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This is the first page containing requests I have had for Baldry information. I do not have much but please e-mail or telephone people directly or e-mail me if you have the answers people want & feel free to add any requests or information that you think may be of use to others.

The LATEST enquiries are at THE BACK OF THE LIST.

Baldry information requests Index

Index to the requests. This is a comprehensive list of all requests.

Inline information requests:-

John Baldry abt 1841 from Hinderclay

On page one:-

Ann Baldry c1770
William Baldry b 1836
Kate Baldry m 1871
Baldrys of Shipmeadow
The Blacksmith Baldry of Saxemundham
Baldrys of Maidstone
Abel Baldry bap 18/4/1818
Susanna Baldry m 1785
Sarah Baldry, who married John Blois
Henry William Baldry of West Ham

On page two:-

Rose or Rosa Baldry of Walton
Mary Baldry of Beccles married 1735
William Baldry, born Uggeshall circa 1802-6
John Baldry (abt 1814) married Lydia Broom
Amy Baldry married Joseph Bennett in Otley
George Robert Flatman Baldry bap 25/4/1841 Gisleham
Gilbert Baldry, sea captain c1900-c1984
Sir Thomas Baldry - Lord Mayor of London 1523/4
Henry Baldry bap 1660-1680

On page three:-

Harriet Baldry married George Bacon 1892
William Baldrey, born in Nottingham in 1883
Bauldrees of the USA
Mary Baldry bap. 12/8/1798 at Eye
Baldry-Mobbs connections

Edward Baldry (1799 Middleton Suffolk) & Letitia Jorden (1802 Theberton Suffolk)

Elizabeth Stannard nee BALDRY - born c.1831

On page four:-

George Baldry of Hayes, Middlesex (20th C)
Lucy Baldry, b Long Stratton, Nfk 1836
Irene (Renee) Baldrey from Aldershot b 1900-5
Albert James Baldry 1877-1951

William Baldry, Shoemaker of Edgeware
Thomas Baldry & Hannah Taylor m. 11/10/1791
Ann Baldry b ?1758 S. Elmham m. Thomas Freestone

On page five:-

George Baldry b1807 South Elmham St. Margarets
Anna Baldry 19thC mother of Ada Butcher
Peter J Baldry

William Baldry of Pitt County, North Carolina, 1755

Thomas Baldry of Margate, Kent

Sarah Baldrey (died 26 January 1875 at Peasenhall)
CONE family connexion
Earnest Frederick Baldry's father

On page six:-

Baldrys of Harwich, Essex
Maude Mary Baldry of Oulton or Wangford
William Baldr(e)y born in Barking, Suffolk abt 1850
Edward Baldry, born in Malta abt 1896
Ann Baldry of Wetheringsett
Mary Baldry, married to George Riches c. 1850s
Old print by H. Baldry
George Baldry of Horham b. abt 1870

On page seven:-

Charles Baldry & Eliza Bridget ffrench
Mary Baldry = 17/7/1830 Carleton Rode James Stevenson
The Artist Grace Baldry
Frederick Baldry son of Robert & Mary
Eiizabeth Baldry b 1836 Theberton
Alfred Lys Baldry
John Baldry a publican of Norfolk, c 1800
Frederick Baldry b. abt 1894, father of Raymond Frederick Baldry

On page eight:-

Christian (f) Baldre b. approx 1711
Harold Claude Baldry b. abt 1900 Middlesex?
Maria Baldry married John Hutchinson (1806-1870)
Book by Robert Baldry needed
Baldrys of Griston, Norfolk
Jack N Baldry & soda bottles
John E. Baldry, to Canada early 1900's
Sophia Baldry of Yoxford

On page nine:-

Baldry - Woods 1736 - 1824
Haselip (Baldry) - Long connexions early 19thC
Gertrude Mary Baldry b 1903
William Balderree born 16-4-1794
John Charles Baldry - Kelsale
Potential links between Baldry and Calver families in Suffolk - early 1800s
Who was Reginald Rycroft Baldrey ?
Florence Mabel Isabel Garrod married an unknown Baldry
Doris Baldry of Cambridge, Mass

On page ten:-

Marjorie Baldry born 1901
Thomas Baldry (b. abt 1812-15 married Rachel Liddamore in 1840 at Badingham, Suffolk
Ethel Baldry went to Australia
Dorothy Heys married to William Baldry
Who is this possible Baldry?
George Frederick William Baldry from Kent

Contact: Ken Baldry but bear in mind that everything he finds out, he puts on the web
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