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General Record Office Baldry records Index

extracted by Mike (Baldry) Haselip

These pages were transcribed from copies of the General Register Office indexes downloaded from They provide the names of those Baldrys etc. whose births, marriages and deaths were registered between 1837 and 1983. It does not claim to be a definitive list because the GRO index itself is a transcription of those held by indiviual registrars throughout the country. It is not unknown for there to be omissions. Conversely, in the early days of civil registration, registrars were paid for each entry and it is still possible to come across fictitious events.

That said, the lists have been double checked and it is almost certain that all those bearing the name Baldery, Baldrey and Baldry have been captured with the following exceptions:
Births Q1 1855; missing sheet containing Baldrey and Baldry,
Deaths Q1 1921; missing sheet that might contain any Balderys,
Marriages 1867 Q; the entire page was missing so information was taken from This might not be complete.
Finally, marriages 1913 Q4 missing the page that might contain any Balderys.
The lists contain many other Baldry variants but for the most part they are less complete than the three ‘core names’.

The pages allow you to manipulate the data making it much easier to find missing people or events. If you are interested in an entry sufficient to want to order the certificate then contact Mike Haselip as he has the complete set of indexes and can provide the relevant reference number (if it is legible!).


Births 1837-1849

Births 1850-1860

Births 1861-1870

Births 1871-1880

Births 1881-1890

Births 1891-1895

Births 1896-1900

Births 1901-1910

Births 1911-1920

Births 1921-1930

Births 1931-1945

Births 1946-1953

Births 1954-1963

Births 1964-1973

Births 1974-1983


Marriages 1837-1849

Marriages 1850-1860

Marriages 1861-1870

Marriages 1871-1880

Marriages 1881-1890

Marriages 1891-1900

Marriages 1901-1910

Marriages 1911-1915

Marriages 1916-1920

Marriages 1921-1930

Marriages 1931-1939

Marriages 1940-1944

Marriages 1945-1949

Marriages 1950-1958

Marriages 1959-1967

Marriages 1968-1975

Marriages 1976-1983


Deaths 1837-1849

Deaths 1850-1860

Deaths 1861-1870

Deaths 1871-1880

Deaths 1881-1890

Deaths 1891-1900

Deaths 1901-1910

Deaths 1911-1920

Deaths 1921-1930

Deaths 1931-1939

Deaths 1940-1949

Deaths 1950-1958

Deaths 1959-1967

Deaths 1968-1975

Deaths 1976-1983

Mike's original spreadsheets are also available as .slk files on these links:-

Baldry_GRO_Birth_Index.slk 568k

Baldry_GRO_Marriage_index.slk 432k

Baldry_GRO_Death_Index.slk 536k

If you cannot find what you want on these pages,
you might try getting James Frank (web-site on this link) to search for you at a modest cost,
if you cannot get up to London to go through the records for yourself.

Contact: Ken Baldry but bear in mind that everything he finds out, he puts on the web
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