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Joyce Peck MA Dip. Ed. now works in photography, printmaking and installation art as well as having experience of holography. She is about to embark on a world-wide trip from which she will gather new material for her image making.

This is Joyce.


IRIS IMAGING - Artnet International

7 Magpie Close

Flackwell Heath

Bucks. HP10 9DZ U.K.


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Joyce Peck

Installation Art

In a darkened space, incandescent interaction between digital images and the viewer are mesmerising in their elemental and achetypal feelings of mystery and peace. Joyce's installation seeks to explore the qualities of natural phenomena, in various ways. Using technology which interacts with these natural forms she embraces new dimensions in art.

Joyce Peck

Digital Art

Capturing the colour and beauty of the world's natural forms, through travel photography, has formed the basis of Joyce's digital prints. She finds great inspiration in water, both above and below the surface. Joyce uses colours and textures of deserts, rainforests and mountains, often as backdrops to the human figure, to evoke moods of freedom and tranquility.

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Contact: Joyce Peck, IRIS IMAGING - Artnet International , 7 Magpie Close, Flackwell Heath, Buckinghamshire, HP10 9DZ, UK
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