The Gerrard Chronicles 2005 - The Campaign Trail

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Although all the Wards nominated Emily Thornberry for our PPC, getting her elected was a tougher call. Fortunately, the Lib-Dems just managed to shoot themselves in the foot by selecting their Deputy Council Leader, the unpopular Bridget Fox, thus making our task just that critical bit easier. When knocking up, Ken rang everyone who was out & left messages on their answerphones, a new tactic just to be sure. Nevertheless, a majority of 484 is not that fabulous. It should be easier to push that up next time, as the Lib-Dems dishonest campaigning on the Iraq War means they have probably hit their high spot this election. However, Blair is doing his best to lose seats with lunatic policies on Education & the Health Service.

Emily in the pre-campaign

with Paul & (left) Jennette Arnold, our GLA member
on Election Day, when we thought we were losing by 1,000.

Six months later, Emily was almost in tears on the TV, at having to oppose the government. As a barrister, she just had to vote against the 90 day detention idea.


Despite the scepticism of too many, who said it would never happen, the construction of the theatre to replace the Collins Music Hall got underway this year. Tons of concrete were poured into the retaining walls before they could begin to dig out the hole for the theatre (photo right). Avis has a copy of the full planning agreement which says that the theatre has to be functioning before the last 15 flats (which will fund the theatre) are occupied.


This has had a change of character of which Ken disapproves. He had been the most assiduous attender of Council meetings over the last 14 years but it is time to drop out.


There is better news on the republican front. At this year's AGM, Ken dropped off the committee, thinking he had less to contribute now that, at last, we are getting a significant number of younger members taking committee positions. Older members are dying off but remembering the cause in their wills, allowing us to employ a full-time organiser again.


Fortunately, Ken is on some American e-mail trees, so the real news gets to him. Bush is losing it but you would never guess so from the 'regular' press, which he has thoroughly intimidated. However, ballot rigging through the new voting machines continues, as a by-election in Ohio showed a massive difference between the exit poll & the 'result'.


Our guest speaker at the traditional Fabians Xmas Dinner was William Keegan, the Observer Economics Editor, who's editorials had kept us all from going insane during the Thatcher dictatorship. His detailed impromptu speech told us clearly where Blair was going wrong but he had high hopes of Gordon Brown.

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