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Baldry Emigrants to Australia

This page contains the family tree of Edward BALDRY and Letitia JORDEN. Their son, James, emigrated to Australia between 1851 & 1854. Information has been gleaned from the IGI, Lee Goleby's notes & further input from Vincent Baldry & Janet Nunn.

For Lee Goleby's original notes & sources, hit this link.

There are also other emigrants to Australia & Australian families.

Australian Families

James BALDRY and Priscilla Ursula COOK

James BALDRY (bap 30/5/1824 Theberton - 6/1877 Woogaroo Lunatic Asylum, Brisbane, Aus) emigrated to Australia 1852 = (1849 Blithing, Sfk) Priscilla Ursula COOK (1/10/1826 - 22/2/1890 Alice St, Maryborough, Q'land, Aus) back link to James' father

1st four children

Edward Cook BALDRY (17/10/1849 England - 27/6/1933 Eidsvold District Hospital Eidsvold, Qld Aus)

Thomas BALDRY (13/9/1851 Sfk - 20/9/1912  Thistle Hill, NSW, Australia) = (23/12/1887 Maryborough) Letitia Mary Catherine GROUT (8/7/1866 Musket Flat, E,Wide Bay Qld, Aus - 13/3/1930-?)

see next Family Tree below

Mary Anne BALDRY (1854 Maryborough, Queensland - 13/8/1924 Littlemore,Boyne Vally Line, Qld, Aus) = John YOUNG

Letitia BALDRY (21/3/1856 Maryborough, Qld, Aus - 31/5/1905 Maryborough) & 1. Unknown

Walter BALDRY (28/2/1878 Brisbane - ?)

2. (25/3/1878) Edward Arthur EDWARDS

2nd four children

William BALDRY (7/12/1858 Queensland - 11/1935 Queensland) = 1. (15/3/1883 Queensland) Ethel Orlean GROUT (? - 17/5/1934 Queensland)

see Family Tree further below

Abraham BALDRY  (26/4/1862 Widgee Widgee, Wide Bay, Queensland - 22/6/1937 Brisbane, Queensland) = (24/7/1879 Queensland) Mary Jane THAKE (? - 14/3/1929 Brisbane)

see Family Tree further below

Henry James BALDRY (5/2/1865 Maryborough - 5/12/1946) = (12/4/1900) Maria Louisa NEUBAUER

see Family Tree further below

John BALDRY (14/1/1868 Lennox St, Maryborough, Queensland - 4/2/1868 Lennox St, Maryborough, Queensland)

Priscilla Ursula COOK = 2. (25/3/1878 Brisbane) Edward Arthur EDWARDS

James & Priscilla landed at Moreton Bay, Queensland in 1853 from the "Agricola" (info: Vincent Baldry)

This fascinating item came from Bev Chapple (below):- Wednesday 19 January 1916 page 4 of the Queensland Times

Delays in the delivery of letters are common enough, but Mr. H. Boldery of this city says the Maryborough "Chronicle"), has brought under our notice what should be a record. In 1879, his late mother wrote to her sister, Ms. Bolings  broke, in England, but the sister    had emigrated to Canada, and the letter was never answered. A few  days ago, however, Mr. Boldery received a letter from his cousin, Mrs. Nunn, of Vancouver stating  that the letter had come to light  (after over 36 year, and she was  replying to it re knowing whether her letter would reach its destination. Among other things it  revealed the fact that Mrs. Bolingsbroke  ( Mr. Boldery's aunt), to whom the ancient letter was addressed, is still alive in Canada, and is 90 years of age
So this is Priscilla { Ursula } Cook married to James Baldry ...Her sister ... New information....

