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Baldry information requests - page 3

This is the third page containing requests I have had for Baldry information. I do not have much but please e-mail or telephone people directly & e-mail me if you have the answers people want & feel free to add any requests or information that you think may be of use to others.

Baldry information requests - page 3

Index to the requests on this page.
There is a comprehensive index on this link.

Harriet Baldry married George Bacon 1892
William Baldrey, born in Nottingham in 1883
Ann Baldry Steggall born in Jan 5 1796
Bauldrees of the USA
Mary Baldry bap. 12/8/1798 at Eye
Baldry-Mobbs connections
Edward Baldry (1799 Middleton Suffolk) = Letitia Jorden (1802 Theberton Suffolk)
Elizabeth Stannard nee BALDRY - born c.1831

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From: Janet Tillotson, e-mail her

My Grandfather was George Bacon b. Bedfield 27/3/1884, d. Aldringham 15/8/1926. He married Harriet Baldry/Robinson in Worlingworth 25 Jul 1892, d. 15 April 1915 Aldringham. Witnesses at the wedding were Frederick and Caroline Baldry.

Harriet's mother was Mary Ann Robinson and baptismal records show her to be single woman. Harriet later became known as Harriet Baldry.

Mary Ann then married Charles Baldry 25 bachelor of Redlingfield, father Henry Baldry. Mary Ann and Charles
subsequently also had Francis b. 1869 d 1870, Frederick b. 1871 Caroline b. 3 Sept. 1874 and George b. 23 Sept 1875. All born in Worlingworth. George married Gertrude Ellen Clayton 6 Nov 1904. Gertrude's father was Samuel Clayton.

Do you have any further info on this branch of Baldry's. Would be very interested to hear from anyone.

Henry BALDRY = ?

Charles BALDRY (? of Redlingfield - ?) = Mary Ann ROBINSON

Harriet BALDRY (? pre-wedlock - ?) = (25/7/1892 Worlingworth) George BACON (27/3/1884 Bedfield - 15/8/1926 Aldringham)

Grandparents of my informant Janet Tillotson. Please e-mail her if you have more information. See also this link.

Francis BALDRY (1869 Worlingworth - 1870 )

Frederick BALDRY (1871 Worlingworth - aft 1892)

Caroline BALDRY (3/9/1874 - aft 1892)

George BALDRY (23/9/1875 Worlingworth - ?) = (6/11/1904) Gertrude Ellen CLAYTON

From: Roseanne Baldrey e-mail her

Hello from Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. We are the Cleveland, Ohio Baldreys (a large group). Our grandfather, William Baldrey, was born in Nottingham England. He died at 76 in 1959. His father (William?) was an English bobby and died of pneumonia at the age of 36. Supposedly, his story was that when he died of pneumonia in Victoria times, he was the sole heir to the Gravesend shipping fortune. However, the property was in probate court at the time of his death, and when he died it reverted back to the crown who had originally awarded it. The crown gave it to someone else (some colonel). His widow and 5 children immigrated to the U.S. and settled in Troy, New York. She married a man named Willie Peach. He killed her accidentally. There was also another son named George.

Currently in Cleveland, Ohio there resides. Mary Baldrey-Thurier, David Baldrey, Robert Baldrey, Roseanne Baldrey, William Baldrey, Dale Baldrey, Daniel Baldrey and all their children.

My father, Robert Baldrey's siblings (all deceased) were Joseph Baldrey, Raymond Baldrey (killed in Italy at 19 in WWII), Margaret Baldrey-Sifling, William Baldrey.

Do you know anything else about us?

Please e-mail Roseanne if you can help.

From:- Gene Page e-mail him

My wife is a Bauldree, (Kimberly Ann Bauldree), and her father (David Lee Bauldree) showed me your website information yesterday, which includes on page four of your American branch, his parents, Lee Roy Bauldree and Evelyn Waldrep Bauldree. I was quite excited to see this as I have been after these Bauldree's for years to see about their family history as my two children will know just about all of their family history from my side but almost nothing from their mother's side. (This family is on this link).

Having said all of that, I wanted to make contact with you to see where you obtained the information you have regarding my wife's line and how does it connect with what you have on the other pages, as with connecting back with the Baldry line in England? (I have assumed that the family was English and came to America either in the 1700 or 1800's entering through Virginia or the Carolinas. I know that you perhaps do not have this information but hopefully you can point me to someone who does.

Please e-mail Gene if you can help.

From: Marian Fisher e-mail her

I am trying to trace the family of MARY BALDRY baptised in EYE, SUFFOLK, on 12.8.1798. She married BENJAMIN FINCH on the 20.5.1822, at ST CLEMENTS, IPSWICH. I cannot find the marriage or baptisms of Marys parents, CHARLES AND MARY, or whether there were any siblings. Can anyone help me please.

Charles BALDRY = Mary ?

