The Gerrard Chronicles 1997

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Ken had trip in January to this benighted spot with Karim of BTS, who has a wonderful way with taxis. Superficially, an attractive, Californian-style city with much good architecture, the absence of bars & nightclubs (as expected) but also cinemas, theatres & concert halls shows what enforced Islam is really like. Ken fixed a trivial problem at National Commercial Bank & installed Dealing 2000 at Saudi Cairo Bank. Banks have separate 'Ladies' branches, staffed by women & SCB told me that the ladies provide feedback: their problems & how they overcome them plus suggestions for system enhancements. Nothing from the men. An Indian programmer warned Ken that Saudi taxi drivers tape your conversations & sell the tapes to the police. 'Politics' is an illegal word & the place is full of police informers. He fingered the one Ken was working with. Photos? They are illegal, too.

PRAGUE - SORTED last in March. Reuters had a non-documented feature which made what we wanted to do impossible. Fortunately, Ken had anticipated this & had a quick fix which worked a treat. Acceptance testing was proceeding in the Autumn & we had hopes of getting at least our up-front payment soon.


Ken visited the Polish capital in October to install a weird version of the D2000 Server, for which he took his soldering iron, having learned the hard way in the otherwise more attractive Prague. The Old City Square was completely rebuilt by the Communists, with a fine sense of priorities & largely using the original bricks, after its 100% trashing by the Nazis. The Opera House (left) still charges cheap Communist prices & does not have much subsidy, so why can't Covent Garden get by? The War Memorial below commemorates every war, as the Poles have always been getting into scrapes. The inhabitants are the same dour bunch that attend our Polish Catholic Church in Islington.

Old City Square

War memorial

Opera House

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