Thomas BALDRY (13/9/1851 Theberton - 20/9/1912  Thisle Hill, NSW, Australia) = (23/12/1887 Maryborough) Letitia Mary Catherine GROUT (8/7/1866 Musket Flat, QLD - 13/3/1930)

1st five children

James Robert BOLDERY (27/9/1888 Maryborough - 28/5/1961 Blackbutt, Qld) = (12/6/1912) Ethel Agnes SYLVESTER (19/11/1890-Maryborough - 29/3/1986)

see Family Tree further below

Thomas Henry BOLDERY (30/9/1890 Maryborough, Qld - 6/10/1969 Kingaroy, Qld) = (26/5/1915) Caroline Florence May GREEN

see Family Tree below

Catherine Agnes BOLDERY (4/11/1892 Maryborough - 14/8/1893 Maryborough)

Percy Edward BOLDERY (19/10/1894 Maryborough - 31/5/1952 Gladstone, Qld) = (18/6/1918) Ida Mary WHITE

Daphne Merle BOLDERY (1/11/1919 Queensland - ?)

David William BOLDERY  (13/2/1897 Maryborough - 28/8/1917 in World War 1 on active service Menin, Belgium)

2nd six children

Evelyn Maud BOLDERY (12/4/1899 Maryborough - 12/4/1979 Mt Olivet Hospital, Brisbane) = (17/7/1923) William Simon JOHNSON

Florence May BOLDERY (14/10/1901 Maryborough - 22/11/2000 Maryborough)

Nellie BOLDERY (1/4/1904 Maryborough - 27/2/1998) = (27/5/1925 Brisbane) Alexander Victor KEILLOR

George Herbert BOLDERY (14/1/1913 Thistle Hill, Qld - 8/9/1941 Meat works Rockhampton, Qld) = Eileen PRESTIGE

Stanley Arthur BOLDERY (20/6/1906 Maryborough - 19/7/1985) = (1/1/1930) Audrey Beatrice Elsie Winifred ZILLMAN

Sydney Claude BOLDERY (21/6/1907 Torquay Hotel, Pialba, Qld - 8/9/1966 Brisbane) = (1/10/1932) Thelma May RYLAND (1/8/1909 St Aubery’s Hospital, Brisbane - 24/10/1987)

2 living offspring

James Robert Boldery(Wiffie) , Stanley Arthur Boldery, Thomas Henry Boldery ( Pop....Bev Chapple's grandfather)
and Sidney Claude Boldery

Thomas Henry BOLDERY (30/9/1890 Maryborough, Qld - 6/10/1969 Kingaroy, Qld) = (26/5/1915) Caroline Florence May GREEN (14/1/1894 Maryborough, Qld - 27/4/1947)

Gladys May BOLDERY (b21/5/1916) = (5/12/1942) Stanley George CAVANAGH (? - 22/3/1982)

Beverley May CAVANAGH = (3/12/1966) Robert Albert CHAPPLE

Tony Robert CHAPPLE


Thomas Henry Boldery, Gladys & Bev Chapple née Cavanagh, our contributor, with Bev's on Tony, 1966
Below: Bev & her husband in 2000

Nola Alice CAVANAGH = (16/12/1972) Micheal BURNSIDE

2 children

Gladys May on her 100th birthday

Thomas Henry Boldery in 1943

Eileen Grace BOLDERY (? - 18/12/2004) = (22/2/1949) Ronald James SHADWELL

Thomas Edward BOLDERY = (10/10/1942) Clarice Agnes WELDRON

2 children

Betty Isabella BOLDERY = (22/1/1949) Thomas Bernard MAHONY

3 children

William BALDRY (7/12/1858 Queensland - 3/7/1934 Queensland) = 1. (15/3/1883
Ethel Orlean GROUT (? - 17/5/1934 Queensland)

1st five children

Priscilla or Precilla Frances BOLDERY (23/1/1886 Queensland - ?) = ? BOLDRY

Arthur Leonard BOLDRY (20/6/1903 Queensland - ?)

Mary Magdelen BOLDERY (30/5/1888 Queensland - ?)

Maud BOLDERY (20/12/1890 Queensland - ?)

