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Baldry information requests page 1

This is the first page containing requests I have had for Baldry information. I do not have much but please e-mail or telephone people directly or e-mail me if you have the answers people want & feel free to add any requests or information that you think may be of use to others.

Baldry information requests page 1

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Ann Baldry c1770
William Baldry b 1836
Kate Baldry m 1871
Baldrys of Shipmeadow
The Blacksmith Baldry of Saxemundham
Baldrys of Maidstone
Abel Baldry bap 18/4/1818
Susanna Baldry m 1785
Sarah Baldry, who married John Blois
Henry William Baldry of West Ham

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From: Mary Sones, e-mail her

I saw your name in the current issue of Suffolk Roots and as I am searching for a Baldry in Suffolk it seems worth a letter.
On April 20, 1772 Ann Baldry married Anthony Sones in Halesworth. I have no information at all about descendants and would be very interested in them. I would also like to know who Ann's parents were and whether or not she had any siblings.
I understand that Baldry is quite a common name in Suffolk so I may be grasping at straws but somewhere out there there must be someone who is connected to Ann.

Ken's reply

Dear Mary, Thank you for your letter. I think our generations are out of synchronisation, as the only Anne (with an ‘e’ but no one could spell then, anyway) in my family was born in about 1773 at Worlingworth....

Mrs Joy Croxon e-mail Ken with any info to pass on

Dear Mr Baldry,
I saw your interest in the name BALDRY in the Sfk Roots Magazine. I have an interest in two different families.

1) Baldrys of Stradbroke, Horham and Wilby
William Baldry B 1836 married Hannah ? maiden name
They ran the Dragon Inn at Horham. Wiiliam was also a Wheelwright
Their eldest son William married Elizabeth Mary ? maiden name and their son continued to run the Inn after his Grandmother died. Their youngest child, Florence Mary Baldry married my Uncle, Ben Baker and that is where my interest lies. (All this information is on one of the Family Tree pages. Hit this link).

2) Baldrys of Worlingworth and areas.
Charles Mayhew married Eliza Flatt in 1846 Worlingworth. Their 2nd son Walter Mayhew married Kate Baldry 1871.
Arthur Mayhew my Gt Grandfather was brother of Walter.
Elizabeth Baldry married Edgar Marsh in 1858 but died in the 1860s. Edgar remarried in 1870. Arthur Mayhew's daughter, Emily Ellen married Wm Marsh Gr Nephew of Edgar Marsh.
I leave it with you to see if you can sort out a link. I would love to hear from you hopefully with good news about a Baldry connection.

Ken's reply

Dear Joy,
Thank you for your letter. ...Your suggestion that you are involved with two Baldry familes is probably incorrect. It is probably the same family....

From: Geo Baldry in Florida

There’s a George Baldry--no birthdate, died 1882--buried in the churchyard in Shipmeadow. Any idea who he might be? I’m operating under the presumption he’s my great-great grandfather John’s brother. John enlisted in the British Army, eventually immigrating to Ontario (1840’s?) to keep an eye on the Yanks. My tree is on this page below. Also see the Shipmeadow photo page.

Any info, please e-mail Geo

Stephen Baldry, son of the Saxemundham blacksmith

From: The other Ken Baldry in California...

...Have traced my lineage back to a Saxemundham. My Great Grandfather was Stephen Baldry of the aforementioned Saxemundham; His father was the blacksmith for the local lord I believe. Stephen was indentured (I have a copy of the indenture papers) and went to the United States in the late 1800`s. He settled in Hiawatha; Kansas (somewhat northwest of St Joseph; Missouri)and took up the blacksmith trade there. One of his sons was my Grandfather; Henry George Clifton Baldry. HGC went to Alaska as a young man and went over the Chilkoot Pass during the Alaska gold rush. After a lot of looking around and hard work; HGC made a gold strike near Fairbanks and came home to Missouri a very wealthy man. He married Rosamund Armington in about 1905 and finally settled in Neosho; Missouri {south west corner} where he purchased an enormous three story house which still stands. My father; George Armington Baldry was born in 1911; Attended Univ of Missouri; where he met my Mother; Dorothy Wasson and I was the result. During WW II; my father became a career US Army officer; retiring in about 1965..

Any info, please e-mail Ken

From: Ivan Karim Baldry born in Tehran, Iran on Feb 6th, 1971.

My father is “John Allan Scott Baldry” born in Maidstone, Kent, UK ...around 1940. I don’t know much about my paternal grandfather (he died before I was born) other than the fact that he remarried and had three daughters in Sydney after my father was born. When I find out more from my father concerning him and other relatives, I’ll let you know.

Any info, please e-mail Ivan

From: Denise (Baldry) Herbert in Australia

My mothers maiden name is Baldry. A cousin of mine has traced the Baldry name back to Marylebone in England were they were christened. That is where the information stops.

Abel Baldry was born in Bayswater and christened at St. Marys, Marylebone on 19-4-1818. He was the fifth child of Robert Samuel Baldry and Sarah Moriarty. Abel married Mary Ann Imber and had seven children. They immigrated to Australia 9-3-1857 and arrived 25-6-1857.

Please if you can help me and my cousin with this it would be greatly appreciated.

Any info, please e-mail Denise

Susanna Baldry married 1785

From: April Zobel...

Susanna Baldry married John TUTHILL or TURTHILL in 1785 in Uggeshall. Their son George married Mary LAST in 1808 and their daughter Eliza was my great-great-Grandmother.

If anyone knows anything about Susanna's antecedents, would they please e-mail Ken who will pass it on to April.

Sarah Baldry, who married John Blois, 21 June 1720 in Rendham Suffolk

From: Val Wright...

I am having trouble finding my own Baldry ancestry, there, though. I believe they are connected to the Framlingham group.
I am looking for Sarah Baldry, who married John Blois, 21 June 1720 in Rendham Suffolk, (Rendham is near Framlingham). I believe she is the same Sarah who was born 26 February 1699, in Framlingham, daughter of John Baldry and Mary.

If anyone knows anything about Sarah, would they please e-mail Val.

Henry William Baldry born March 16, 1916

From: Senora Baldry...

Hello, I am searching for info re: Henry William Baldry born March 16, 1916, West Ham, Stratford, England. I have just received a call from a Linda Baldry (now Wedlock) that she is the daughter of Henry. She was born Jan. 6 1944, somewhere in England. I would like to verify this info but don't know where to begin. I am also Henry's daughter, born in Canada. I wondered if anyone could give me some direction to pursue. Thank you, Senora Baldry

Please e-mail Senora if you can help.

Contact: Ken Baldry , 17 Gerrard Road, Islington, London N1 8AY
+44(0)20 7359 6294 but best to e-mail him

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