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This was held in the Islington Museum. We had planned to hold it during the Islington International Festival but were stopped by the organisers, fortunately as it turned out, as the Festival was a flop. Avis' show was opened on September 10th by no less a figure than the Right Honorable Chris Smith MP, Secretary of State for Culture etc. Ken had said, 'Ask him as you never ask anything for yourself', so she did. It was called 'Dream of Italy' & comprised large paintings of Ischia with lead-up work & prints of Ischia & the Venice Carnival. Ken wrote a 64 minute Italian Symphony to accompany the show.

Chris Smith, the Culture Secretary, with Avis. Photo Highbury & Islington Express

At the Private View

Although the exhibition with its additional displays of tools & equipment was an exciting & stimulating event & much appreciated in Islington judging from the remarks on the signing sheets, it exhausted us utterly. The assistance from the council staff, Alison Lister & Sharon Bloch (& her husband John, who gave up two Sundays to help), was magnificent. The council sent out invitations to friends and patrons of the Museum & our guests. But sales only covered a third of the overall costs of over £1,000 which included the publicity we produced & distributed, framing & the rent of the gallery. Avis tries at least to cover her costs, so it important to make sales. Four times as many people came as usually come to the Islington Museum shows.The show was reviewed by Morgan Falconer from the Highbury & Islington Express. He later used Avis' show as a benchmark to judge another.

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