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Avis Saltsman & Ken Baldry

The 'card cover' to the left is:-
Ken's photo from this year's Alpine Trip.

Avis, Ken & Family

Jason, Freddie & Pip at Xmas


Xmas dinner at "Le Sacre Coeur", usually known by the irreverent Ken as the Sacred Cow. We took a prefabricated dinner over to Richard on Boxing Day (as he had dislocated a rib) & reassembled it in his minute kitchen.

Ken has turned the Dining Room into a Climbing Hut


Avis with new eyes but old feet

Avis had a 5,000 mile service this year, having the nerves in her back unjammed, which had been caused by a folding bike, an unfortunate attempt to be green. Also, two operations on both eyelids while awake after very painful injections & her feet, after both being operated on together, now looking like Ken's i.e. straight. We went off to the Old Swan at Minster Lovell after that op, as it had rooms at ground level. More about this trip on Traveller's Tales.

Avis gamely operating crutches at Minster Lovell


Kitchen units are rectangular, 90┬░ all round. This is not true of houses built in 1840, even if they started that way. Ken had to extend the panelling of the Climbing Hut round all the kitchen walls to hide the discrepancies between ideals & actualities. This took ages.


Claire & Bessie Rose

On May 22nd, Claire & Jason's daughter, Bessie Rose was born, a grand-daughter to go with the two grand-sons. As C & J moved into a splendid flat in Camden Road, 35 mintes walk away, we help with baby-sitting (& Ken is perennially fixing their computers!) After six months, Bessie seems to know who we are. Claire has had much success with her jewellery business this year...


Nieces on the catamaran 1994

When putting his catamaran into the sea on Skiathos (where he lives), an electric power line arced onto the aluminium mast, giving him & his colleague of 40 years, Jacques, massive shocks. Fortunately, after 37 years, Geof has excellent contacts & spent seven weeks in hospital, having damaged tissue removed including two toes. More on the Travel page.

Geof in September out of his wheelchair & back at work

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