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This is Ken in November 1997.

Ken Baldry is a composer who principally made a living as a software developer. (He was the Managing Director of Art & Science Ltd & now a partner in Art & Science). He tried to become the Labour Candidate for Mayor of London because of his ten year involvement with the now alas, defunct constitutional reform campaign, Charter 88 of who's Council he was a member. He has also been a committee member of Republic, the campaign for an elected Head of State. In April 2001, he decided to start running for the as-yet-undefined office of President for Britain. He attempted to join the relevant National Secular Society in November 2000 but was refused membership for unexplained reasons!

Hit Genealogy for some genealogy stuff but he is not a genealogy freak!
Any more information is welcomed, however. There is also a Baldry Family Web Site now.

However, cousin Patrick Delaforce has done much work on Ken's mother's family & pushed the family tree back into the Middle Ages.
His now out-of-print book is on this web site complete
This was volume One but Ken has completed volume Two (also on the web site), Patrick having entrusted him with the job after Ken did much extra research, based on the clues in volume One. The web site now contains the revised combined book.

Hit Talks for available lectures. These are free to any crumbly or disabled club in London.

Hit Music for a list of compositions and the CDs on which they are recorded, although most are available as MP3 downloads, free of charge. Some scores & parts also available.

Hit London for his abortive but (he hopes) interesting Mayor of London bid.

Hit Alpine for various adventures, including his Cross-Swiss Walk from Austria to France & others, written in guide-book form for your use.

Potted biography...

Born 18-6-1943 in the West Middlesex Hospital, Isleworth. Brought up in Hounslow. Attended Wellington Primary (1947-1954) & Isleworth Grammar (1954-1961) Schools. His music teacher was Emile Spira, a pupil of the great Anton Webern (who also made him a Chelsea Football supporter). Started writing music in 1960. Worked one year as an industrial chemist, then attended London University for a year, before dropping out & another 1 1/2 years as a chemist. Began a glittering career in computers in February 1965 & joined the Labour Party at about the same time. Married Jane Hayter (food scientist) 10-7-1965. Borough Councillor & Chair of Libraries & Arts, 1971-4. Worked successively for NCR, NPR, AEC, Blue Sky holidays, Computer Information Centre (where he designed the pioneering Rothschild real-time asset management system) and Reuters (to where he was head-hunted to rescue their failing but mission-critical Dealing System communications, for which they never forgave him). Jane died in 1980 & he married the artist, Avis Saltsman in 1983. Formed Art & Science Ltd in 1988, a communications computer consultancy. Lived in Hounslow (1943-1944), Chalfont (1944-1945), Hounslow (1946-1968), Isleworth (1968-1983), West Byfleet (1983-1989) & now in the Intellectual Capital of England, Islington. Invited onto the Council of Charter 88 in 1991 for his oratorial skills. Also, served on the committee of “Republic”, the campaign for an elected Head of State. Now, more or less retired, he maintains this web site, fixes old ladies computers (standard charge: coffee & biscuits), lectures with audio-visual shows on music, mountaineering, history & genealogy (his). A Professor of Music Composition from 2009 in Vienna (that's a degree, not a job, thank goodness). From 2011, he has been lecturing on cruise ships, the first was on this link & to the University of the Third Age in Hampstead, where he also runs a group.

Hit Make Votes Count for their web site

Hit Republic for their web site

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