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This page contains the family trees of Canadians or emigrants to Canada. Information has been gleaned from the IGI or quoted sources.

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Canadians or Emigrants to Canada

John BALDRY (15/3/1805 Shipmeadow, Suffolk - 29/5/1882 Osgoode, Ontario) Soldier (1823-1841 65th Right of Foot) (1841-1849 Royal CND Reg), later, Farmer = 1. ?

Mary BALDRY (21/3/1827 - 1/1901 Ottawa, Ontario) = Mr LANE

Eliza BALDRY (12/4/1831  - ?)

= 2. Orilla EVERTS (25/2/1815 USA - 2/1/1890 Osgoode, Ontario)

James BALDRY (1854 Metcalfe, Ontario - 2/4/1918 Viceroy, Saskatchewen) = Rachel PIRNIE

Samuel BALDRY (16/8/1855 Osgoode, Ontario - 28/9/1934 St James, Manitoba)
= 1. Georgina MANN

= 2. (24/11/1882 Russell, Ontario) Sarah Ellen YORK

Lucinda BALDRY (19/1/1858 Metcalfe, Ontario - 28/2/1915 Osgoode, Ontario) = (28/5/1888 Osgoode, Ontario) Michael MURDOCK

This information contributed by Janet McIver of Penticton, British Columbia. See her original notes page.
See also her brother Geo's enquiry on this link.

See also Peggy Dods & Richard Taylor's notes on this link

See this link about 'deportations' from Kettleburgh to Canada

George BALDRY (1849 0r 50 Middleton - ?) Shoemaker =
(12/1873 Blything) Rachael COLE (9/1846 Westhall - ?1909)

Private Henry George BALDRY (Q1/1882 Blything - 13/2/1917) cwgc link = Edith Emma COLE

of Central Butte, Saskatchewan. Reverted to Pte. in order to proceed overseas. See this link to his whole family

Ernest (John?) BALDRY emigrated from England abt 1900-5. May be this Ernest on this link = Edith HALES

William BALDRY drowned aged 6


Dorothy BALDRY

Marjorie BALDRY (b 7/5/1913) = Robert KITCHEN

Ralph KITCHEN = Margriet ?
our informant. E-mail her if you know more about this family


Milton BALDRY of Clear Prairie, Alberta = Mabel ?

Private Charles Torrvell BALDRY (?1920 - 17/12/1943) cwgc link

John Christopher BALDRY(1/2/1880 North Gower, Ontario - 7/1/1966) = Mary SALTER (1879 - 1942)

Sergeant (Air Gnr) Earl Freiman BALDRY (?1924 - 2/5/1944) cwgc link

11 other children

Additional information from Chris & Lynda Baldry

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