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This page contains the family trees of Canadians or emigrants to Canada. Information has been gleaned from the IGI or quoted sources.

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Janet McIver's original notes

There were Baldrys mentioned in the Shipmeadow House of Industry. I think maybe our John was also there.


John came to Canada on 5 Sep 1838 with the army. The first two daughters were born overseas. I think in England... but possibly in Ireland or Scotland. I have the Regimental records of where they were stationed so if John Baldry stayed with the main regiment and wasn't left behind somewhere it is possible that they could have been born in any of these three places.

I got the booklet "A Prison with a Milder Name" The Shipmeadow House of Industry 1766-1800 in Beccles when I was there with my daughter in 1995 but didn't get a chance to read it until we were out of the area. The author E.A. Goodwyn cites Rosemary Rogers and Mr David Wright and the staff of the Lowestoft branch of the Suffolk Record House in his acknowledgements. Would it be possible to see if John Baldry lived or was born in the workhouse by checking these records? This booklet seems to indicate that the records show a list of individual names. Several Baldry's were mentioned in his booklet. On John Baldry's military record it is stated that he was born in Shipmeadow near Bungay. Since we were travelling by train one of the waitress at our hotel was good enough to drive us out to see the Shipmeadow Home which is now a Old Folk's Home. The Waitress said rumours have it that the screams and crying of the former residents can still be heard in the dark of night.

Name: John BALDRY

Birth: 15 Mar 1805 Shipmeadow, SFK,ENG
Census: Army posts, To CND 1838; Osgoode TWP, ON,CND
Death: 29 May 1882 Osgoode, ON,CND
Burial: Osgoode TWP, ON,CND
Occupation: Soldier( 1823-1841 65th Right of Foot) (1841-1849 Royal CND Reg), Farmer
Other spouses: Orilla EVERTS

1st Spouse: 1st wife ...........


1 F: Mary BALDRY Birth: 21 Mar 1827 Death: Jan 1901 Ottawa, ON,CND
Married Name: LANE Spouse: ? LANE

2 F: Eliza BALDRY Birth: 12 Apr 1831 Married Name: UM
1848 To CND (Public Archives Letter 4 Jun 1964)
Freighter "Liverpool" lv Deptford 3 Jun 1848 arr PQ

John's 2nd Spouse: Orilla EVERTS

Birth: 25 Feb 1815 USA Census: Osgoode TWP, ON,CND Death: 2 Jan 1890 Osgoode, ON,CND Burial: Osgoode TWP, ON,CND
Father: ? EVERTS
Mother: 2nd Wife ...........


1 M: James BALDRY Birth: 1854 Metcalfe, ON,CND Death: 2 Apr 1918 Viceroy, SK,CND Spouse: Rachel PIRNIE

2 M: Samuel BALDRY My G Grandfather Birth: 16 Aug 1855 Osgoode TWP, ON,CND Death: 28 Sep 1934 St James, MB,CND
Spouse: Georgina MANN
Spouse: Sarah Ellen YORK My G Grandmother
Marriage: 24 Nov 1882 Russell TWP, ON,CND

3 F: Lucinda BALDRY Birth: 19 Jan 1858 Metcalfe, ON,CND Death: 28 Feb 1915 Osgoode, ON,CND
Married Name: MURDOCK Spouse: Michael MURDOCK Marriage: 28 May 1888 Osgoode, ON,CND

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