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An elected Head of State for Britain




Diane Abbot MP

London N16

Jeremy Corbyn MP

London N19

Andrew MacKinlay MP

Kingston, Surrey

Kerry Baldry (no relation)

Elizabeth Jane Baldry (no relation)

Chagford, Devon

Mara Baldry

Canterbury, Kent

Geoffrey Baldry (British citizen)

Skiathos, Greece

Zoi Baldry

London E5

Cllr. Mary Baldwin (Lib Dem)

Aylesbury, Bucks

Alan Blood

Barking, Essex, IG11 7QN

Robert Brown

Fleet, Hampshire GU52 7TB

John Campbell

Wenvoe, Cardiff, Wales

Suzanne Campbell

Wenvoe, Cardiff, Wales

Robert Carver

London N1

Matthew Cowling

London WC1

William Croucher

London N7

Tony Cumberpatch

London N2

Ruth Cumberpatch

London N2

Gwen Davies

Beconsfield, Bucks

Lionel Dawson

City of Hove, Sussex

Christopher Duke


D Gasty


Michael Griffin (British citizen)

Cahors, France

Prof. Stephen Haseler

London W8

Bay Haseler

London W8

Cllr. Pat Haynes

London N1

Meg Hillier MLA

London N1

Donald Hoodless

London N1

Barbara Holt-Keene

London EC1

Elizabeth Hoodless

London N1

Martin Klute

London N1

K L Lane

Ilford, Essex, IG2 6AJ

Ruby Lescott

London SE6

Colin Mills

Amersham, Bucks HP6 6EH

Robert Morrell

Nottingham NG2 3LF

J Packham

Yorkley, Gloucs, GL15 4PR

Martin Page

London N2

Kylevie Papas

London W2 6OK

D T Pearce

Bath, Avon

Peter Powell

London N1

Robert Powell

London SW19

D L E Rasle

Woodford Green, Essex IG8 0LG

Diane Richards

Heston, Middlesex

Michael Richards

Middlewich, Cheshire

Norman Rippingham

Woking, Surrey

Elizabeth Rizzi (British citizen)

Milan, Italy

Christopher Rumsey

Cranbrook, Kent

Quentin Sadler

Worcester Park Surrey

Avis Saltsman

London N1 8AY

George Stern

London N6 5AF

David L Sullivan

London SE23 3YW

Prof. Bruce Tattersall

London N4

Jon Temple

London SW1

Nina Tuckman

London N19

Keith Turner (Lib Dem Agent)

Aylesbury, Bucks

Gordon Webb (ex GLC cllr.)

London N1

Laurie Whelan

London N19

G Wolfe

Littlehampton, Sussex

Some people have expressed support but, because they hold offices of profit or work for, the British State, are unable to put their names forward. Is it not sad that, in our unconstitutional state, some people are prevented from expressing their opinions on constitutional matters?

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