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Baldry Family Trees - Ipswich St Margaret, Suffolk members

This page contains Suffolk family trees by this city. Information has been gleaned from the IGI & contributions.

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Ipswich by parish:-

Saint Mary At The Quay, Ipswich

Saint Matthew, Ipswich

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Members from Ipswich, Saint Margaret

St Margaret's

Hannah BAWLDRY = (14/2/1737 St Margaret, Ipswich) Richard CLARKE

Thomas BALLDRY or BALDRY or BALDREY = (12/12/1786 St. Margaret, Ipswich) Deborah BUNGAY

John BALDRY (bap 20/4/1794 Saint Matthew, Ipswich - ?)

Mary BALDREY (bap 20/4/1794 Saint Matthew, Ipswich - ?)

Francis BALDRY (bap 18/9/1796 Saint Matthew, Ipswich - ?)

Denny BALLDRY or BALDRY (bap 6/5/1799 Saint Matthew, Ipswich - ? ) = (9/9/1826 Saint Matthew, Ipswich) Mary LAMBART

Bulk baptism?

Myra BALDRY = (15/11/1821 St Margaret, Ipswich) Joseph ELMY

Mary BALDRY = (13/10/1822 St. Margaret, Ipswich) John GARROD

Mary BALDRY (? - between 1844 & 1851) = (27/10/1833 St. Margarets, Ipswich) Josiah LAWRENCE a builder of some repute and owned 6 cottages in Wells St and other property in Cauldwell Hall Rd, Ipswich

Four or five children

Additional information from Christine (Lawrence) Grant

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