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Constance de Caumont La Force

This photograph is of a painting (circa 1825) of Constance de Caumont La Force, currently for sale by
Francis Greenacre for £4,800. It is 12 3/4 x 9 1/2 inches.
Enquiries should be directed to Francis on +44 (0)117 973 4760, not to me!

Constance is not related to me but is of the line of the Duke De La Force, created by Henri IV around 1600. The Caumonts had been awarded the village and chateau of La Force after we (the proper De La Forces) had been deprived of them after the Hundred Years War. The Caumonts added 'de La Force' to their name after they usurped La Force village & the castles in the Auvergne.

This link for the Delaforce enquiries page.

This link for the Caumont enquiries page.

This link for Patrick Delaforce's book about the family history.

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