Large Baldry Families


Family of John Baldry & Dorothy Garwood (from late 1600s) updated 2/4/2017

Family of Lionel Baldrie (from 1667) - your webmaster's family much updated 18/8/2017

Family of John Baldry (abt1700) - Doug Lait's family revised revised 17/1/2010

Family of Edward Baldry (24/8/1776 - 26/3/1855) - some went to Australia

Family of David Baldry (1705) from Earsham, Norfolk

Family of Henry BALDRY and Mary Lee 17thC - Jennifer Ellis-Newman's family

Family of Benjamin Baldry & Elizabeth Folkard updated 7/4/2016

Family of Robert Balldrye - the Thurston Kee material updated 10/12/2016

Family of John Baldry (abt 1754 - 1804 in Lavenham)

Family of John Baldry descended from William Boldero (1693 - 1716)

The tree of Thomas Baldry (abt 1765 - bur 13/3/1833)

Family of William BALDRY born 1815 in Suffolk

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