The Gerrard Chronicles 1999

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Business Column

Wow! No business trips!

...because we have made it so easy to install systems that trips (whch are only needed when things are tricky or go wrong) are not necessary. Less interesting, perhaps but less stress.


...have gone in to the Greek National Bank and to Alled bank, Manila


Abuse of our abilities has been a thread through the business, notably by people with printer problems, ringing up the top consultancy in the Yellow Pages in the days of Windows 3.1 & who we helped for the goodwill. This year, there have been more structured efforts. To the right is Alison Cotter on the Islington Pensioners Forum's antique computers. To this one, we added 24MB of RAM to & a CD drive but we couldn't hunt down a proper Windows 95 disc for it. If anyone has a spare, could they send itto us, please?


We put up a sub-web site for the Anglo-German Family History Society, but the site needs much more development to be a useful tool for associating people with their distant relatives in Schönes Deutschland.


News of our Web Site, launched last year, really belongs to all columns. Look for lots about our company and other activities. We have posted the User Guides for our software there, to make it easier for users to keep up-to-date.


Avis has an on-line gallery on her own web site. We have included other printmakers we respect, such as Joyce Peck, Marilyn Simler & Alec Worster the sculptor renting them cheap web space. You can get to them through their names here or from our home page. Ken's big Alpine trips are also up with photos and in guide book form and a Year 2000 survival guide has been assembled.

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