The Gerrard Chronicles 2004

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Extended Family (this is you)


This has become a tradition. Left: Ken, right: Avis (both dressy this year);
below left: Vicky Wisher (in who's chateau we were later to stay);
below: Tsugi Carver, below right: Fiona Weir

Avis & Ken: photo Martin


No big party this year - that comes next! After a trip to Clissold Park to see the illegally discarded terrapins (Jason, Pip & Freddie below left), we had tea with the boys & Clara & dinner with Martin & ‘Olive’ (really Doris) Page in a Turkish restaurant in Muswell Hill.

Martin & "Olive"

Jason, Pip & Freddie

Pip in Clissold Park with
another girl-friend

Jason & Clare

Phil & Jan Sorensen


Jan Sorensen seems to have recovered well & got her hair back splendidly. But Robin Freeman (our musicology professor friend) spent the Summer mostly in hospital with leukaemia. Looking frail but being very tough, he appeared to be on the mend (we had a feast to celebrate his leaving hospital) but died on November 2nd at only 64.

Ken, Malcolm MacDonald & Sheila Freeman at Robin's funeral

Mike Davies, Ken's old cycling companion he was particularly pleased to see


The Class of '54 (1954) of Isleworth Grammar School held a reunion in October & were surprised to be able to assemble 25%, with others apologising. The booze-up in the Old Isleworthians was preceded by a trip round the much expanded alma mater conducted by Bob Edmonds, one of us but also the retired Deputy Head, who thus, never really left. However, at least four of us have met the Grim Reaper: Geof Donahue (car crash), Tony Donaldson (murder), Roger Shea (cancer) & Rev. John Chalklen (drink).

Jim Trimmer, one of the more obviously intellectual old comrades

Bob Edmonds

John Goodrich, Steve Brindley & Robert ("Scratch") Hitchcock

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