The Gerrard Chronicles 2008 - Traveller's Tales 2

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Torbole on Lake Garda

May 12th to 19th LAKE GARDA TRIP

We thought of going to Venice but it is now too expensive. ( However, later, thereby hangs a tale ). So, we went to the last big lake we had not previously visited, Lake Garda, staying at the excellent Hotel Piccolo Mondo in Torbole, a bit to the North of the centre. Goethe mentions it in his "Italian Journey".

Hotel Piccolo Mondo

Torbole from the North-West

Goethe stayed here

We walked along the promenade around the North end of the lake to Riva del Garda . The path develops into public gardens & then, the charming old town centre.

Riva Marina

Gateway in Riva's wall

Riva Harbour Panorama

Riva Harbour

In Riva Market

Ken at Riva Harbour

We took a coach & boat tour the next day, which was wise. A coach took us to Salo along the much tunnelled West side of the lake, where I had to explain the Mussolini significance to several people. (It was his headquarters after the defeat of Italy & his rescue by Hitler's commandos ).


In Salo

Salo from the boat

Then, we took a boat to Sirmione on a long peninsula from the South of the lake, with things getting hot & hazy. Both beautiful places. Sirmione is posh & has a castle with a moat off the lake.

Coming in to Sirmione Harbour

Sirmione Castle

On the way back up the East side of the lake, we visited the little walled city of Lazise.

Lazise Harbour

Lazise wall & tower

Lazise main square behind the harbour

At the top of the lake is the obvious viewpoint of Monte Brioni, so naturally, Ken had to walk up it.

Monte Brioni

The Path up Monte Brioni

North from Monte Brioni

We took the boat to Malcesine , a delightful town with a cable car up Monte Baldo, which we took but the view was largely obscured by cloud. The halfway station was more productive & the town itself a absolute delight, with streets too narrow for even the Italians to get cars along. In the middle & above it on a rock which seems to overhang in various directions, sits the castle, quite a dramatic sight. We went back again another day.

Malcesine Castle from the boat

Malcesine from above

Malcesine New Port

Avis in Malcesine Old Port



A few more photos from the area...

From our hotel window WNW

Arco Castle North of Riva

Limone down West side of the lake

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