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Baldry Family Trees - Dennington, Suffolk members

This page contains Suffolk family trees by this village. Information has been gleaned from the IGI & contributions.

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Members from Dennington, Suffolk

Dennington Church

Alice BALLDRY & ?

Alice BALLDRY (bap 23/5/1725 Dennington - ? )

Elizabeth BALDRY = (26/11/1744 Dennington) John BROWN

John BALDRY (bap 5/11/1744 Dennington - ?)
Note. Baptised as John Baldry before his parents' wedding.

Francis BALDRY = (13/6/1763 Dennington) Mary CAPON

Susan BALDRY = (1785 Dennington) Henry SNOWLAND
Information from Mike Haselip.

Susan BALDRY (abt1795 Brundish - ?) = (9/11/1818 Dennington) James PIPE

John BALDRY = (12/3/1822 Dennington) Mary CATLING

George BALDRY (bap 8/8/1822 Dennington - bfr 9/1823)

George BALDRY (bap 28/9/1823 Dennington - ?)

Mary BALDRY = (7/6/1824 Dennington) Thomas BLOSS(E)

Is this the same couple?

John BALDRY = Mary ?

James BALDRY (bap 14/8/1825 Dennington - ?)

Caroline BALDRY (bap 4/11/1827 Dennington - ?)


Elizabeth BALDRY (bap 19/6/1836 Dennington - ?)

Is this the same couple? e-mail Ken with any answers, please

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