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The Lake District (now Cumbria)

The Family of William Baldry

William BALDRY Schoolmaster went to Grasmere = (1854 Whitechapel, Ldn) Louisa H BUTTON (daughter of Wiliam & Elizabeth BUTTON)

Fanny BALDRY (bap 25/11/1855 Grasmere, Westmorland - ?)

Edward Herman BALDRY (bap 17/5/1857 Grasmere, Westmorland - ?)
= (19/1/1885 St Pauls, Birkenhead, Cheshire) Betty Ellen LITTLE
This marriage is guesswork, based on the unusual name

Elizabeth BALDRY (bap 13/2/1859 Grasmere, Westmorland - ?)

Emily BALDRY (bap 2/12/1860 Grasmere, Westmorland - ?)

Walter BALDRY (bap 10/7/1864 Grasmere, Westmorland - ?) = Jane HODGSON

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Joseph Arthur BALDRY (bap 9/9/1866 Grasmere, Westmorland - ?)

Louise BALDRY (bap 4/7/1869 Grasmere, Westmorland - ?)

& ?Miss READ

Sam READ who founded the bookshop in 1886

Info from Mrs Nelson, who ran 'Baldry's - the Café' in 2002 in Grasmere & also owned the bookshop. The Café is in a building, once a Baldry-owned shop but was named "Baldry's" by the Nelson's, after the last Baldry had left in 1951.

Extra information on Louisa utton from Stuart Mantell on this e-mail, who is interested in the Buttons.

Walter BALDRY (bap 10/7/1864 Grasmere, Westmorland - ?) hotelier at the Howtown Hotel, Ulleswater
= (?Q4/1887) Jane HODGSON

Arthur Oswald BALDRY (Q4/1888 - Q3 1957) Hotelier = Violet GEORGE (of Penrith)

Judy Margaret BALDRY (Q2/1922 - 2007) = Richard MacAULIFFE (? - 2007 of Saltburn) Doctor



Sarah MacAULIFFE = Christopher SIMPSON


Claire MacAULIFFE = Alistair SCOTT_SMITH

Stanley BALDRY (1917 - 1919)

Michael BALDRY (Q2 1931 - ?) Hotelier = (Q4/1960) Jaqueline POOLE (photo)

Elizabeth BALDRY (bQ3/1961) works in Hamleys

David BALDRY (bQ2/1963) Hotelier

John BALDRY (Q2/1890 - Q3/1892)

Agnes BALDRY (Q4/1892 - ?)

Stanley BALDRY (Q3/1894 - ?)

Doris BALDRY (?1905 - 1963)

Twin of William, neither in the GRO

William BALDRY (?1905 - ?1937) ?

Information from Mrs Mac Auliffe, Jaqueline Poole Baldry & from Will Brimmer.

Left: Howtown Hotel
Cumbria CA10 2ND

0176 848 6514

Mrs J & Mr D Baldry

The Grasmere Baldrys - hit the picture for a big version
and this link for an index to it.

Lottie BALDRY = (8/2/1911 St Oswalds, Grasmere, Westmorland) Thomas SCOTT


Arthur BALDRY 'of Cook's House, Windermere, Westmorland' = Jane ?

Second Lieutenant A BALDRY (?1887 - 4/12/1916 bur Sailly-au-Bois) cwgc link

Sailly au Bois Military Cemetary

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