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Thomas William Delaforce (1834 - 1914)

Thomas William Delaforce entered in 1897, died 1914, buried in Ilford Cemetery. He lived at 144 Chatham Avenue, Hoxton near Shoreditch, son of Thomas and Rebecca (nee White) of Slater Street, Bethnal Green. He was born in June 1830 at 3 Turville Street, Boundry Street, Bethnal Green. He worked as a carver and wood carver. Thomas Delaforce, a silkweaver, married Rebecca White at Christ Church, Middlesex, December 1809. Thomas William was apprenticed aged 15 in December 1849. He was baptised in June 1830 at St. Leonards, Shoreditch and lived originally with his parents at Old Cock Lane.

If anything is known about his family, please contact Richard Levingston by e-mail.

Daniel DELAFORCE (1763 - 1832)

The two family trees below were supplied by Laraine Goodworth. If you know anything about the antecedents of Daniel Delaforce, please e-mail her.

Daniel DELAFORCE (1763 - 1832) = (1782) Elizabeth PETERS

Sarah DELAFORCE (1782 - ?)

Daniel Charles DELAFORCE (1783 - ?) = (1812) Phoebe QUILTER

James DELAFORCE (1784 - ?) = (1802) Elizabeth SERVICE

Mary DELAFORCE (1785 - ?)

William DELAFORCE (1787 - 1886) = Mary Anne ?

4 children see next family tree below

Frederick DELAFORCE (1862 - 1952) = Agnes Barnes
8 children

William DELAFORCE (1787 - 1886) = Mary Anne ?

William DELAFORCE (28/5/1817 Shoreditch - 7/6/1900 Fernbank Creek, Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia) = (31/8/1851 St Andrews PresC, Port Macquarie, NSW) Frances Jane SHANE (1832 Cork, Ireland - 1915 Sydney, NSW, Aust.)

6 children see this family tree

Ann DELAFORCE (1822 - ?)

Joseph DELAFORCE (1823 - 1895) = (1841) Maryanne MORSE

Jane Mary DELAFORCE (1828 - ?)

Susanna Delaforce married James Page on 18 October 1840

I am trying to find out more information about Susanna Delaforce who married James Page on 18 October 1840 at St John the Baptist Church, Shoreditch. I dont know when she was born but she probably got married when she was about 20 so she was probably born around 1820, 1819 or thereabouts.

Do you have any information about her birth, death, and mother, father, gfather, gmother etc. etc? If so, please e-mail Sandra Edwards & also Beryl Bauld

who contributed this:-

I have been helping my friend Audrey Wood with her research and decided to double check everything now that so much is available on line.
Audrey's great great grandparents James Page, schoolmaster and Susanna Delaforce arrived in Australia on the "Blenheim" 5 July 1855 with 7 of their ten children. I have found their marriage in Shoreditch in 1840. Susanna gave he father as Thomas on the shipping indent.
Would you have any other details on this family please?

Keith Charles Delforce

From: Russell Edwin Delforce in Sydney Australia.

My father, Keith Charles Delforce married Freda May Russell but unfortunately died when I was 4 and my brother Noel David Delforce was only 6 months old hence we know little about the Delforce side of our family. Some years ago I remember my mother receiving a letter from someone in France who was researching the family and asking for information. I do not know if she ever answered and as she is now well into her 80's we do want to get as much info from her as possible.

If you can help, please e-mail Russell.

Another Delaforce family in Australia

From: Rob Walker in Australia e-mail him

As well as the convict William Delaforce, have you heard of another branch of the Delaforce family in Australia, from whom the late Sir Earle Page was descended? If you are not aware, Ken, I have to say Sir Earle was on the conservative side of politics. He was the national leader of the Country Party in Australia, which was the junior party in coalition with Sir Robert Menzies' Liberals. Sir Earle even fluked a term as Prime Minister, although only for 19 days.

Earle's grandfather was James Page, born 16 Nov 1814 Bromley Kent, and his mother was Susanna de la Force, born 28 Aug 1817 (bap. 21 Sep 1817 St Leonards Shoreditch, died 24 June 1898 Grafton New South Wales). They married at St John The Baptist Hoxton Shoreditch on 18 Oct 1840. Susanna's father was Thomas de la Force, Silkweaver, b. 1796 and his mother was Rebecca White, married 25 Dec 1809 Spitafields Christ Church Stepney). I have a hard copy of your cousin Patrick's great little book "The French Connection", but hold little expectation that I will ever be able to make the tie with the several Thomas de la Forces referred to in it as silk weavers.

I understand Ken that you do not profess to be a genealogist, but if you or Patrick are interested, the opening chapter of Earle Pages's autobiography "Truant Surgeon" (1963 Angus & Robertson) briefly outlines James Page's life as a school teacher, and his and his wife Susannah's migration in 1855 to Australia. Earle Page was originally a doctor and served in the Great War in that capacity. Most of the book is about Australian politics and probably too arcane for English tastes.

I am not directly related to Sir Earle (he was my grandfather's cousin). So most of what I have is not from primary authorities. But the connection does give some shine to my otherwise dull list of forebears, many of whom were well-behaved convicts.

In view of Patrick's military background, he might in particular find it interesting that one of Earle Page's nephews was Captain Robert Page. I understand his exploits are included in Ronald McKie's book, "The Heroes" (1960 Angus & Robertson). In one of the greatest sea raids of World War II he and other commandoes travelled to Singapore in a fishing boat. From canoes they blew up shipping in the harbour with limpet mines. They made their escape by paddling through the islands. The second operation, Rimau - "The Tiger", involving a mine-laying submarine, unfortunately came unstuck. Once again they island hopped through Indonesia for several months until Robert was captured near Timor. His exploits were so admired by the Japanese that they sought some pretext not to behead him. However, he sealed his own fate when upon being asked whether he had ever killed a Japanese, he replied "I am a British officer and my aim is sure".

If you know anything more about his family, please contact Rob Walker by e-mail.

Pierre de la Force

From: Gregory Lawrence e-mail him

I'm descended from the Obadiah Force/Miss Manning line of the Force family. I've heard that the first Force to arrive in America from my lineage was a man named Pierre de la Force. Ever heard of him? The Force family genealogy I've seen (which was done in 1931) begins with Obadiah (1691-1789). My line goes from there to Manning Force/Lucretia Winchell, then William Force/Sarah Ferguson, then Peter Force/Hannah Evans, then Charles Force/Mary Matthews, then Alice Force/Charles Dunlap, Jr. (the parents of my paternal grandmother, Zilpha Lawrence, nee' Dunlap).

Info from Raymond Delaforce

From: Ray Delaforce e-mail him

My name is Raymond Delaforce (b 1940), son of Leslie = Elsie (Oliver) Delaforce 1940. I emigrated to South Africa in 1965, and went to work in Texas in June 2000. I currently reside in Lake Jackson, Texas (about 60 km S of Houston), an engineer working for a company in Houston.

My Brother Stephen Robert Delaforce lives in Derby.

My brother and I have both re-married, and happen to have married sisters (our wives are sisters).

Dullforce family tree
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Dukes De La Force page
Fources village photos
Fources village guide
Ken's 1st genealogy page

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