Edward James BOLDERY (25/4/1893 Queensland - ?) = Agnes(s) Caroline McDONALD

Edith Irene Agnes BOLDERY (7/6/1917 Queensland - 29/6/1921 Queensland)

Richard William BOLDERY  (10/11/1895 Queensland - 21/7/1924 Queensland) = Dorothy Margaret SCHAFER

Orlean Joyce BOLDERY (31/10/1918 Queensland - ?)

2nd five children

Ernest George BOLDERY (25/12/1898 Queensland - ?)

Ethel May BOLDERY (20/12/1901 Queensland - ?)

Robert Oswald BOLDERY (29/8/1904 Queensland - ?)

Hilda Florence BOLDERY (25/11/1906 Queensland - ?)

Herbert Leslie BOLDERY (20/1/1910 Queensland - ?)

Abraham BALDRY 2nd  (26/4/1862 Widgee Widgee, Wide Bay, Queensland - 22/6/1937 Maryborough, Queensland) = (24/7/1879 Queensland) Mary Jane THAKE (? - 14/3/1929 Brisbane)

Charles Henry BOLDERY (18/7/1890 Maryborough - ?) = 1. (10/3/1915) Emily Lavenie CHRISTIANSEN (22/2/1896 Laidley, Qld, Aus - ?)

Lilian May BOLDERY (9/4/1916 Queensland - ?)

= 2. Lily Ann BOW

Edna May BOLDERY (4/6/1917 Queensland - ?)

Frank Edward BOLDERY (26/10/1892 Queensland - ?)

Walter Richard BOLDERY (21/5/1894 Queensland - ?) = Ruby Ellen CHAPMAN

Claude Richard BOLDERY (? - 9/6/1920 Queensland - ?)

Elsie May BOLDERY (12/8/1896 Queensland - ?)

Henry James BOLDERY (5/2/1865 - ?) = Maria Louisa NEUBAUER

Iris May BOLDERY (13/10/1900 Queensland - ?)

Myra Priscilla BALDRY (29/12/1902 Queensland - ?)

Dulcie Jean BALDRY (23/5/1914 Queensland - ?)

James Robert BOLDERY (27/9/1888 Maryborough - 28/5/1961 Queensland) = (1912) Ethel Agnes SYLVESTER(1890-Maryborough - 1986)

Richard BOLDERY (23/3/1913 Maryborough - 25/3/1913 Maryborough)

Marjory Evelyn BOLDERY (27/4/1914 Queensland - ?)

Kathleen May BOLDERY (9/1/1916 Maryborough - 15/6/1939 Qld)

David John BOLDERY (22/5/1919 Queensland - ?)

Joyce Emma BOLDERY (14/1/1924 Blackbutt, Qld - 1952) = (1944) Morris Francis STOCKTON (1913 Clifton Hill, Melbourne, Victoria - 1989 Brisbane)

6 offspring

Additional (most) information from Bev Chapple

Other Australian Baldrys

Robert BALDRY (28/12/1816 - ?) = (13/6/1850 Tunbridge, Kent) Emily PELLATT dau. of Mill PELLATT (1795 - 1863) = Maria Esther WILDE (1793 - ?)

Isabella BALDRY (1856 Malmsbury, Victoria Australia - ?)

Alice Maria BALDRY (1858 Malmsbury, Victoria Australia - ?)

Ellen Mary BALDRY (1861 Malmsbury, Victoria Australia - ?)

Blanche Emily BALDRY (1863 Malmsbury, Victoria Australia - ?)

Info from unattributed web site.

