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Baldry information requests - page 6

This is the sixth page containing requests I have had for Baldry information. I do not have much but please e-mail or telephone people directly & e-mail me if you have the answers people want & feel free to add any requests or information that you think may be of use to others.

Baldry information requests - page 6

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Baldrys of Harwich, Essex
Maude Mary Baldry of Oulton or Wangford
William Baldr(e)y born in Barking, Suffolk abt 1850
Edward Baldry, born in Malta abt 1896
Ann Baldry of Wetheringsett
Mary Baldry, married to George Riches c. 1850s
Old print by H. Baldry
George Baldry of Horham b. abt 1870

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From: Jeannette Baldry e-mail her

I am a Baldry from Essex. I was born at Harwich as was my father. His father was born at Ramsey just outside Harwich.

Have done some work and the family seen to be centred around Ramsey, Great Oakley and Little Oakley, certainly for a couple of generations. Have been trying to link the various Baldry, Baldrey and variations together. However think there was a Suffolk link. My father, wrongly thought his father had been born in Bungay, as did another of his brothers. However an aunt thinks there was an uncle who visited and he came from Suffolk. Any help would be much appreciated.

From: Nancy Pearce e-mail her

My Grandmother (Ethel Maude) was a Baldry, born in 1899 in a workhouse in Kent. The 1901 census places her and her mother (Maude Mary Baldry) in a workhouse in Tendring. Maude Mary was born in 1880 in the district of Wangford (according to the GRO) but she stated on the census that she was born in Oulton.
Please e-mail me if you know anything more about Maude Mary. Also:-

Cliff Baldry (e-mail him) is looking foir information about about his fathers sister Maude Mabel Blanche Baldry. She was born in Oulton, Suffolk in 1880. She spent some time in the workhouse in Ipswich prior to the death of her mother in 1889. returned to her father in 1892 , then living in Great Clacton, but is next found again in a workhouse in Tendring , Essex in 1901 and with her is a daughter, aged 2 named Ethel.
Any assistance in tracing what became of them would be most appreciated.

From: Richard Cochrane e-mail him

I am seeking information on a William Baldr(e)y (gg grandfather) born in Barking, Suffolk, England abt 1850. Son of William. Married Elizabeth Lee (daughter of Samuel) 17 Dec 1876, Birmingham. Died Ipswich 30 Mar 1883. When married he was a carpenter, became a policeman in Birmingham and in Ipswich. Marriage certificate has William 23 years old in 1876, 1881 census has him 30 yo, and Obit has him 35 years old in 1883.

His wife Elizabeth emigrated to Troy, New York, USA soon after his death. Thank you Richard Cochrane

From: Tracy (Anna Baldry) e-mail her

I am trying to find any relatives of a Edward Stanley Baldry. Born in 1896 in London, he then served in the Royal Navy as a Cook. He is my grandfather and If anyone can help that would be great. He served in Malta where he married a Maltese woman called Giulia, and they had at least one child who they called Edward as well. They were still in Malta in 1935 but that is where I loose track of them, I believe that they did return to England at some stage. Hope someone can help.

PS I live in Australia.

From: Julie Mason e-mail her

I wondered whether anyone is researching the ancestors of Ann Baldry who married Robert Weavers on November 21st 1786 in Wetheringsett. I look forward to hearing from someone. Julie Mason

From: Jeannette Acton e-mail her

My Great-great grandmother Jane Riches was born in Denton January 27 1858, Her mother was Mary Baldry Signed with an X, Married to George Riches. We were told that Jane was born in the workhouse. Any further information would be gratefully received by Jeanette on this e-mail address.

From: Emily Legg e-mail her

I have an old print of a picture of "Gathering Blossoms", artist, H. Baldry. It was copyrighted registered. Published in London, Landecker and Brown, 28 & 30 Worship Street, and printed in Munich. I can't find any information on this artist. Has your research turned up anyone who is an artist by the name H. Baldry? Thanks for any information you can provide.

From: Joan Hewitt e-mail her

I have in my possession, two picture passed down to me from my Grandmother. They are painted on glass and both depict a young man and woman. They are signed H. Baldry and the only H. Baldry who was an artist appears in your family. Do you have any information on Harry Baldry and any information on his artistic works. I am very interested in how my Grandmother may have come by them as they appear to have been in our family for a long time.

From: Catherine Moorcroft e-mail her

My Great Grandfather was George Baldry and he was born in Horham, Suffolk around 1870.Can anyone help with parentage or siblings?
He was married in Church, Blackburn, Lancs in 1890 to Elizabeth Robinson, butI can't find any information before that.
Thanking you, in anticipation, Catherine.

Contact: Ken Baldry but bear in mind that everything he finds out, he puts on the web
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