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Ken Baldry is running for the presidential nomination when the present Head of State's term of office expires or is terminated by Parliament. Ken envisages that the country would prefer a non-executive President or Protector of the Commonwealth of Britain (or England), if people would prefer to recycle a good, old title.

There is a mood in this country that the present undemocratic office of Head of State has become a serious national and international embarrassment and much good work has been done by 'Republic' (follow this link for more information), to nurture this mood. Ken serves on the Committee of 'Republic' but the organisation has confined itself to the principle of an Elected Head of State.

Someone had to start the ball rolling and that someone is Ken.

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Ken would be delighted to address the meetings of any organisations of which you may be a member & to answer your questions. Try e-mailing him.

Why Ken? Well, why not you? But, this site was launched on 13-4-2001, so Ken was first in the field.

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Potted biography...

Born 18-6-1943 in the West Middlesex Hospital, Isleworth. Brought up in Hounslow. Attended Wellington Primary (1947-1954) & Isleworth Grammar (1954-1961) Schools. Started writing music 1960. Worked one year as an industrial chemist, then attended London University for a year, before dropping out & another 1 1/2 years as a chemist. Began a glittering career in computers in February 1965 & joined the Labour Party at the same time. Married Jane Hayter (food scientist) 10-7-1965. Worked successively for NCR, NPR, AEC, Blue Sky holidays, Computer Information Centre (where he designed the pioneering Rothschild real-time asset management system) and Reuters (to where he was head-hunted to rescue their failing but mission-critical Dealing System communications). Jane died in 1980 & he married the artist, Avis Saltsman in 1983. Formed Art & Science Ltd in 1988. Lived in Hounslow (1943-1944), Chalfont (1944-1945), Hounslow (1946-1968), Isleworth (1968-1983), West Byfleet (1983-1989) & now in the Intellectual Capital of England, Islington. He was invited onto the Council of Charter 88 in 1991 for his oratorial skills. He ran for the nomination for Mayor of London & was the only non-machine politician to be taken seriously as a possible candidate.


Ideally for a President of the People, Ken is descended from a long line of Suffolk yeomanry on his Father's side & from a mixed collection of Londoners, powerfully represented by a Huguenot refugee element from France on his Mother's. His Family Trees can be found on this link.

Hit this link for much more information about Ken.

Contact: Ken Baldry, 17 Gerrard Road, Islington, London N1 8AY +44(0)20 7359 6294 or e-mail him
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