Peter BALDRY (bap 12/11/1810 Campsea Ash - ?) soldier = (15/3/1841 Sydney, Australia) Margaret BURKE

Sarah Jane BALDRY
info from Melissa Mueller, wife of Ben Mueller, a descendant of Sarah's. Any further info, please e-mail Melissa & Ken

Back link for Peter

From Melissa Mueller's Notes on Peter Baldry

Peter enlisted in England in the 80th regiment of Foot on 5th May 1831. This was deployed to the Australian colon On the ship, "Francis Charlotte", embarking on the 14th November 1836 as prisoner escorts, arriving by 25th June 1837. I have this info from the following website : http://users.hunterlink.net.au/~ddchr/Regimental%20History.htm

“The regiment began movements from its depot at Chatham England during 1836 for Gravesend on the Thames where it was to form escorts for convict transports headed for New South Wales. The first convict guard embarked at Gravesend on the 23rd of May 1836 under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Narbourough Baker“

I obtained Peter’s date of enlistment from a document referring to his transfer to the 99th regiment. (see Peter Baldry Transfer 1844 to 99th Regiment attached). In 1844 the 80th regiment started deploying to India. I imagine this would be the reason why Peter transferred. He had a wife and at least one child in Australia and so wanted to stay and make a life for himself. I have read that the 99th regiment was very unruly and troublesome and that they had to send another small regiment out from England to keep them in hand. Peter only had a short stint with them before being discharged

I have a few question marks over Peter and the Baldry family in Australia also. I have found a newspaper article referring to Margaret Baldry, Peters wife, passing herself off as the wife of another man. She is apparently sent off to the asylum, her companion is given the death penalty for abusing her young daughter Sarah and nothing is mentioned of Peter or his whereabouts. I have a death certificate of both a Peter Baldry and a Margaret Baldry, neither with enough information to be conclusive, and I have also found a record of other christenings with parents listed as Peter and Margaret Baldry but no other record of the children that I can find.

Maria ? (c 1821 Wyverstone - aft 1891) =1. ?William BALDRY (? - bfr 1861)

John BALDRY (CLAYTON) (1844 Bacton, Suffolk - 1883 Brighton, Victoria, Aust) = (after 1879) Sarah Ann WISEMAN (c 1847 Cambs? - 1887 Brighton, Victoria, Aust)

Ellen BALDRY (1879 - ?)

Grandmother of Patricia O'Dwyer our informant

Maud BALDRY (1881 - ?)

Arthur James BALDRY (1883 - ?)

John Baldry b.1844 was in Melbourne in late 1870's. He called himself John Baldry on my grandmother Ellen's birth certificate in 1879, but by 1881 he had added Clayton to his name and became John Baldry Clayton. This possibly occured when he set up a business.- - Eason & Clayton - Timber Merchants.

Ellen BALDRY (c 1850 Bacton - aft 1901) Aunt Nellie lived in Haughley

= 2. ?Richard TILLOTT (? - bfr 1891)

Maria BALDRY (abt 1833 England - 1863 Victoria, Australia) = (1859) Julius Peter WESTWOOD

George Frederick BALDRY (abt 1848 Kent - ? Victoria, Australia = (1873 Victoria) Esther GREEN

Esther Rachel BALDRY (1874 Woodend, Victoria, Aus - ?)

Alan Baldry's family

William Henry BALDRY (abt 1855 - 1918) = (23/12/1884 St. Andrews, Lambeth, Ldn) Sarah Jane RUSSELL (1865 - 1963)

Ethel BALDRY (abt 1887 Kensington, Ldn - ?)

Edith BALDRY (abt 1889 Kensington, Ldn - ?)

Dorothy BALDRY (abt 1891 Kensington, Ldn - ?)

Alfred BALDRY (abt 1894 Kensington, Ldn - ?)

correction by Marion Quinn

Frederick Charles BALDRY (30/4/1896 Kensington, Ldn - 14/1/1987 Australia) = (12/6/1924 Yarraville Hannah Florence Mealand DAY (15/2/1900 - 5/9/1969)

See the next tree below

Bertie BALDRY (abt 1900 Paddington, Ldn - ?) emigrated to Australia

Sarah Jane Baldry's 90th birthday.
From Left: Ethel Evans(ne Baldry), Ted Evans, Sarah Jane Baldry, Frederick Baldry (visiting from Australia), Dorothy Humphries (ne Baldry), Mrs A. Baldry and Alfred Baldry.

