Administrators of such survivor to make sale of the same as soon as may Conveniently after my decease for the best price that can be gotten and the Monies arising from the sale there of I dispose of as follows: I give to my son Thomas Baldry the sum of 50 pounds part there of and the residue to my Executor William Warren to be applied to the use of the said John Bean, Susan Bean, and Ann Garnham and do declare that if the same shall not sell for 50 pounds that the deficiency shall be made up to the said Thomas Baldry out of my personal estate. LASTLY I do ratify and confirm my said will in all respects {except aforesaid} in witness where of I have to this my Codicil contained in one sheet of paper set my hand and seal, the day and Year above written

JOHN BALDRY .... SIGNED, sealed, published and declared by the said JOHN BALDRY as and for a codicil to his last will and testament in the presence of us who in his presence at his request and in the presence of each other have set our names as witnesses here unto CHRIS SLAPP - HARVEY CORRODE - THO. SLAPP.

Baldrys identified by Anne Mary Baldry Weekes in the IGI, the wife of Robert Weekes above are on this link.

Additional information provided by Bob Wilson, John Baldry & Donna Bailey.

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