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Baldry Family Trees - Westhall, Suffolk

This page contains Suffolk family trees by this village. Information has been gleaned from the IGI & contributions.

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Members from Westhall, Suffolk

Audrye BALDRY & ?

Sarah BALDRY (bap 17/3/1589 Westhall - ?)

Are these the same couple?

John BALDRY = (1637 Ipswich) Margaret WOOLNOUGH

Johes BALDRYE = (9/10/1637 Westhall) Margareta WOLNOUGH

Are these the same couple? e-mail Ken with any answers, please

Henry BALDRY (of Westhall) = (24/6/1695 St Michaels Beccles) Mary LEE (of Westhall)

1st five children

Anne BALDRY (bap 13/10/1695 St Andrew, Westhall - ?)

Henry BALDRY (bap 31/10/1697 Westhall - soon?)

Robert BALDRY (bap 5/10/1699 Westhall - ?) = Anne ?

Mary BALDRY (2/2/1725 Westhall - ?)

(illegible) BALDRY (14/3/1727 Westhall - ?)

Henry BALDRY (bap 16/11/1733 Westhall - bur 6/1/1734 St Andrew, Westhall)

Mary BALDRY (bap 10/10/1701 Westhall - ?)

John BALDRY (bap 9/2/1705 Westhall - ?) = (24/9/1726 Mendham) Martha PHILPOT of Southerton

2nd five children

Philip BALDRY (bap 16/2/1707 Westhall - ?)

Farrer BALDRY (bap 10/3/1709 Westhall - bur 4/9/1774 St Andrew, Sotherton) = 1. Elizabeth LAST (? - bur 18/3/1749 Sotherton)

= 2. (19/7/1750 St Andrew, Sotherton) Ann PEEK

Arthur BALDRY (bap 16/3/1711 Westhall - ?)

Michael BALDRY (bap 15/8/1714 St Andrew, Westhall Westhall - ?) = (1/9/1734 Westhall) Elizabeth PIGEON

Mary BALDRY (bap 1/5/1738 Westhall - ?) = (4/3/1755 St Andrew, Westhall Westhall) Thoms ELES

Anne BALDRY (bap 17/1/1739 Westhall - ?)

That this is the same Michael is conjecture.

Henry BALDRY (bap 31/12/1716 Westhall - ?)

Marriage information supplied by Jennifer Ellis-Newman. Extra family information from Mike Haselip.

Mary BALDRY = (28/10/1735 Westhall) Robert HANNER

Is this Mary the daughter of Henry & Mary Lee above?

e-mail Ken with any answers, please

Charles BALDRY (? - 6/6/1825 St Michaels Beccles) of Westhall Hall
= (14/1/1784 St Michaels Beccles) Esther BARCHAM (1756 of Westhall - 14/11/1834 St Michaels Beccles)

Esther BALDRY (29/12/1784 - ?)

Harriet BALDRY (1788 Westhall - 1869 Rickinghall) = Thomas Charles NORTON

Maria Jane BALDRY (bap 22/3/1801 Westhall - ?)

Info from Monica Norton Penn. E-mail her (& Ken) if you know more.

Monica also supplied this, about the antecedents of Esther:-

In 1667 Priscilla Melling, daughter of John Melling (reputedly living at St Olave's Priory, Somerleton, Norfolk) was baptised on the 28th January. She died on 2nd April 1750 and was married to Mr Howes and lived at Toftmonks. (quote) "this proved a bad match and left two daughters". Quote from Esther Baldry in 1790 - one assumes she had a written history of the family. "The two daughters, Esther married Mr Barcham and Margaret died unmarried. Esther had issue - two daughters who both died single and a son who married Susan, the daughter of Henry and Mary Pleasants who was baptised May 10th 1730." (not quite sure who was baptised). "They had issue John, Esther and Susan the said John and Susan died in their infancy. Esther married Charles Baldry of Westhall and had issue 3 daughters Esther, Harriet and Maria Jane. Esther married Charles Boyce in December the 29th 1812.

I am going to photocopy for you a page from Esther's journal about this - the journal was written on some sort of fabric and by 1904 was just about to fall to pieces, so it was copied out by my Great Aunt Sophy Norton. I will see if I can find the letter form my Grandfather and forward it to you regarding this.
(This will be poted here when it arrives).

We had a Bead Box - amazing thing - which we think was used for baby clothes. It is now in the Bury St Edmunds museum which has been closed but I presume the contents must be available for public view. It was donated by my cousins, the Lacy Scott family as it had been in their house for years. The name embroidered inside it is Mellinge and I think it was Ann. Then there are three dates which we think must have been three children. Because there was no census in those days, I am unable to find anything about them but somewhere I have come across a Will I think it was, stating that the Mellinge family lived in Somerleyton, Norfolk at St Olave's Priory. If you look up St Olave's Priory on Google, there is no mention of Melling or Mellynge or whatever. My Aunt was called Mary Melling Norton and I note on there are several Melling women with the inital 'P' before their surname.

Maryann BALDRY (1850 Westhall - ?)
Supplied by Mike Haselip

Same couple?

James BALDRY = Harriett ?

Frederick BALDRY (bap 28/3/1859 Westhall - ?)

James BALDRY = Harriett ?

Hannah BALDRY (bap 5/2/1860 Barnby - ?)

Same couple? e-mail Ken with any answers, please

Edward BALDRY (widower) = (4/1871 Westhall) Susan BRIGGS (widow)
Supplied by Mike Haselip

George BALDRY (of Middleton)= (11/1874 Westhall) Rachel COLE
Supplied by Mike Haselip

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