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Baldry Family Trees - Thelnetham, Suffolk

This page contains Suffolk family trees by this village. Information has been gleaned from the IGI & contributions.

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Members from Thelnetham, Suffolk

Thelnetham village hall, which used to be the village school until the 1940's. The school was purchased for the village for use as a village hall by the author John Middleton Murray (he was married to the novelist Katherine Mansfield) and he lived in Thelnetham during the Second world war. Info. from Liz Clarke.

Thelnetham Church

This image ripped off from Simon Knott's Suffolk Churches web site on this link.

Thelnetham Windmill

Joseph BALDRY (1745 Thelnetham - 23/11/1828 Thelnetham bur 28/5/1829 Archdeconry, Sudbury) = 1. (13/4/1773 Gariboldisham, Nfk) Mary TURNER (bap 16/11/1751 Garboldisham - ?) Father Philip TURNER
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Mary BALDRY = (6/10/1781 Thelnetham) Robert CRACK

Mary BALDRY = (19/2/1818 Thelnetham) Henry BUTTON

William BALDRY = (9/11/1830 Thelnetham) Mary BARTON


Joseph BALDRY (bap 17/7/1831 Thelnetham - ?)

Elizabeth BALDRY & Mr CROOK

Charles BALDRY (bap 7/4/1833 Thelnetham - ?)

Hannah BALDRY = (27/5/ 1833 Thelnetham) James WANT

John BALDRY = Harriett PARKER

Lois BALDRY (bap 20/3/1836 Thelnetham - ?)

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