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Avis Saltsman & Ken Baldry

The 'card cover' to the left is:-
'Wall of Forests', a mixed-media painting by Avis (1969)

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Avis, Ken & Family


This was a 'German Market' type fair in Hyde Park. Avis bought Ken a fur for his 'climbing hut' in our Dining Room.

Reindeer furs


Avis's business-person cousins have been showing an interest in their ancestor (& Avis' great-x-uncle) William Daniels & brought one down for our inspection at a dinner in February.


Avis congratulates Ken on becoming an OAP

...but not 65 candles

After June 18th, Ken was bemused to find various bodies putting money in his bank account for no apparent reason. There was a party with Jason's family to celebrate this & Avis' birthday in August. The big event was hiring the "Spirit of London" again for our 25th Wedding Party (on the right day), with rare good weather this time.

...nor does Avis get 73 candles

25th Wedding Boat party


Claire & Maude Violet

On October 7th, Claire & Jason had another daughter, Maude Violet to join Bessie Rose. Mother & baby doing well: she is three days old in the photos.

Avis & Maude Violet

Bessie's 1st birthday

Jan & Phil Sorensen


The Sorensens have been around quite a long time now & we have seen Jan survive a cancer attack. Jan was in the gym with Avis & they were active members of the Barbican Music Club. However, they turned out to be just another pair of tax-dodging Americans & when the government brought in the rather modest levy of £30,000 on non-British residents, they decided it was cheaper to pay USA taxes, even if it meant living in the cultural desert of the Pennsylvania countryside. They threw a party on leaving, all the more interesting for the views of their compatriots on the American political scene, something which appears to have turned out well in the end.

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