Frederick Charles BALDRY (30/4/1896 Kensington, Ldn - 14/1/1987 Australia)
War Service Record: 1914-1918 1st AIF 54 Battery 5 R Div Artillery 6th battery 1st Div Infantry 14 brigade
= (12/6/1924 Yarraville Hannah Florence Mealand DAY (15/2/1900 - 5/9/1969)

Frederick Russell BALDRY (b. 1924/5 Melbourne, Australia)

John William BALDRY (1925/6 Melbourne, Australia - 7/1982)

Betty Mealnd BALDRY (b. 1927/8 Melbourne, Australia)

Richard Morris BALDRY (1928/9 Melbourne, Australia - 8/1983)

Robert Leslie BALDRY (b. 1935/6 Melbourne, Australia)

Margaret Rose BALDRY (b. 1936/7 Melbourne, Australia)

Kevin BALDRY (b 9/11/1939 Melbourne, Aus) = (8/62) Ivy Christina JOHNSON

Alan Kevin BALDRY (b 1963) who would like to know more. Please e-mail him if you do.

Graeme BALDRY (b. 1942/3 Melbourne, Australia)

Frederick, Annie (Hannah Day) and John William

John William BALDRY (abt 1837 - ?) = Hephzibah PENDAL (abt 1837 - ?)

Robert John BALDRY (1863 Clunes - 1919 Dromana creeping paralysis) = (1904) Flora Helen HOPCRAFT

Norman John BALDRY (1904 Flinders - 1905 Carlton)

Robert John buried 21/5/1919 at Flinders, grave unmarked between Clara & William Baldry & double grave site of Hephizibah, Agnes, John & Albert Baldry

Albert Edward BALDRY (1864 Clunes - 26/4/1902 bur Flinders pneumonia)

William John BALDRY = (1904) Clara LLOYD (abt 1872 - 1940)

Emma BALDRY = Jack CAIRNS (Green Hill Jack)

Alice BALDRY = Charlie LLOYD

Agnes Pendal BALDRY (abt 1878 - 2/4/1898)

John & Hepzibah arrived in Victoria, Australia in February 1862 on the ship, "Sirocco". They had 2 children both age one on the ship's passenger list Emma Baldry & Robert John Baldry. Also had Heppys sister Emma Pendall with her unnamed baby on the Sirocco. Michelle believes they came from Suffolk. 
They settled on land that has remained in the family. Information from Michelle Stacey on this e-mail address.

William BALDRY shoemaker = Martha BEUMONT

Sydney Clifford BALDRY (26/1/1885 Ipswich - ?) = 1. (1904) Annie Elizabeth PASKINS (2/8/1890 Moongan, Queensland - ?)

Elizabeth Frances Martha BALDRY (27/11/1909 - ?)

Sydney Robert Llewellyn BALDRY (16/9/1911 - ?)

Eileen May BALDRY (19/8/1913 - ?)

Albert Edwin BALDRY (3/8/1915 - ?)

Father-in-law of our informant Margaret Baldry. Please send her any information about this family.

William Henry Funnell BALDRY (16/11/1916 - ?)

Samuel John BALDRY = Sarah Louisa ?

