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Baldry information requests - page 5

This is the fifth page containing requests I have had for Baldry information. I do not have much but please e-mail or telephone people directly & e-mail me if you have the answers people want & feel free to add any requests or information that you think may be of use to others.

Baldry information requests - page 5

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George Baldry b1807 South Elmham St. Margarets
Anna Baldry 19thC mother of Ada Butcher
Peter J Baldry
William Baldry of Pitt County, North Carolina, 1755
Thomas Baldry of Margate, Kent

Sarah Baldrey (died 26 January 1875 at Peasenhall)
CONE family connexion
Earnest Frederick Baldry's father

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From: Mrs. J. Buck e-mail her

My great great grandfather was George Baldry born 1807 at South Elmham St. Margarets, he married Esther Read in 1841. They had a daughter Mary born 1829 Bungay who as far as I know never married. There was also a son George born 1851 at Bungay. George married Ann Tubby at Broome in 1876 and they had the following children Edgar born 1877, Ann born 1878, Reginald my grandfather 1879, Rosa born 1881, Hilda born 1883 and Keziah born 1887 all in Bungay. I would be very grateful for any information.

George BALDRY (1807 South Elmham Saint Margaret - ?) = (1841) Esther READ

Mary BALDRY (1829 Bungay - ?)

George BALDRY (1851 Bungay - ?) = (1841) Ann TUBBY

Edgar BALDRY (1877 Bungay - ?)

Ann BALDRY (1878 Bungay - ?)

Reginald BALDRY (1879 Bungay - ?)
Mrs Buck's grandfather

Rosa BALDRY (1881 Bungay - ?)

Hilda BALDRY (1883 Bungay - ?)

Keziah BALDRY (1887 Bungay - 12/1963)

From: Heather Wyper e-mail her

My Dad is researching his family tree (Woods/Hancy/Waters/Butcher and now Baldry).

My Dad's family, past and present, come from Bungay, Suffolk (on the border with Norfolk).

Dad's paternal grandmother's maiden name was Ada Butcher. Ada's mother's name was ANNA BALDRY. According to my calculations Anna Baldry would have been born in the early/mid 1800s. Anna married a soldier from Shropshire (his surname would have been Butcher, being Ada's father) but we don't know his Christian name, or the names of Anna's parents.

After a swift search, I couldn't find any references to an Anna Baldry on your website, but I probably haven't looked very well - can you confirm? Any information would be gratefully received.

Anna BALDRY (19thC - ?) = Mr BUTCHER Soldier from Shropshire


From: Peter and Pauline Carter e-mail them

We are trying to contact a Peter J Baldry who we reckon would probably be around 60 years of age and we think lives in or around Anglesey in Wales. Any ideas or feedback would be appreciated......please e-mail us

From: Charles Baldree e-mail him

I have been trying for some 30 years to track my earliest known ancestor, William Baldry/Bauldree/Baldree to his place of origin. The first record I have of him is on a tax payers list in Pitt County, North Carolina in 1755. He received several land grants from the Crown in Pitt County. He died in 1762.

It has long been a belief in my family that he, William, came from England. It is also a belief that the Baldry/Bauldree/Baldree line descends from the French Huguenots.

I am wondering if you might have any information that could possible tie in to my William. I have been able to track most of William's descendants, but am jolly well stuck on where William came from. Any information that you may have would be greatly appreciated.

From: Victor Gibbs e-mail him

I happened to find an IGI entry there for John Thomas as the son of Thomas Baldry & Mary. I'd like to submit the following information:
My family link is the marriage to Rebecca. She was the sister of my gggfather, one Hopson Woddas Gibbs.
I have not followed this link but would dearly love to flesh out this branch of the family. Any input would be appreciated.

