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Avis Saltsman & Ken Baldry

The 'card cover' to the left is:-
'Autumn Colour & Frost in Wales'

Avis, Ken & Family


...feasting but Ken's Aunt Win was ill after we left. She has been up-and-down this year but usually up. Boxing Day spent feasting with Richard.


Celebrations, largly in the form of holidays (see Traveller's Tales) went on all Summer but the big day itself, Avis' 70th birtday, was a boat trip aboard the "Spirit of London" on the Thames. 54 of our friends turned up. We had food for 62, so there was some (but no pudding!) left, which the nice Czech maid Katya, doggy-bagged for us. In fact, she so enjoyed the trip that she had a look through the big photo album I had made of Avis. After the safety announcements, Avis made a brief speech on the tannoy to say what the party was all about & Ken told them to eat the food & that the bar was free. Not for us, it wasn't.

Avis makes her speech
©Edith Schablin 2005

Avis talking to Maryse Jones

Eileen Umbo, Martin & 'Olive' Page

Alan Molloy

Ken's cousin Margaret,
Claire & Graham Chapman

Maryse Jones and April Gladstone

Rick Lewis & Anja Steinbauer

Sue LeCorre & Fiona Weir
(serious chat)

Ken and Avis
©Edith Schablin 2005

Avis lights the cake

Ready to blow
©Edith Schablin 2005

Everyone seemed to have a good time. The kids, Pip & Freddie, used the boat as a big gym. The trip lasted from 1315 to 1605. They sailed up to Putney & turned back because of the retreating tide but went downstream to London Bridge before turning back to Westminster. The weather held up until 1530, when it rained but this stopped soon after we got home.


On March 31st, we went to Wantage to meet Ken's 3rd cousin Terry Delaforce & his wife Joy. We were feasted because Ken delivered 4 copies of the expanded family history book. Terry turned out to be a nuclear physicist, now retired & running a media company for fun. It was Terry who found the connexion of our family to Patrick Delaforce's original book. The family's strong genes are evident in the photo, right. We have had more remote Delaforce contacts as well, by e-mail. See also, the Italy trip!

The Baldry Family History Society has had a boom year, thanks to contributions which have connected up apparently disparate branches of the family.

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