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Baldry information requests - page 9

This is the nointh page containing requests I have had for Baldry information. I do not have much but please e-mail or telephone people directly & e-mail me if you have the answers people want & feel free to add any requests or information that you think may be of use to others.

Baldry information requests - page 9

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Baldry - Woods 1736 - 1824
Haselip (Baldry) - Long connexions early 19thC
Gertrude Mary Baldry b 1903
William Balderree born 16-4-1794
John Charles Baldry - Kelsale
Potential links between Baldry and Calver families in Suffolk - early 1800s
Who was Reginald Rycroft Baldrey ?
Florence Mabel Isabel Garrod married an unknown Baldry
Doris Baldry of Cambridge, Mass

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Baldry - Woods 1736 - 1824

From: Honor Kennedy e-mail her

I am looking for info on two marriages. of my WOODS line .
Just Marriage date , places, and any info as re births, and places after marriage.

1/ Thomas WOODS abt 1736 died 1790 - ELIZABETH BALDERY born about 1738.
they lived in Linstead Parva from 17. She died in 1804.

2/ William WOODS son of above born married ANN BALDRY abt 1767 William remarried again 1824. I am desperate to trace this couple and their children.

Also if any one knows about a possible Ann BALDREY abt 1741 married to a FISHER then to a William WOODS in 1769 I would be very very interested to hear. This Ann BALDERY was allegedly from Wilby on rhe Marriage info.

Also interested in know any other WOODS into BALDRY/vars.
Thank you Honor Kennedy. WOODS . OF SUFFOLK.

Haselip (Baldry) - Long connexions early 19thC

From: Chris Hart e-mail him

In the 'Baldry Extract' reference is made to the marriage of Elizabeth Haselip to Robert Long at Wrentham in 1808. Elizabeth and Robert were the parents of Hannah Long who married John Hogg in Hadleigh on 7th April 1831. They in turn had Susanna Hogg who married Frederick Cottingham Clark on 7th July 1864 in Hadleigh. Their son Ernest Hogg Clark was my grandfather. I would love to get back further on the Haselip connection but I cannot see the information is available on the web site. Can anyone help me? (see also this link)

Gertrude Mary Baldry b 1903

From: Andrew Birkenshaw e-mail him

Gertrude Mary Baldry was born in Lincoln in 1903. She married in 1932 & was my grandmother. I would be graeful for any further information about her antecedents.

William Balderree born 16-4-1794

From: Marie Baldree e-mail her

Does anyone have any information on William Balderree born 4-16-1794 in Newberry County, South Carolina
Father George Balderree
Mother Mary Bates
Married Katherine Yonn in 1813
They had 9 children.
Anything you have would be helpful. Thank you,
Marie Baldree in Texas

John Charles Baldry - Kelsale

From: Chris Baldry e-mail him

My father John Charles Baldry traced our family tree back to Kelsale in Suffolk In the 16th century. Unfortunately shortly after his death these records were lost so I'm beginning to embark on recreating them. Any help would be appreciated.

Potential links between Baldry and Calver families in Suffolk - early 1800s

From: David Calver e-mail him

My father did some searching a few years ago. According to bits and pieces we've located between us, we're descended from a namesake of mine, David Calver (born 1838 Framsden, christened 5th Aug 1838), son of Mary Calver, according to a Bishop's Transcript seen by my father. David was variously known as David Calver, David Baldry or David Baldry Calver in his childhood - the bishops transcript shows him as "David Baldry Calver", but later he seems to have settled on "David Calver". We're assuming he was born out of wedlock, not an unheard-of occurrence in those days in farming communities, and for some reason eventually settled on using his mother's family name.

According to my father, David Baldry Calver's father was Robert Baldry in Pettaugh or Framsden. We are joking with each other that perhaps we should be calling ourselves Baldry-Calver after all!

I'd be interested to swap notes with you about the potential connections between our two families in Suffolk in the early-mid 1800s, to see what the link is and find out about the Baldrys of that time. The Calver's hailed from various places in Suffolk, including William Calver in Reddenhall (b1779-ish) who we think was Mary Calver's grandfather. There were also Calver's in Wortwell, Fressingfield, Stradbroke and various other villages in that era - we haven't tied them all into our family tree yet, but many of them probably linked together at some previous stage in the history of East Anglia. If the Calver's and Baldry's moved in the same circles, perhaps there are other links yet to be discovered, going further back into the 1700s?

Who was Reginald Rycroft Baldrey ?

From: Liane Holmes e-mail her

I reside in Western Australia, formerly of New Zealand.
I have in my posession a common prayer book, with the inscription of Reginald Rycroft Baldrey in it, along with a latin verse and the date of July 30th 99, Im assuming this is 1899.
My Father had this book and I was given it on his passing, Ive seen this book in our family for many many years.

I would be interested to know any details regarding this person, and what the link is between my family and theirs.

(Note. Thisis a distant cousin of your webmaster but we want to know more about his descendants, so e-mail Ken as well if you know anything, please).

Florence Mabel Isabel Garrod married an unknown Baldry

From: Michele Smith e-mail her

I am trying to trace my family tree
My Grandmother's mother was Florence Mabel Isabel (or maybe other way around) Baldry and her father Robert Benjamin Garrod both from Ipswich 1887 Please can you add my name to the list of people looking for information
Thank you Michele Smith

Doris Baldry of Cambridge, Mass

From: David Martin Wellington New Zealand. e-mail him

I have a Baldrey family connection to one of my Webster lines. Alexander Paul Crayston Webster m. Doris Kathleen daughter of Mr & Mrs G P Baldrey of Cambridge and USA GRO Index Baldrey Doris K Cambridge 3b 1491  Webster Alexander P C Cambridge 3b 1491 Jq 1936

Ready for your enquiry

From: You e-mail him

Ready for your enquiry

Contact: Ken Baldry but bear in mind that everything he finds out, he puts on the web
17 Gerrard Road, Islington, London N1 8AY +44(0)20 7359 6294 but best to e-mail him
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