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An elected Head of State for Britain

The future of Buckingham Palace
& other baggage


Buckingham Palace - the house

This not-very-attractive building at the end of the only decent vista in London, has been equipped for the residence of the Head of State with appropriate communications and security. A few rooms would be retained for the office of the President, a small flat for the President when in London & rooms for visiting Heads of State. Much of the building would be recycled as an Arts Centre for chamber music recitals & hanging space for visual artists. The rest would be administered by the National Trust as a 'stately home' for visiting by its owners, the public at large. This will also apply to other once-royal residences.

Buckingham Palace - the garden

Ken already has a reputation for giving garden parties & there is every good reason why a republican Head of State should continue to receive representative citizens at such events. Apart from the 'usual suspects', 100 couples randomly selected from the Electoral Roll would be invited to each party. If suitable security arrangements can be made, the gardens would normally be open tothe public & that vast wall replaced by railings.

Royal this and that

Charters granted by the previous regime would be respected as having been granted under the law. So, organisations wishing to retain the title 'Royal Whatever' are free to do so. However, some may wish to change that to 'British Whatever' or 'National Whatever'. That is their business. One doubts that the Royal Café on the corner of Rosebury Avenue & Farringdon Road will want to change its name.

Head of the Commonwealth

This is the only elective office held by the present monarch &, by tradition, her term of office expires on her death. Then, the Commonwealth leaders can elect whomsoever they decide as the new Head.

Defender of the Faith

An obsolete title dating back to the 1500s. As part of the new constitutional settlement or before, the Church of England would be disestablished, a move that many members would welcome already. Ken is an atheist & would be surprised if any president would choose to make a public display of their personal superstition, for the same reason behind the ban on overt politics. However, it has always been Ken's policy to attend those religious occasions where congratulation or comfort is the purpose: weddings & funerals.

The Armed Forces


No Court, no courtiers. However, three existing ones will be re-employed, should they wish, as Diary Secretary, Protocol Secretary and Webmaster, as they will be a useful element of continuity.


Public opinion would be tested on this item. Maybe, it should be replaced by an Order of Britain, in order that people worthy beyond the call of duty should be recognised. In Ken's opinion, this order & the Order of Merit should be retained but the rag-bag of orders of St. Michael & St. George, Bath, Garter, Royal Victorian Order etc should be scrapped.

The Old Aristocracy

A problem for all new republics. The German Weimar Republic solution seems the kindest, whereby existing titles are incorporated into peoples' surnames & those of all their children. This rapidy dilutes the virus of aristocracy harmlessly.

Heads on Stamps

What's wrong with Britannia, say, or the type of worthy citizen who find themselves on the back of bank notes these days. We certainly would not want Ken's head except, perhaps, 100 years after the inauguration of the republic when he is long dead & largely forgotten.


Republic Day

The British are the World Leaders in the conduct of ceremony & this virtue would not be neglected under a republic (at least, not in one where Ken Baldry was President). In May, when the weather is becoming more agreeable, we must make a grand show of ourselves, the British Citizenry. Apart from the President taking the salute of the Guards on behalf of the Constitution, every group of citizens that wish to take part in the parade, within the Law, would be welcome to do so. As well as the fun, we should enjoy welcoming more visitors from overseas than currently attend the Trooping of the Colour.

It should be noted that France, a Republic, has more tourists than Britain. Maybe the forbidding personality of the Queen keeps people away!


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