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Recent exhibition:-


An exhibition of mixed media works and prints on the themes of the natural world and countering climate change.
Opened by Lord Chris Smith
Chair of the Environment Agency & former Culture Sectretary

Film (YouTube) of the opening speeches on this link

Film (YouTube) of the show

Show catalogue on this link

List of Art lectures on this link

Avis Saltsman was a painter and teacher before turning to printmaking in 1981, printing full-time since 1986. These prints use the hand-printing techniques of silk-screen, etching, and collograph with the artist performing all parts of the processes, which require a great deal of forward planning, careful measurement and skill. All the prints are produced using paper and oil-based inks of a professional standard.

She now also lectures on Modern (early 20th Century) Art Movements.

This is Avis (left). Hit this link for a potted biography.

Book! "The Art of Avis Saltsman" now available @ £25. Hundreds of colour prints & text. E-mail Avis for details.

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Avis is also a formidable local campaigner in the London Borough of Islington.

Hit this link for her latest article about the theatre she is instrumental in getting built here.

Artists Union

In the seventies & early eighties, Avis was the Librarian of the Artists Union. She held the archive, which she has now donated to the Tate Britain Archive, where it is available for serious researchers. She wrote an introduction to the archive & the explosive material it contains.

To download the booklet (.pdf file) with graphics (1.6MB), hit this link.

To download the booklet (.pdf file) without graphics (48k), hit this link.

To see it here on the web in ten conveniently-sized pages, hit this link.

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