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Avis Saltsman & Ken Baldry

The 'card cover' to the left is:-
'Pip & Freddie in Tate Modern' photo by Jason.
(photo above: Martin Page)

Avis, Ken & Family

XMAS 2003

...was spent with Ken's cousin Margaret family. We met our new Japanese cousin Nanako, for the 1st time &, as always at Margaret's, feasted royally.

Nanako & Justin

Paolo, Ricki & Liz


As promised to his Mother on her death-bed, Ken has seen his niece's Zoi & Mara through university. Fortunately for Art & Science's Training Budget, they followed one another. Mara did her Finals this year in Microbiology at Kent University (Canterbury) & got a First. Having clearly worked very hard for four years (we hardly saw her), she jolly well deserves it. Although she was offered a Doctorate project at Kent, she will go on to do a Masters in Holland in order to broaden her experience, a very mature decision.

Mara & boyfriend Achilleus


When we went to the "Living Streets" Conference in Sheffield, we took the opportunity to visit Avis' cousins in Rotherham (right) for the first time. They have supplied useful information about her father as well as William Daniels. We have harassed the Liverpool City of Culture committee to give William Daniels his due but, so far, without effect, although the highest individual page hits on our web site are for his biography!

Olive, Jean & Kathleen

Jason, Freddie & Pip


For several years, Jason rented a house in Chorlton to ease visits to his boys but, with them both now in school, it was not the most practical way of seeing them, so we went up in January to help him evacuate. We visited Litchfield Cathedral on the way, so much more impressive than Köln's (see this link).

Litchfield Cathedral


...& sells it in Spitalfields Market, where Jason helps, his acting skills making him a brilliant salesman. She also sells to major fashion houses like Harvey Nick's.


While little else has emerged on Avis' family, we intend to explore Alsace again next year.
On Ken's side, much more information has arrived on the Delaforce family members in the USA, thanks largely to Charles Force. This has been placed on the Delaforce Scrapbook on our web site, which has a look of near completeness about it. Further research on very early times showed that much has emerged since Patrick Delaforce wrote his book & it has a few errors, although everyone he thought was an ancestor, is. In fact, Patrick's (& Ken's Mum's) earliest known direct male ancestor is Jimeno the Cruel (b 746), a Basque. Patrick gave Ken permission to rewrite the whole thing &, apart from corrections, Ken has expanded places which were unclear or assumed too much historical pre-knowledge. The work-in-progress is on the Internet.
More data has flowed in to the Baldry Family History Society web-site as well, with particular thanks to Amanda Baldry Bruce & Terry West for info & to Mike Haselip, for sorting out the GRO lists. Ken extracted the Commonwealth Graves info himself.

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