Mary BALDRY (bap 12/8/1798 Eye - ? ) = (20/5/1822 St Clements, Ipswich) Benjamin FINCH

Please e-mail Marian if you can help.

From Jane Davey, Les Goubeys Farm, Guernsey GY6 8BG

I wondered if you may have come across any of the surnames & events on my sketched family tree, in respect of the Baldry possible connections.
My 4x Great Grandparents were Samuel Mobbs & his wife Mary (née Ward) who married in 1786 at Wingfield. There was also one Benjamin Mobbs who married Hannah Baldry in 1789 at Stradbroke, a likely relative although as yet, I haven't established the precise details. Although there are missing linkages, it is possible that my ancestor Samuel descends from William MOBBS & Ann BALDRY who married at Mendham in 1699. There seems to have been movement between the villages during the 18th century, and it could help to reduce my possibly widespread Parish Registers' search, should you happen to have knowledge of any connections between Baldry families and my ancestors.

Please write to Jane if you have any information.

William MOBBS = (1/10/1699 Mendham) Ann BALDRY

Unknown WARD

Unknown DALLINGER = ?

? MOBBS (Cratfield ?) = ?

Thomas WARD (c1725 - 16/6/1802 Wingfield) = Mary ? (c1735 - 17/2/1799 Wingfield)

Charles DALLINGER (bfr 1715 - 9/10/1805 Wilby) = Sarah ?

Unknown PARKER = ?

Samuel MOBBS (c1751 - bur 20/10/1816 Wingfield) = (8/8/1786 Wingfield) Mary WARD (bap 18/4/1762 Wingfield - 2/12/1836 Wingfield)

John DALLINGER (bfr 1715 - 9/10/1805 Wilby) = Susan PARKER (bfr 1761 - 6/1/1822 Stradbroke)

Jonathan MOBBS (bfr 1791 Syleham bap 8/5/1791 Wingfield - bur 26/9/1859 Wingfield) = 1. (25/11/1816 Stradbroke) Dinah DALLINGER (bap 4/6/1797 Stradbroke - bur 29/4/1824 Wingfield)

Samuel MOBBS (bap 18/2/1821 - ?)

Great great Grandfather of Jane Davey

This is part of a very large family on this link

From Vincent Baldry e-mail him

Frederick Baldry was christened in 1862. I am 99% sure he is my Great Great Great Grandfather.

Frederick had 4 sons (with Hannah Bilverstone): Frederick John, Thomas Edward, Alfred and Henry William (my GG Grandfather)

They all went to war, Alfred in royal artillary, Henry in RAMC then 7th Btn Kings Shropshire Light infantry, Frederick 11th Btn and Thomas 9th Btn Suffolk Regiment. Only Alfred came back. He took care of my grandfather.

I have no further info on Alfred and not much on James. Any more info appreciated.

More information added on 12/1/2002:-

Frederick's parents are Abraham Baldry (1827 Theberton Suffolk) and Sarah.

Abraham's parents are Edward Baldry (1799 Middleton Suffolk) and Letitia Jorden (1802 Theberton Suffolk).

They had many children including the James Baldry who emigrated to Australia (on your site) in 1852 (found out the ship was called Windermere and landed in Victoria) he left with his wife Prescilla Ursula Cook and their son Thomas.

Please e-mail Vincent if you can help.

Edward BALDRY (1799 Middleton - ?) = Letitia JORDEN (1802 Theberton - ?)

Abraham BALDRY (1827 Theberton - ?) = Sarah ?

Frederick BALDRY (1862 Lowestoft - 1924 bur Lowestoft Cemetary) last address 93 Stanley St Lowestoft = Hannah BILVERSTONE (1861 - 1939 bur Lowestoft Cemetary)

Frederick John BALDRY (1884 - 25/10/1917 bur Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium) = Elizabeth Ann ?

Thomas Edward BALDRY (1895 - 14/9/1916 bur Corbie, Somme, France)

Alfred Herbert? BALDRY (1889? - 1955? bur Lowestoft Cemetary) = ?

Henry William BALDRY (1890 - 3/4/1916 bur Menin Gate, Ypres, Belgium) = ?Maud STRANGE

Great-grandfather of my informant Vincent Baldry. Please e-mail him if you have more information.

James BALDRY (of Theberton) emigrated to Australia 1852 = (abt 1849 Blithing) Priscilla Ursula COOK


Information from Vincent Baldry

From: Maria Peck e-mail her

The parents of my great grandmother were:

William Stannard - Born around 1828 and Elizabeth Stannard nee BALDRY - born around 1831

The 1861 census shows them living in Ilketshall St Andrews near Halesworth in Suffolk. It shows her as being born in STRADBROKE.

If you are aware of any connection, please e-mail me. I have so far not made any headway in this direction.

Contact: Ken Baldry, 17 Gerrard Road, Islington, London N1 8AY
+44(0)20 7359 6294 but best to e-mail him

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