Descendants of John Thomas Baldry

1 John Thomas Baldry b: October 19, 1823 in Margate, Kent, England d: 1857 in Thanet, Kent, England
.. .. +Rebecca Jane Gibbs b: Abt 1815 d: 1894 in Thanet, Kent, England Christening: October 06, 1815 St John Thanet, Kent, England m: June 24, 1845 in Margate, Kent, England
.. 2 [1] Jane Hopson Baldry b: 1846 in Margate, Kent, England
.. 2 [2] Hiram John Gibbs Baldry b: 1847 in Margate, Kent, England
...... +[3] Emma Chidwick b: 1848 m: April 28, 1869 in Margate, Kent, England
.. 2 James Hopson Baldry b: 1852 in Margate, Kent, England
.. 2 William Robert Baldry b: 1855 in Margate, Kent, England

Thomas BALDRY = Mary ?

John Thomas BALDRY (19/10/1823 Margate bap Saint John In Thanet, Kent - 1857 Thanet, Kent) = (24/6/1845 Margate) Rebecca Jane GIBBS (abt 1815 bap 6/10/1815 Saint John In Thanet, Kent - 1894 Thanet, Kent)

Jane Hopson BALDRY (1846 Margate - ?)

Hiram John Gibbs BALDRY (1847 Margate - ?) = (28/4/1869 Margate) Emma CHIDWICK (1848 - ?)

James Hopson BALDRY (1852 Margate - ?)

William Robert BALDRY (1855 Margate - ?)

From: Monica Shelley e-mail her

I am researching the family history of an old friend from university days, Janet Barrell, whose family were millers in Huntingfield (first mention 1823, last mention 1908). I have a lot of information about the family, who came from Eyke before Huntingfield, and one of them is Ellen Eliza Symonds, baptised at Sweffling 21 March 1847, the daughter of Robert Symonds (Farmer) and Sarah Baldrey (died 26 January 1875 at Peasenhall - nothing else known).

Ellen Eliza was married to Henry Barrell (born Huntingfield 14 March 1838) and the mother of fifteen (15) children, among whom was George, born 06 June 1870, the grandfather of my friend Janet.
Is this Sarah Baldrey one of your Baldreys? Can you tell me anything more about the family? I visited the Suffolk Records Office last Friday but found only the baptism of Ellen Eliza Symonds and the death of her mother in the records. Her father (I presume), Robert Symonds, is listed in the 1874 White's Suffolk Directory as a farmer in Huntingfield.

Have you been to Huntingfield? Do you by any chance know if the mill is still there? I have copies of pictures dated about 1927 from the Suffolk Record Office archives which show a beautiful, elaborate post mill and the mill house, a substantial pile presumably built to accommodate the family with 15 children.

All information and suggestions welcome! Please e-mail me.

Sarah BALDREY (1809 of Peasenhall - 26/1/1875 Huntingfield) = Robert SYMONDS (1808 of Peasenhall - bur 29/5/1870 Huntingfield) Farmer

Ellen Eliza SYMONDS (bap 21/3/1847 Sweffling - ?) = Henry BARRELL (14/3/1838 Huntingfield - ?)

George BARRELL (6/6/1870 Huntingfield - ?)

14 other children

Info from Monica Shelley. Please e-mail her if you know more about this family.
More info from Janet Nunn.

From: Winsome Griffin, e-mail her

I am documenting my Cone family and note 8th April 1841 William Baldry, jnr, a farmer of Aldham, Suffolk, son of William Baldry married Mary Ann Cone (minor) daughter of James Cone and Harriet (nee Bullock) my g-g-g-grandparents by licence. Witnesses Joseph Baldry and Susannah Cone, Mary Ann's sister.

Can you assist with information on this family? Regards, Winsome Griffin, Tauranga, New Zealand

From: Martin Baldry e-mail him (new address)

My name is Martin William Baldry and I too am searching for info re. my family connections.
Born 11/07/66 in Dereham,Norfolk.
Father-----Sydney Frank.
Grandfather-------Earnest Frederick.
It is thought that my great grandfather moved to central Norfolk from somewhere in London. Dan Baldry from the Fakenham area of Norfolk told me some time ago that it is thought one of the first "PEELERS" (policemen) was a Baldry. I wonder if anyone out there can help me.

Contact: Ken Baldry, 17 Gerrard Road, Islington, London N1 8AY
+44(0)20 7359 6294 but best to e-mail him

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