Private Norman Stanley BALDRY (?1897 of 16, Rosalind St., Sydney, New South Wales. Native of Willoughby, New South Wales - 31/8/1918 bur Herbecourt) cwgc link

William BALDERY (b. Sfk, GB) = Elizabeth CANHAM

William BALDRY (1856? - 8/1898 killed while working as a Coal Lumper in the hulk of the Zephyr in Albany Harbour) =
(22/5/1878 Adelaide RO) Mary Ann McGEE (1857? Eastbridge Box, Sfk, GB - 1944 Albany, WA 2nd husband?, formerly ?CANHAM)

Willian James "BALDRY" (16/3/1879 Alberton, SA - 1959 WA)

Eliza May "CANHAM BALDRY" (4/9/1880 - 4/8/1940 Albany, WA) = Mr AVINS

Private Frederick Oswald "BALDRY" (20/7/1882 - 11/4/1917 Killed at the 1st Battle of Bullecourt) cwgc link

Anney Elizabeth (Bessie) "CANHAM BALDRY" (7/4/1884 Queenstown, SA - 11/5/1967 = Mr GASSNER

Shelby Arthur Leslie "CANHAM BALDRY" (2/2/1886 Little Queenstown, SA - 7/5/1961 Clarence Park, SA)

Ettie Grace Caroline "BALDRY" (29/8/1887 Little Queenstown, SA - 15/6/1981 Albany, WA)

Charlotte Mary Agnes (Lottie) "BALDRY" (29/4/1889 Queenstown, SA - 13/11/1973 Albany, WA)

Thomas Roy (Roy) "BALDRY" (31/12/1890 Alberton, SA - ?)

Murray Harold Douglas "BALDRY" (2/9/1892 Alberton, SA - 1957 Albany, WA)

Esie Isobel "CANHAM BALDRY" (27/9/1894 Little Queenstown, SA - 1959) = Mr COLGATE

Private Albert Ernest Kinsella BALDRY (1898 of Ulster Rd., Albany, Western Australia - 30/8/1917 Battle of Polygon Wood) cwgc link

Extra information from Selena Pinchen, including a big update on 11/9/2011 & more on 7/10/2011:

re. William snr's death "The newspaper articles of the time indicated he was a married man with 11 children. It did not indicate however he was the father of 11 children. Albert's birth index indicates his father as William and his mother as Mary Ann McGee, so I believe he at least may actually be William Baldry's son.

So IF Albert was the only ACTUAL child fathered by William, then his family line ceases with him as he was only 18 or 19 when killed and was single.
At this stage I am uncertain as to how William and Mary Ann met or how or why either of them came to Australia. Frederick's service record indicated he was born in South Australia, as does Arthur's and Thomas's. I believe William James and Eliza May (possibly Elizabeth Mary) were both born in England. Ettie and Lottie never married, neither either did Murray I believe, and I'm not sure William James or Thomas did either."

Selena also added:-

"The website I found Elizabeth's Eastbridge Cemetary record says she was 79 so still old and that she died in 1916. This was what I found pertinent because Albert changed his address for his mother in 1916 just before he was killed at Polygon Wood. I thought he had done this because of some forsight as to his possible demise but perhaps he had to do that because his "Grandmother"'s address was no longer available as a forwarding address for his mother.
Will be good to keep looking and find out if Elizabeth Canham was on her second marriage because the children's birth's records only show the Baldry name. The Canham though has certainly appeared before most of the marriages of the children and Albert's entry into the Army WW1. Arthur in particularly seems to have used the surname interchangeably with Baldry depending on circumstances (it would appear).
If it is the same "Elizabeth" it will be interesting to find out what happened the William James Baldry Snr who was shown on our William's marriage certificate as James. There is a William James Baldry circa similar birthdate showing on Ancestry.com who married virtually the same date our "William Snr" and "Elizabeth" supposedly married but that shows marriage to a Maria Cann (I think it is). Orrrr, I suppose it is possible that the James listed on the marriage certificate actually refers to the James Canham (Elizabeth's husband as per the Eastbridge listings).
Definitely sure I still have some delving to do."

Aldred Nelson BALDRY = Annie Mabel ?

Sergeant (Pilot Instr) Kenneth Aldred BALDRY (?1917 of Wallendbeen, New South Wales - 12/12/1940 bur Burnham-on-Sea) cwgc link

Incidentally, there is a local authority area called Baldry in Australia & this is what it looks like...

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