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Baldry Family Trees - 20th Century Suffolk

This page contains Suffolk 20th century family trees of other families.
Information has been gleaned from the IGI, CWGC, GRO & contributions by members.

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Suffolk 20th Century

George BALDRY of 36, Melbourne Rd, Lowestoft = Jane ?

Private E W BALDRY (?1900 - 09-10/04/1917) cwgc link

Arthur BALDRY = Elizabeth CLARKE

Edith BALDRY (1901 Leiston - ?) = Henry WATERHOUSE

Sylvia WATERHOUSE (b1941)

Carrol Beasley at this e-mail address, is interested in Sylvia.

They sailed on the 3rd March 1924 from Southampton to Wellington in New Zealand on the Ruahine - The New Zealand Shipping Company. With them were 3 other members of the Waterhouse family. Thanks to Carrol Beasley for this information.

Samuel Jame BALDRY tax collector = ?

Ruby May BALDRY (?1902 - ?) = (12/8/1930 Wangford) Henry SHEPHARD

Information from Bob and Jean Shephard. E-mail them please if you know more

Thomas BALDRY = Beatrice HUBBARD

Louisa BALDRY (bap 15/8/1906 Hepworth - ? )

William Joseph BALDRY of Creeting St. Peter = Maud MILLER

Corporal Charles William Jack BALDRY (Q1/1914 - 27/9/1943) = (1943 Gipping) Edith Mary DENNY, of Stowmarket

Joseph Edward BALDRY of 36, Melbourne Rd, Lowestoft = Alice Emma DAWSON

Private Gordon George BALDRY (Q2/1918 Blything - 12/12/1943) cwgc link

From: Dan Baldry: I was travelling recently in Thailand for work. We had a spare day so we went out to see the Bridge on the river Kwai. On the way we stopped at a the Kanchanaburi War Cemetery where many Brits and Australians are buried who died while working in forced labour camps constructing that bridge and the ‘death railway’ from Burma during WW2. By pure chance we stumbled across a gravestone of a Baldry from the Suffolk Regiment. Attached is a picture of the stone. Photo ©Daniel Baldry 2008

Roy Valentine BALDRY (14/2/1914 Mutford - ?) = (Q2 1933 Mutford) Edna HUME

living family

Information from Andrea (Baldry) Goodheart

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